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What to do if Your Ocicat is Lost

What to do if Your Ocicat is Lost

Losing your Ocicat or other breed of feline friend can be traumatic. If your cat runs away or slips out of the house when you’re not looking, finding her can take time. It’s a good idea to have a plan in place before your cat goes missing that way you will know what to do and you won’t lose any precious search time. A plan may involve first course of action which should start with an immediate search around your house. If you saw or suspect a certain way of escape, start your search there. Look within a one mile radius of your home. Don’t forget to check inside your home in case your Ocicat returns. Next, notify your veterinarians, police and animal control officers within a 20 mile radius. Take a leash, water, and treats with you when you set out on your search. Talk with your licensed vets Rochester NY for more suggestions.


Humidity and your Burmese

Humidity and your Burmese

Even though we’re entering the cooler months we still have occasional days where the humidity is going to be pretty high. It’s during times like these that you want to make sure your Burmese is comfortable indoors where it’s nice and cool. If your Burmese likes to stay outdoors, make it a habit to check the weather and ensure there won’t be any drastic temperature drops or spikes. Humidity can come on pretty quick making the air feel hot, sticky and sometimes unbearable. Be prepared by setting up a nice shady place with fresh water outdoors that way if your cat is out during the day and temperatures change he will have somewhere to go. Don’t let the thermometer outside fool you either. Even though it’s 70 degrees if there’s humidity it could feel like 90 degrees. Heatstroke and dehydration are the biggest concerns with warm temps. Talk with your veterinarian Rochester NY to learn more.

Establishing a place for your cat within your home

Establishing a place for your cat within your home

Your cat is a part of your family, and she shares your living space with your household day in and day out. This makes it important for her to have a spot to call her own within this space. How can you create this for her?

Your cat needs to know where she can find her belongings, as well as where she is welcome to spend her time. Having a place of her own gives her space she can count on always being available to her. This can make a big difference in how welcome she feels within your home. Pick a spot that is just off the beaten path, so she will be happy to frequent it. Let her know where her things are, and adjust everything as necessary once she starts to utilize this area. For more information, please contact your local Rochester, NY veterinarian. You can also visit website, http://rochestercatvet.com/ to know more.

Can I Give My American Longhair Cat Catnip?


Did you know that catnip is a favorite treat among most cats including the American Longhair? Many toys and treats for cats contain some amount of catnip as a treat.

This harmless herb comes from the mint family and gives off an irresistible odor that causes some felines to go crazy. When exposed to catnip, a cat may go into a frenzy or short high that causes him to roll around on the floor, paw at the air, and even chase invisible objects around the room. Don’t be alarmed if you give your longhair catnip and then see her drool, growl, or zone out. This is a typical response under the influence of catnip.

However, if you’re unsure of your cat’s behavior after giving her catnip, call your vet. Always monitor your cat while she plays with toys to ensure safety. If your cat starts to develop other reactions to catnip, Advice your vet Rochester, NY immediately.

Fun Activities with your Ragdoll Cat

ragdoll-cat.jpgAre you looking for ways to interact with your Ragdoll and build a strong, loving and loyal relationship with him? If so, there are a couple of ways you can go about it. Cats often enjoy spending time with their humans and they love human attention and interaction. One of the ways you can hang out with your cat more is to teach him some tricks such as learning to sit, stay, and even do some agility such as jumping through a hoop or over a bar. You may find agility classes for your cat in your local town. If so, give it a try and see what your Ragdoll thinks. In addition, start taking your cat out to the dog parks. Sure, you don’t want your cat running around with the dogs, but if it’s empty you and your Ragdoll can enjoy quiet play time. For more details visit the website. http://rochestercatvet.com/.

Maine Coon Cats: Are they Solitary Cats?

cute-squinting-sand-cat-snuggled.jpg.824x0_q71If you’re not a cat person, then you may be under the impression that all cats are solitary, independent creatures that can take care of themselves. However, this is not always the case. Cats like the Maine Coon actually enjoy spending time with other pets and humans. They don’t care for the solitary lifestyle even though they do enjoy time alone on a regular basis. If your Maine Coon is suddenly spending all of time alone and refuses to come out to see anyone, give your vet a call as this may be a sign of illness.

Cats that typically like being center of attention and suddenly disappear from the radar may be experiencing anxiety or stress. Separation anxiety is common in cats as well. Talk with your veterinary clinic Rochester, NY to learn more about cats, their behaviors, and their preferences for seclusion and companionship.

Where should you place your cat’s bed?

Where should you place your cat_s bedYour pet means the world to you, and you want her to be comfortable in your home. This means not only offering her the ideal pet supply items to keep her happy and healthy, but also finding the ideal places for them in your home. This makes you wonder, where should you place her bed?

Your cat’s bed should be in a place she spends a lot of time and finds comfortable. This will make it easy for her to access and enjoy.  However, it should not be in the main traffic area of your home, as it’s likely she won’t get much rest if she is in the center of the action all the time. Consider places just off the main areas she spends her time, or in the corner of her favorite room. Your local vet Rochester, NY can help you better understand your pet.


Welcoming a new cat into your home

Welcoming a new cat into your home

You will soon be adding a new member to your family, and you want to make sure she feels welcome in her new home. How can you help her know just how much she is wanted within this space?

Your cat needs to adjust to her new home in her own time. This will mean not only taking a look around and becoming familiar with everything and everyone, but also learning what areas she likes, where her stuff is, and what spots you’d like her to avoid. To make her feel welcome, try to keep things simple for her. Try not to overwhelm her with too much information at once. Show her where her belongings are, and make sure she had everything she needs. This will help her feel secure in this space. Your local vets Rochester NY can help you care for the pets in your home.