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Should your cat be eating wet or dry food ?

Should your cat be eating wet or dry food

Your cat loves being able to make some decisions for herself, but there are definitely some things that you will need to decide for her. Whether she needs wet or dry food is a good example of this, as her overall health is dependent on her eating a nutrient dense diet.

Luckily, there are healthy, natural options in both the wet and the dry categories, so you can’t really go wrong. Your pet will likely gravitate toward one or the other, but most cats thrive on a dry food diet unless they can’t do so for some reason. Age, illness, injury, or digestive issues may cause them to require a wet food diet to avoid the crunchier food that requires a bit more effort. If you are unsure of what to give your pet, seek out the opinion of a professional for assistance. Your local most endorsed Marietta, GA veterinarian can offer additional advice.

Finding a dog walker

Dog Walk

Your dog is a big part of your daily life, and you try to dedicate as much time to him as you can. However, you know that sometimes you will be busy with other aspects of your life and your pet will still need to be cared for. A dog walker can be a great way to give your pet what he needs while allowing you to get other things done worry-free.

To find the right dog walker, you need to find someone in your area who you can trust. Your pet should also be comfortable with this individual, particularly if she is going to be making decisions about his care in your absence. Make sure she is asking for compensation that fits within your budget, and that she is available at the times you will need her. Your local reputable vets Marietta GA can help you care for your pet.

Dog bed basics

Dog bed basics

Your dog loves to rest in your home, and you really enjoy seeing her sleepy face throughout your house. However, you’ve noticed that she could really use a place all her own to get some rest. How can you find the right bed for your pet?

There are many types of dog beds, so you will have a lot to choose from. Narrow down your options to those that are the right size, then opt for choices that will be simple for you to keep clean. Think about the areas your pet naps now, and try to mimic the cushion density of his choosing. If he is getting older or is impacted by joint issues, an orthopedic bed may be a great option. If he tends to relax in different positions, try to find a bed shape that will allow him to do so. Your local Marietta, GA vet clinic can offer additional advice. Visit website http://smyrnaveterinary.com/ to know more.

Your Puppy and Inappropriate Chewing

Your Puppy and Inappropriate Chewing

Puppies explore their world with their mouths. And there is a time when your puppy is teething and chewing is comforting and helps relieve his pain. Thus you may not complete eliminate your puppy’s inappropriate chewing but you can minimize it until your puppy outgrows this undesirable behavior. Start by setting up a puppy-safe area where he can stay when you can’t supervise him. However, don’t leave him in this area alone for long periods. Clear your home of items you don’t want chewed and put them away and out of reach. This includes shoes and clothing, books and important papers, toys and sculptures, among other personal belongings. When your puppy is exploring your home, redirect him to a squeaky toy or chew bone if he starts to chew on furniture, woodwork or any inappropriate item. Don’t yell at your puppy or punish him while he is learning. Learn more from your vet Marietta, GA.

Fun at the Dog Park

Fun at the Dog Park

Dog parks can be great places for exercise and to give your dog a chance to socialize. Visit the dog park without your dog first. Try to get a feel for the place and whether you and your dog will fit in. Read any posted rules and be prepared to follow them. Check that there are separate areas for large and small dogs. Before you bring your dog to the park, make sure his vaccinations are up to date and that he knows basic obedience commands so you can get him under control quickly. When you are at the park, let your dog play and don’t hover. However, watch for bully behavior and insist that it is managed for the safety of all dogs. This is especially important if your dog is the bully. And don’t forget to clean up after your dog. Contact your professional vet Marietta GA to learn more.

Separation Anxiety and Your Dog

Separation Anxiety and Your Dog

Some dogs get upset and anxious if left alone. They will whine or bark, drool, urinate or defecate in the house, or even destroy your home. Serious cases might require professional medical care but you may be able to manage mild separation anxiety. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise so he can work off excessive energy and get sufficient mental stimulation. Give your dog lots of fun toys to play with while you are away. Puzzle toys work particularly well since your dog needs to work out a series of movements to get to a hidden treat inside. Don’t make a fuss when you leave since this will cue your dog that you are leaving. Leave for short periods of time at first and reward your dog for good behavior. Ask someone to stop by and visit if you will be gone for long periods of time. Learn more from your Marietta, GA veterinary clinic.

