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Guinea Pig Housing – Cubes and Coroplast

kitchen_cage.jpgGuinea pig cages made from storage cube grids and coroplast (C&C) is often viewed as the best type of housing for cavies. Coroplast is a type of corrugated plastic that is often used when making signs. These types of cages are spacious enough to house several guinea pigs.

Lining the cage with felt will make it softer and easier to clean than using conventional bedding or litter. The grids of the cage are connected with standard connectors and strengthened with cable ties C&C cages which make them tough and sturdy.

In a multi-pet household, the cage should have a cover that can be securely fastened to keep other pets out. If there are no potential cavy predators around, the cage top can be kept open.

There are many DIY guides in making your own C&C cage. Big boxes can be obtained at stores while storage cube grids and corrugated plastic are available at sign shops. There are also ready-made cages and kits available in online stores. Learn more visit your local Animal hospital.


Reasons Cats Get Anxious


Physical and environmental stressors can make a cat miserable and in a state of anxiety.  While it is normal for man and animals to react negatively to specific stressors in the environment, cats easily display signs of anxiety and nervousness when stressed out.

So how will you know your cat is stressed or anxious? Understanding the following signs can help your cat deal better with specific stressors in his environment:

A cat that has already been potty trained but suddenly commits potty accidents and shies away from the litter box, may be suffering from anxiety.

Stress can result in a loss of appetite. Notice the changes in your cat’s desire for food.

A very sociable cat all of a sudden keeps to himself and shies away from human interaction. It may also become quite vocal.

Cats lick their own body parts to clean themselves. But when licking becomes an obsession, and there is loss of hair in specific areas as a result of the behavior, this may be a cat’s way of dealing with anxiety.

To hide ones fear is to appear aggressive. When cats become too aggressive towards people and animals, observe for any stressor and deal with it appropriately.  For more advice contact your local Animal Hospital.

When Limping In Dogs Should Be Brought To The Attention Of The Veterinarian

Dog-leg-checking.jpgDogs are generally energetic and very active.  If they are not on a leash, they could go around and play with other dogs in the neighborhood. Some could even get in fights with other dogs.  They can jump and twist a leg, play fight and fracture the other, and who knows what other activities they engage in that come home limping.

You try running your hands all over his body to check for signs of injury but everything seems to be find  except that limping gait.  Sometimes, the pain worsens and your dog does not have much appetite.

The first thing to do is to check the potential causes of your dog’s limp.  Look for the exact site where pain is elicited.  Is it swelling, reddish or inflamed?  Thoroughly assess specific signs before deciding on seeing a vet.

When there are no serious bone injuries such as fractures or deep cuts, then letting your dog rest for a few days might just do the trick. But if there is bleeding and serious bone injury, bring your pooch to the vet before it is too late. Learn more contact your local Animal hospital.


Old Cats Benefit From Extra Care And Attention

Tabbytotoiseshell.jpgAs cats age, they become more prone to certain health and physical issues that can slow them down and make their twilight years miserable. Recognizing your senior cat’s needs will enable you to provide the care and attention that they need in order to thrive well and enjoy their remaining years.

Senior cats need more visits to the veterinarian especially if they have been diagnosed with a health problem. The response to treatment needs to be monitored to determine if there alleviation of symptoms.

Senior cats also lose some of their flexibility and certain hard-to-reach spots in their body cannot be cleaned or groomed. Your kitty will thank you for brushing his hair regularly. Grooming sessions are also good opportunities to check your pet’s body for abnormal lumps and bumps, as well as wounds and infections.

Older cats are prone to certain age-related diseases thus they will benefit from regular visits to your veterinarian. For more information contact vet care.

Benefits of Massaging Your Dog

canine-massage-12.jpgEveryone knows dogs like to be petted! Not only can it be calming for you, it can be extremely calming for your pet. But, did you know you can massage your canine companion too?

It may seem a little strange to massage your pet’s shoulders, but there are some surprising benefits that go above and beyond the benefits of simply petting your pooch.

It can calm a nervous dog

Even the calmest dogs can sometimes lose their cool in certain situations. Whether your pooch is nervous around new people or he takes off and hides under the bed when the thunder starts rolling, a professional veterinarian recommends giving a few massage techniques a try.

The best technique for calming a nervous dog is also one of the easiest to learn. It’s a lot like petting your pooch from the top of his head down to the base of his spine, except you’ll exert more pressure than you would simply be petting your furry friend. Focus your attention at the base of the skull and the pelvis as these areas control the rest and relax responses of the body.

Joint stiffness and soreness

It’s not just old dogs that can develop joint stiffness and soreness. If your pet was particularly active, or if he has spent more time inactive lately due to an illness or an injury, you may find that he’s more stiff and sore than usual.

Massaging certain areas can help relieve some of the pain. Start by petting the area around the joint. Then, apply gentle compression to the area. A pumping motion encourages fluids to move through the muscle, taking tension off the surrounding joint.

If you do these types of exercises regularly starting at a young age, you may even be able to prevent stiffness and pain that can cause arthritis.

Warm-up for active dogs

It’s a good idea for you to stretch before you start exercising. It’s a good idea for your dog too. Unfortunately, most canines get too excited and take off like a rocket with no stretching whatsoever.

By lifting and squeezing certain muscles, you can prevent a potential injury from taking place while your dog is playing or exercising.

To learn more about doggy massage, including more techniques you can do with your pooch, call your veterinarian care.

Commercial Dog Diets

Homemade-dog-foodWith various commercial dog foods available in the market, the challenge is to decide what is best for your dog’s nutritional needs. You can do your own research or better if you consult your veterinarian about your pet’s dietary needs.

There is no single pet food that can satisfy the nutritional needs of all life stages. Each stage of dog development has specific nutritional requirements. Pet food companies are now offering a wide array of products formulated to meet the specific needs of dogs. Pet owners need to study and collaborate with their vet on the best combination of pet foods. A balanced diet is important to make sure that your pooch grows healthy.

Dogs are omnivores and they need diets with meat as a major component. When shopping for premium quality pet food, check the product labels and make sure that meats or meat meals occupy the first three or four spots on the ingredients list. Learn more click here

Kitty’s Transition to a New Home


Cats are sensitive to change, especially when they are separated from their mother and littermates. They get stressed out from traveling and adjusting to a new home. If you are the new cat parent, you can help the transition process for your kitty as smooth as possible.

Days before the arrival of your kitty, be sure to set up a feline-conducive place.  Prepare all the kitty essentials like a litter box and cat food, and place them at the right locations. Make sure that you cat-proof your home by checking all possible cat hazards. Make time to neatly tape and fasten your window and blind cords securely to prevent your cat from getting entangled.

When your kitty arrives, make the transition period be made up of small easy steps until he gets used to his new surroundings. As soon as he steps out of his career, allow him to explore his place at his own time. You may show him the litter box because he may need to go potty after the travel. Learn more visit the website.

Healthy Pet Food – Some Things to Consider

67568400Look for products made of natural or organic ingredients. Be sure that you sift through the list of ingredients. Sometimes, the word ‘Natural’ on the label is not a guarantee that you are getting your money’s worth.

Avoid products that contain soy, corn and wheat. These ingredients are difficult to digest and may possibly act as allergy triggers for hypersensitive canines.

Check the protein components and make sure that it is easily digestible. Fish protein is more advisable than muscle and organ meats.

For carbohydrates, processed ingredients such as rice are more digestible than oats and yeast.

Avoid products that contain animal by-products.

Avoid products formulated with preservatives and additives. Learn more details visit the website. http://worlddogpress.net/