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Can I Give My American Longhair Cat Catnip?


Did you know that catnip is a favorite treat among most cats including the American Longhair? Many toys and treats for cats contain some amount of catnip as a treat.

This harmless herb comes from the mint family and gives off an irresistible odor that causes some felines to go crazy. When exposed to catnip, a cat may go into a frenzy or short high that causes him to roll around on the floor, paw at the air, and even chase invisible objects around the room. Don’t be alarmed if you give your longhair catnip and then see her drool, growl, or zone out. This is a typical response under the influence of catnip.

However, if you’re unsure of your cat’s behavior after giving her catnip, call your vet. Always monitor your cat while she plays with toys to ensure safety. If your cat starts to develop other reactions to catnip, Advice your vet Rochester, NY immediately.


Helping your cat stay clean

Helping your cat stay cleanYour cat is an adorable little fur ball, and you want to make sure you help her stay as clean as she can be. How can you do this?

Your pet may spend a lot of time cleaning herself, but she will still need your help in making sure everything is as clean as it can be. This means wiping your pet down from time to time, especially when she gets something on her fur that would be difficult for her to get off on her own. She will also need your help with tangled or matted fur, as these areas can harbor some foreign debris and plenty of dirt in addition to them being uncomfortable for your pet to have in her fur. Your local vet clinic Rochester, NY can help you care for your pet. Schedule an appointment today.

Can you bring a cat to see a groomer?

Can you bring a cat to see a groomer

Your cat is adorable, and you really like that you are able to be with her as often as you can be. However, even with all the brushing, you are offering her, her long fur is a bit difficult to manage. Can you bring her to see a groomer?

While groomers may see more dogs than cats, many are very welcoming to their feline customers. In fact, it is a common practice to trim down a cat’s fur if it is becoming tangled through daily activity. There are even different options for you to choose from to keep your pet both comfortable and looking great. Simply try to find a groomer who offers the services you are looking for, and make sure your pet will be as comfortable as she can be with this individual. Your local veterinarian Rochester, NY can offer additional suggestions.

Where should you place your cat’s bed?

Where should you place your cat_s bedYour pet means the world to you, and you want her to be comfortable in your home. This means not only offering her the ideal pet supply items to keep her happy and healthy, but also finding the ideal places for them in your home. This makes you wonder, where should you place her bed?

Your cat’s bed should be in a place she spends a lot of time and finds comfortable. This will make it easy for her to access and enjoy.  However, it should not be in the main traffic area of your home, as it’s likely she won’t get much rest if she is in the center of the action all the time. Consider places just off the main areas she spends her time, or in the corner of her favorite room. Your local vet Rochester, NY can help you better understand your pet.


Ragdoll Cats and Sun Burns

RagdollCats and Sun Burns

Did you know that it’s possible for cats to get sunburn? Both cats and dogs can be prone to sun burns and other skin sensitivities. Ragdolls are especially prone to sunburn on areas of skin that are not covered by fur. If you suspect your Ragdoll cat has a sunburn or irritated skin, please call your vet for treatment options. Cats with white ears are particularly prone to getting sunburn on the tips or edges of their ears. If approved by your vet, a sunscreen containing titanium dioxide as the active ingredient should be used on areas of your Ragdollcat that are exposed to the sun. Some cats may even need to have their body covered with a t-shirt whether it’s a people t-shirt made to fit or a cat-sized shirt. For more details or suggestions, talk with your vet Rochester, NY. Visit website http://rochestercatvet.com/ for additional information.

Constipation in Somali Cats

Constipation in Somali Cats

Constipation is common in cats of all breeds.  not a new illness for cats. Most cats including the Somali Cat will experience constipation at one point in their life. Signs of constipation may include your Somali Cat straining to poop or leaving small, yet hard, clumps of poop in his litter box. If this happens to your cat, you’re your vet a call to schedule an office visit. Cats typically have one regular bowel movement daily. Constipation could lead to further symptoms such as mucous or blood covered stools, loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting, abdominal discomfort and even lack of self grooming. Call your vet immediately if your Somali Cat has any of these symptoms as it may be a more serious condition. Causes may be from a low fiber diet, dehydration, excessive grooming, ingestion of foreign objects, etc. Treatment may include a stool softener, medication or even surgery. For more information, visit this site or call your veterinarian Rochester, NY.

Training Your Cat for His Visit to the Vet

Training Your Cat for His Visit to the Vet

You don’t have to do a whole lot of training when you have a cat. You want to make sure he uses the litter box, but that’s about it. Or is it? Consider training your cat for his visits to the vet.

By doing a little training ahead of time, you can make your trip to the clinic more enjoyable. Start by getting your cat used to being touched in strange areas. Open his mouth, touch his paws, and examine his hind end. It will make his exam at the clinic go much more smoothly.

Cats don’t like being shoved in crates, but that’s because they’re not used to it yet! Make the kennel a comfortable, safe place for your cat by leaving it out with the door open a week or two before every appointment.

Your vet Rochester NY, All Cats Care Center can provide you with more advice.

Tips for Making Your Cat Comfortable in the Vet’s Waiting Room

Tips for Making Your Cat Comfortable in the Vet's Waiting Room

If you have a pet, you probably spend at least a little time at your local veterinary clinic. It’s great for the health of your cat, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get a little stressed out while he’s there! Here’s how to make his time in the waiting room more comfortable.

First, keep your cat in the kennel. No matter how much you want to remove your pet to comfort him, he’s really better off tucked away. It provides a barrier between him and the other animals in the waiting room, which is overall better for your pet.

Choosing the right veterinarian can make a huge difference. If your cat gets stressed easily, avoid large vet clinics. Instead, choose a small clinic, or even better, choose a cats-only clinic! For more tips, or to schedule your appointment, call your vet clinic Rochester NY.

Keeping your home pet-friendly

The Gray Cat With Green Eyes Lies On A Sofa.

Your home is a wonderful space to spend your time in, and you want your pet to think of this area fondly as well. However, you’ve noticed that there are many different hazards that can creep into your living space. How can you keep your home continually pet-friendly?

Your home needs to be regularly evaluated if you are to keep it as safe as possible for your pet. Cat-proofing isn’t something that is done once before you bring home a new little fur ball, but more of an ongoing process that enables you to make changes throughout your time as a pet owner. Keep in mind that your cat’s needs will likely change as she enters new life stages, and that different items you add to your home over time may cause you to utilize the space differently. Your local Rochester, NY veterinarian can help you care for the pets in your home. Visit this website for more information.

Pet sitter basics

Pet sitter basics

Your cat means the world to you, and caring for her is something you take great pride in. However, there will be times when you can’t necessarily offer her the care she needs yourself, and you will need to find someone else to meet her needs. This is where a pet sitter can really come in handy.

The right pet sitter for your little fur ball will be able to handle the needs your pet has in a professional way. Your cat should be comfortable with this individual, and you should be able to trust him to handle anything that happens in your absence in an appropriate manner. He should be available for the time you need him for, and be asking for reasonable compensation that fits within your budget. Be sure to contact any references you are offered, and take the time to ask any questions you may have. Make a visit to your local Rochester, NY veterinarian for additional information and advice.