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Showing your cat that she is a priority in your life

Showing your cat that she is a priority in your life

Your cat is a big part of your life, and she really loves being able to spend time with you. How can you show her that she is important to you as well?

Your cat needs to be able to trust you, and caring for her consistently can be the best way for you to do this. She needs to know her needs will be met in order to be comfortable in your home. Consider her favorite activities, and try to take part in them with her whenever you can. Offering her your time will mean the world to her, and you’ll want to make sure you are able to really give her your full focus when you are with her so she can see that you want to interact and bond with her. Your local Marietta, GA veterinarian, Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital can help you care for your pet.

Your Puppy and Inappropriate Chewing

Your Puppy and Inappropriate Chewing

Puppies explore their world with their mouths. And there is a time when your puppy is teething and chewing is comforting and helps relieve his pain. Thus you may not complete eliminate your puppy’s inappropriate chewing but you can minimize it until your puppy outgrows this undesirable behavior. Start by setting up a puppy-safe area where he can stay when you can’t supervise him. However, don’t leave him in this area alone for long periods. Clear your home of items you don’t want chewed and put them away and out of reach. This includes shoes and clothing, books and important papers, toys and sculptures, among other personal belongings. When your puppy is exploring your home, redirect him to a squeaky toy or chew bone if he starts to chew on furniture, woodwork or any inappropriate item. Don’t yell at your puppy or punish him while he is learning. Learn more from your vet Marietta, GA.

Fun at the Dog Park

Fun at the Dog Park

Dog parks can be great places for exercise and to give your dog a chance to socialize. Visit the dog park without your dog first. Try to get a feel for the place and whether you and your dog will fit in. Read any posted rules and be prepared to follow them. Check that there are separate areas for large and small dogs. Before you bring your dog to the park, make sure his vaccinations are up to date and that he knows basic obedience commands so you can get him under control quickly. When you are at the park, let your dog play and don’t hover. However, watch for bully behavior and insist that it is managed for the safety of all dogs. This is especially important if your dog is the bully. And don’t forget to clean up after your dog. Contact your professional vet Marietta GA to learn more.

Can Quarter Horses Swim ?

Can Quarter Horses Swim

When the weather gets hot one of the quickest ways to stay cool is to go for a swim. Farm animals like Quarter horses and even some cows also like to take a dip to cool off. Some Quarter horses often enjoy playing in their water trough and even wading in a lake or pond. They seem to enjoy the water, but can they swim? In general, most horses can swim, but that doesn’t mean they will or that they want to. Some horses are afraid of the water and may panic when asked to walk through streams or even wade in deeper water. It’s important to know your horse before asking him to take a plunge into the water. If your horse doesn’t like baths then he probably isn’t going to be a fan of swimming. If you want to take your horse for a swim, talk with your vet Marietta, GA first. To know more, visit their company page.

UTIs in Thoroughbreds

UTIs in Thoroughbreds

Did you know that Thoroughbreds and other horse breeds can occasionally get a UTI or Urinary Tract Infection? Although more common in smaller animals like cats and dogs, UTIs can occur in large animals too and is often a symptom of an underlying illness. A UTI in horses is usually bacterial meaning the infection comes from outside bacteria that enters the horse’s urethra and finds its way to the bladder or kidneys. Symptoms of a UTI in horses includes straining to urinate, frequent urination, urinating frequently but only passing small amounts at a time, and possibly blood in the urine. You may also notice an increase in your horse’s water intake. If your horse has any of these symptoms, call your vet. Your vet will most likely run a urinary analysis. Most UTIs can be treated with antibiotics. Talk with your vet Marietta, GA for additional treatment information. Visit their site to know more.

What Is Alarm Barking ?

What Is Alarm Barking

Dogs have the reputation of being very territorial; they won’t hesitate to bark at anything – people, animals, or even objects— that they think are trying to enter their territory. Alarm barking is a natural behavior of canines, domestic or not, meaning it cannot be stopped; but the good news is, it can be controlled.

A dog that knows how to heed the “quiet” command can easily be made to stop barking when there are house guests or when your neighbor walks past your house.

When your dog launches into persistent barking, be quick to show him a favorite treat that you are holding. When he stops barking, say “quiet” in a calm but firm voice before offering him the treat.

With the help of a neighbor or a friend whom your dog is not familiar with, repeat this setup several times, each time showing him a treat when he starts barking and issuing the “quiet” command before handing the treat. If he is already responding well to the “quiet” command, try saying it without the treat. If he has successfully learned the command, he will be quick to stop barking.

You should seek professional help from your trustworthy vet clinic Marietta GA or professional dog trainer when you are dealing with deeply-rooted behavior problems exhibited by your pet.


Do Maine Coon Cats Wear Diapers ?


You may have seen dogs wearing diapers, but have you ever seen a cat like a Maine Coon cat wearing a diaper? Although not as frequent of a sight, cats do occasionally need to wear diapers. If your Maine Coon is getting older and losing her ability to control her urination, give your vet a call and schedule an exam. Your Maine Coon cat may be urinating more because of age or she may have an underlying medical issue taking place. Your vet will be able to run basic blood work and a urinalysis to check for infection or other health issues. If your Maine Coon is simply aging and having trouble urinating then your vet may recommend she wear a diaper. If your pet store doesn’t carry diapers specifically designed for cats you may consider the female doggy diaper. Click here to talk with your vet Marietta, GA for additional options.

Treating Stings and Bites in Buff Orpington Chickens

Buff Orpington chickens along with other breeds of chickens tend to free range and dig in the dirt for worms, small insects and other things to eat. They may, on occasion, run into an underground wasp or hornet nest. If you notice your chicken has a swollen eye or a swollen leg then you should contact your vet. Your Buff Orpington may have an injury or she may have been stung by a bee. Generally, if it’s a bee sting, you will need to make sure the stinger is out. If you can see it then you can try and remove it with tweezers. If you’re unable to remove it, simply wait for your vet to remove it. It is sometimes recommended that a baking soda paste be applied to the sting or bite in order to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Check with your vets Marietta, GA before applying any of these steps.

Respecting your cat’s space

Respecting your cat’s space
Your cat is an important part of your family, and everyone wants to spend as much time with her as possible. However, there will be times that your cat needs some space. Alone time is important to her, as it allows her to take care of her individual needs. These may include relaxing, sleeping, and taking the time to distress a bit. Everyone needs some time to themselves, and your pet is no exception. All the attention can become overwhelming at times, and this space lets her calm her nerves a bit. It also gives her an opportunity to groom herself, and offers some time to entertain herself a bit and recharge. It will help to refresh your pet and get her ready for her next play session together with your family. For more information, please contact your local vets Marietta, GA.