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Things To Consider When Hiring A Pet Sitter

Things To Consider When Hiring A Pet SitterIf you are traveling for a few days, you need to make arrangements for your pet’s care while you are away. If you don’t have a friend or relative to whom you can entrust your pet’s care, hiring a pet sitter is the best answer to your need. A pet sitter is expected to come to your home several times a day to check on your dog, feed him, take him on leash walks or to the potty area outdoors, and play with your pet. The frequency by which the pet sitter should be at your home each day should be agreed upon during negotiations. In some instances, a pet sitter stays in your home while you are away. For many pet owners, letting a pet sitter stay in their home is a better arrangement because there is significantly less stress for your pet compared to leaving your pet in a boarding facility. Also, your pet won’t be unnecessarily exposed to disease and parasites. If you opt to have a stay-in pet sitter who can take care of your pet while you’re gone, make sure you are dealing with someone who comes highly recommended. Choosing a reliable pet sitter is very important to your pet’s welfare and safety, as well as the security of your home and belongings. For more information visit your local veterinarian.


Why Are Kittens Born With Their Eyes Closed?

1.Why Are Kittens Born With Their Eyes ClosedThe eyes of newborn kittens are closed because their eyes are still underdeveloped. Their eyes still need several days to develop until they slowly open become fully functional within several weeks. In very rare cases, some kittens briefly open their eyes as early as the second day after birth. Most kittens can only open their eyelids at about a week after birth. Nature has a way of ensuring that the sensitive tissues of the eyes are fully developed before the eyes open. A protective seal is formed by the eyelids until the outer eye is completely developed. But kittens can still recognize their mother using their other sense organs. They are able to seek her out and latch on to her nipples and suckle milk. Once the eyelids start to open, it will take 2-3 days for the eyes to fully open and become functional. Regardless of whether their eyelids have opened or not during the first 2 weeks of life, most kittens are blind during this time. For more information visit your local Pet clinic.

Amazing Facts About The Nose Of Dogs


Dogs are known for their keen sense of smell. This can be attributed to the millions of scent-analyzing cells that line their nasal passages. Dogs use their sense of smell, hearing, and vision to learn as much as they can about anything that they encounter in their surroundings.

However, the sensitivity of their sense of hearing varies between breeds. The level of olfactory sensitivity depends to a large extent on the number of scent-analyzing cells that the dog possesses as well as the physical conformation of their nose and nasal passages.

A dog is able to differentiate between different types of scents to help them identify people, places, or things. This particular physical attribute makes many breeds of dogs particularly useful in police work such as in search and rescue work, as well as in explosive and contraband detection. For more details visit your local Animal hospital.

A Few Good Reasons to Let Your Dog Sleep With You


Many people would recommend keeping your dog out of the bedroom. There’s no doubt it can have some benefits, especially if you’re a light sleeper or your pooch is a bit restless at night. However, there are also a couple of good reasons why you might want to let your pet sleep with you instead of shutting the door.


For some people, sleeping with a pet provides a lot of comfort. A professional vet finds that this is especially the case for people who live and sleep alone.

In the winter, your dog can act as a living heater, keeping your body warmer than if he wasn’t in bed with you. Snuggling a furry companion can help some people feel less lonely, which helps them fall asleep faster at night too.


One of the big reasons why people sleep with their dogs is for protection. Even if your pet sleeps in a separate bed on the floor, he can bark and alert you to a potential intruder. If your canine companion is properly trained, he may even be able to protect you if the intruder enters your bedroom.

Not only can sleeping with your dog help you in the moment, he can also put your mind at ease. If you hear a noise downstairs and you wonder what might be causing the ruckus, one look at your canine companion can reassure you that everything is fine. If he doesn’t seem to be bothered by the noise, there’s no reason for you to be bothered by it either.

Building a better relationship

Not only can your dog help you feel more comfortable and provide you with protection from intruders, sleeping with your pooch can help strengthen your relationship.

Dogs are den animals. They’re used to sleeping in groups. By sleeping with your pet, you can solidify your family unit. It can also help establish you as the pack leader, which can make training a lot easier.

Another good reason to sleep with your dog? He’d really enjoy curling up with you! If you’re struggling to fall asleep with your pooch in the bed, but you’d like to sleep together, give your vet a call. They can provide you with tips to make sure you both get a good night’s rest. For more details visit your local Animal health care.

Guinea Pig Housing – Cubes and Coroplast

kitchen_cage.jpgGuinea pig cages made from storage cube grids and coroplast (C&C) is often viewed as the best type of housing for cavies. Coroplast is a type of corrugated plastic that is often used when making signs. These types of cages are spacious enough to house several guinea pigs.

Lining the cage with felt will make it softer and easier to clean than using conventional bedding or litter. The grids of the cage are connected with standard connectors and strengthened with cable ties C&C cages which make them tough and sturdy.

In a multi-pet household, the cage should have a cover that can be securely fastened to keep other pets out. If there are no potential cavy predators around, the cage top can be kept open.

There are many DIY guides in making your own C&C cage. Big boxes can be obtained at stores while storage cube grids and corrugated plastic are available at sign shops. There are also ready-made cages and kits available in online stores. Learn more visit your local Animal hospital.

Old Cats Benefit From Extra Care And Attention

Tabbytotoiseshell.jpgAs cats age, they become more prone to certain health and physical issues that can slow them down and make their twilight years miserable. Recognizing your senior cat’s needs will enable you to provide the care and attention that they need in order to thrive well and enjoy their remaining years.

Senior cats need more visits to the veterinarian especially if they have been diagnosed with a health problem. The response to treatment needs to be monitored to determine if there alleviation of symptoms.

Senior cats also lose some of their flexibility and certain hard-to-reach spots in their body cannot be cleaned or groomed. Your kitty will thank you for brushing his hair regularly. Grooming sessions are also good opportunities to check your pet’s body for abnormal lumps and bumps, as well as wounds and infections.

Older cats are prone to certain age-related diseases thus they will benefit from regular visits to your veterinarian. For more information contact vet care.