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Why Cats Love Warm Spots

Why Cats Love Warm Spots

Cats are naturally attracted to warm and comfortable environments. So it is no wonder why your pet loves to spend a good amount of time basking on your windowsill and enjoying the warm rays of the sun. Thus, when enriching your pet’s environment, you should include places to nap or laze around. Give your pet cat access to a screened in porch so he will be able to get some sunlight. Place the cat tree or kitty condo near a window where the sun shines through at certain times of the day. Give your furball excellent opportunities to bask in the sun’s rays by installing a window perch. For the long, cold winter days, a kitty bed with thermo-reflective material can keep your cat warm and comfortable.

Your pet cat will benefit from regular wellness and dental checks at your vets Marietta GA.


Tips for Successful Potty Training of Puppies

Tips for Successful Potty Training of Puppies

Although potty training a dog is a basic regimen for puppies, there are factors that you need to consider in order to achieve the results you desire. These include having proper timing. Knowledge of the best time to potty train dogs will help prepare you for any problems and/or eventualities. Since puppies have shorter attention spans, you get the best results when your training sessions are short but conducted at least 2-3 times each day. Proper timing involves correcting your puppy right after he poops or pee. If you spot your puppy about to do his thing, be sure to encourage him to continue doing it outside at the designated place. Don’t frighten him by shouting or lifting him up to bring him outside. Just maintain a low tone of voice and be as calm about the whole thing as possible. A puppy is sensitive to the volume and tone of your voice. Shouting can only incite fear in him which can push him to hide from you when he pees or poops. With a low firm voice, command him “outside” while gently guiding him to the specific place.

Potty accidents can also be a symptom of an underlying health issue, thus it is a recommended that you bring your pet to your Marietta, GA vet clinic. For more information, you can visit website http://smyrnaveterinary.com.

Tips To Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up On People

Tips To Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up On People

There are several ways to address jumping problems in dogs. One of these is to give him a response he is not expecting. Instead of showing him affection, take hold of his legs and gently put him back down on the floor while determinedly commanding “off” or “down”. You should be consistent during your dog training thus when your dog starts jumping on people or furniture, don’t hesitate to get hold of his legs and put them down and tell him “off”. When your dog receives the same response from you every time he jumps, he will eventually get the idea on what you really want. Be sure to ask the other members of the family and any guest not to welcome or show appreciation when your dog jumps up on them. You can reap the results you desire in your dog training when everybody cooperates and are consistent with their actions. Some people may not understand why you need to stop your dog from jumping up on people. However, you need to explain to them that jumping may be fine while he is still a puppy but it can become a problem when the dog grows up. Aside from terrifying children, it can also make you or your guests mad or annoyed.

Behavior changes can also be a sign of an underlying health problem thus it is recommended that you bring your pet to your Marietta, GA animal hospital for a thorough exam. For more information, you can visit website http://smyrnaveterinary.com/.

Things that Annoy Horses

horse_waterOPT.jpgHorses are prey animals. This means that they are accustomed to running away from danger and anything that upsets them. They may be large, but they are not very brave. One of the main things that annoys most horses is to be patted on the head by strangers. Your own horse may enjoy a good rub down, pat on the head, or ear massage, but when the horse doesn’t know the person, they don’t want to be touched. It takes time to get to know a horse and allow that horse to get to know you. Don’t rush it. Spend time with a horse, groom him, talk to him, feed him and care for him and he will soon respond to you as if you’re his best friend because by then you will be. Your vet clinic Marietta, GA can suggest you other things that annoy horses often include flies, fly masks, sprayed by a water hose without warning, being chased by dogs, and more.

How to Pamper your Donkeys

donkeys-e1387327771439Did you know that donkeys like to be pampered? If you’ve ever owned a donkey then you may have noticed how these little trouble makers do have a softer side of their personality. Some donkeys actually love to be hugged and cuddled on. If you’ve owned your donkey for some time and he’s friendly and used to you showing affection then give him another hug. If you’re donkey isn’t used to hugs, approach him slowly and start with a simple scratch behind the ears or on the back or bum. Donkeys enjoy being brushed and groomed in a similar way to horses as well. If it’s shedding season, use a curry comb to really draw out the dead hair and dirt. Not only is this relaxing for your donkey, but it also helps his skin and coat feel better to release all the excess dirt and hair. For more tips, talk with your veterinarian Marietta, GA.