UTIs in Thoroughbreds

UTIs in Thoroughbreds

Did you know that Thoroughbreds and other horse breeds can occasionally get a UTI or Urinary Tract Infection? Although more common in smaller animals like cats and dogs, UTIs can occur in large animals too and is often a symptom of an underlying illness. A UTI in horses is usually bacterial meaning the infection comes from outside bacteria that enters the horse’s urethra and finds its way to the bladder or kidneys. Symptoms of a UTI in horses includes straining to urinate, frequent urination, urinating frequently but only passing small amounts at a time, and possibly blood in the urine. You may also notice an increase in your horse’s water intake. If your horse has any of these symptoms, call your vet. Your vet will most likely run a urinary analysis. Most UTIs can be treated with antibiotics. Talk with your vet Marietta, GA for additional treatment information. Visit their site to know more.

What Is Alarm Barking ?

What Is Alarm Barking

Dogs have the reputation of being very territorial; they won’t hesitate to bark at anything – people, animals, or even objects— that they think are trying to enter their territory. Alarm barking is a natural behavior of canines, domestic or not, meaning it cannot be stopped; but the good news is, it can be controlled.

A dog that knows how to heed the “quiet” command can easily be made to stop barking when there are house guests or when your neighbor walks past your house.

When your dog launches into persistent barking, be quick to show him a favorite treat that you are holding. When he stops barking, say “quiet” in a calm but firm voice before offering him the treat.

With the help of a neighbor or a friend whom your dog is not familiar with, repeat this setup several times, each time showing him a treat when he starts barking and issuing the “quiet” command before handing the treat. If he is already responding well to the “quiet” command, try saying it without the treat. If he has successfully learned the command, he will be quick to stop barking.

You should seek professional help from your trustworthy vet clinic Marietta GA or professional dog trainer when you are dealing with deeply-rooted behavior problems exhibited by your pet.


Plants That Can Cause Catnip-Like Responses In Cats

Plants That Can Cause Catnip-Like Responses In Cats

Did you know that in addition to catnip, there are other plants that can be used to create the same effect that catnip has on cats? These are some of them:

  • Cat Thyme

Cat thyme isn’t really thyme, per se, it’s just that they look like thyme plants hence the name. The plant has been shown to create feelings of contentment and happiness in cats.

  • Silver Vine (Actinidia polygama)

The plant is popular in Asia, particularly in Japan and China, where it’s used as an ingredient of “matatabi” a popular cat treat. There are 2 substances that are present in the plant which have been shown to attract cats. In fact, it’s been said to exert a stronger effect on cats compared to catnips with effects lasting for about 5-30 minutes. There are also cat toys that are filled with silver vine.

  • Cat Grass or Indian Nettle (Acalypha indica)

In West Africa, Indian nettle is commonly used by locals as medicine; it is also a common ingredient in certain vegetable dishes. Cats have been shown to react favorably and very strongly to it. But it is only the root of the plant that contains substances which can attract cats.

Bring your pet to your animal hospital for regular wellness checks; these are also excellent opportunities to ask your veterinarian Marietta GA about certain questions or concerns that you may have about your pet.

Is your horse sick?

is-your-horse-sickYour horse is an amazing companion, and you want to make sure you are able to care for him however he needs you to. This means taking the time to determine when your horse needs any additional care from you, like when he is getting sick. What should you keep an eye out for?

Your horse will likely start acting differently if he isn’t feeling like himself. This means that you may notice behavioral changes, like refraining from taking part in certain activities because he isn’t feeling well. He may respond differently to interactions with you, or he may be moving about differently than he normally does. Keep an eye out for any discharge from the eyes, nose, or mouth, changes in his bowel movements, or differences in his eating patterns. For additional information, please contact your local veterinary clinic Marietta, GA.