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How Fleas Avoid Medication

How Fleas Avoid Medication

You’d think you could buy medication for your cat and you won’t have to worry about fleas anymore. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Fleas are really good at avoiding medication.

Flea collars are arguably the worst. That’s because there are many areas of your cat that aren’t affected by the collar. You won’t find fleas around the neck, on the face, or on the front legs, but fleas that hang out on your pet’s back legs and hind end can survive.

The same is true for topical medication. Don’t be surprised if those fleas all move to your cat’s hind end. However, topical medication is much more effective because it will eventually spread over the entire body. You may just have to wait a few weeks.

For help taking care of your flea problem, click here, or plan a visit to your vet Westlake Village, CA.


The Best Dogs for Children

The Best Dogs for Children
Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and a variety of temperaments. Choosing the right dog for your children depends on a number of factors. Small dogs may not be the best choice since children could frighten them and either the dog or the child could be injured. And big dogs may be hard for your children to manage on walks and could knock your children over. Choose the right size for your kids. Look at the general temperament and energy level of a dog before adoption. If the dog is a mixed breed or a shelter dog, he may have been tested for these factors and there may be a report available. Look at your household and determine if your family has the time and energy for the dog you want to adopt. Look at how the dog will fit in with all family members including other pets. Contact your veterinarian Westlake Village, CA to learn more.

Digging and Dogs

Digging and Dogs
Digging is instinctual in wild dogs. They hunt for underground food such as rodents and also hide food from other animals. Digging a den can provide a cool place to rest. Your domestic dog has ample food in his bowl and a nice cool house but don’t tell your dog’s instincts that. Dogs will dig when they are bored so provide lots of things to do in your yard. Chew toys and balls are fun and even more so if you spend some time out there with your dog. There are organic sprays you can apply to your prize flowers and bushes to keep your dog away. However, your best bet is to not leave your dog out in the yard alone for long periods of time. Bury any holes dug promptly and consider covering them with stones or statuary to prevent a future incident. Learn more from your veterinarian Westlake Village, CA.

Ketoacidosis and the Japanese Bobtail

Ketoacidosis and the Japanese Bobtail.jpg
Ketoacidosis is a condition that can develop as a part of or as a result of feline diabetes. If your Japanese Bobtail has been diagnosed with feline diabetes, ask your vet about Ketoacidosis and what you need to know and look out for in your cat. Sometimes, when diabetic treatment is delayed, a condition called Ketoacidosis could develop. This condition is a metabolic imbalance that occurs with unmanaged or poorly regulated diabetes. Ketoacidosis is caused when fat and protein is broken down due to a need for more metabolic energy. The excessive breakdown of these reserves causes a toxic by-product called ketones. While the ketones continue to build in the blood stream, the pH and electrolyte imbalance continues as well. Symptoms related to Ketoacidosis include loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, weakness, dehydration, and difficulty breathing. Talk with your veterinarian Westlake Village, CA for additional information and support.