Things that Annoy Guinea Pigs

farm-pet-guinea-pig-cavia-porcellus-153342162-58ad98553df78c345b874f67For the most part, guinea pigs are sweet, quiet, and docile pocket pets. They love to play, be held, played with, and of course, they love to eat. There are, however, some things that are annoying and frustrating to guinea pigs that can make them unhappy. For instance, don’t place your guinea pig’s cage close to a television or radio. The loud noises can scare the guinea pig and make him anxious. This can overflow into the way he acts around you. He may even act out and bite if he’s scared and wound up from the loud noises. Keep your guinea pig in a nice quiet place in the house where people will pass by, but he won’t be scared by loud noises. Guinea pigs can also get annoyed if they are picked up frequently. Keep holding times limited and do not let small children hold the guinea pig. For more tips, talk with your veterinary clinic Marietta, GA.

How to Pamper your Ferret

How-Much-Do-Ferrets-Cost-1-678x381Did you know that pet ferrets love to be pampered and spoiled? What pet doesn’t enjoy an extra treat now and then, a nice soft cozy bed, plenty of room to run an extra cuddle time? Although ferrets are small and not thought of as a typical pet, they still make lovable companions and they enjoy a good time of pampering too. You can pamper your ferret by taking him out of his cage and giving him extra attention and roaming time. Play with him with toys, give him a scratch behind the ears, rub his belly, and hold him gently for a few minutes at a time. If you do this often, your ferret will come to expect the extra treatment and may even start asking for it on his own. Ferrets have lots of personalities and can give lots of love in return. For more tips, talk with your vet clinic Marietta, GA.

Separation anxiety and your pet

Separation anxiety and your pet

Your pet loves spending time with you, and you really enjoy being able to spend time around her. However, there will be times that you need to head out of the house, and you want your pet to be okay with this as well. How can you tell if separation anxiety is making this difficult for your little fur ball?

Separation anxiety is generally marked by a feeling of discomfort at being alone, or at the idea of being alone. This means that your pet will likely become visibly upset when it becomes apparent that you will soon be leaving the home. You will need to keep an eye out for changes in her behavior. Does she try to get your attention more often? Does she have accidents at this time when she is normally housetrained? If so, she may be having trouble with your departure. Your local reputed veterinarian Marietta GA can offer additional advice.

How Will You Know If Your Pet Dog Is Happy And Contented ?

How Will You Know If Your Pet Dog Is Happy And Contented

Pet dogs are incapable of voicing out their feelings; fortunately, there are some ways to interpret your pet’s emotions.

Is your dog happy?

The body language of a happy dog appears relaxed. There are no distinct changes in the position of the tail and ears, and the dog may be wagging his tail from side to side. Some dogs have a happy facial expression as the muscles in their face relax, and the corners of their mouth are slightly turned upward like they are smiling.

Is your dog scared?

Scared dogs try to make themselves appear as small and inconspicuous as possible. Thus they cower close to the ground, hunch up their bodies and tuck their tail between their rear legs. The ears are laid flat on their heads and their bodies appear tense and rigid.

Any sudden change/s in your pet’s behavior should prompt a visit to your reputed veterinary clinic Marietta GA.

Paper Training Your Puppy

Paper Training Your PuppyThere are a number of methods to train your puppy to eliminate outside but paper training is a tried and true method. Start by blocking off a puppy-proof area in your home that is close to a door that goes outside. This area is good for keeping your puppy safe when you can’t supervise him properly. Cover the floor with sheets of newspaper and allow your dog to urinate or defecate wherever he wants. Slowly remove the paper sheet by sheet while encouraging your puppy to continue going on the remaining newspaper. Continue until there is just one sheet by the door. When your puppy heads for the paper, shoo him outside to do his business. Reward and praise your puppy whenever he goes outside. Never yell at your puppy or punish him while he is learning and his bladder and bowels are maturing. Contact your vets Marietta, CA to learn more.