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How large should your hamster’s enclosure be ?

How large should your hamster_s enclosure be

Your hamster is depending on you to offer her a comfortable place to call home, and one way you can do this is to offer her plenty of space in her enclosure. How large should this area be?

While there is no magic size to stick to, there are some things to consider in an enclosure. Generally speaking, the more space you can offer your pet, the easier it will be for her to meet her exercise needs. She needs at least enough space to house all her belongings that go with her enclosure, and still have room to play and move about freely. You also want to make sure you choose a size you can upkeep regularly so your pet will always have a clean area to work with. Your local Thorold, ON vet clinic can offer additional advice. For more information, you can visit website http://niagarafallsanimalhospital.com.


Is your cat content in your home ?

Is your cat content in your home

You share your home with a wonderful cat, and you want her to be content in this space. How can you help make this happen?

Your pet needs you to understand that her needs are different than yours, and that she may go about meeting them in different ways than you do. For example, you may know that your body needs exercise, and set out to get some outside or in the gym. Your pet isn’t aware of the need for this physical movement, but knows that she feels good when she gets up and moving, and will take advantage of fun ways to do this when they arise. Make a point to offer these, as well as other ways to meet her needs that will be appealing to her, whenever you can to help her stay healthy. For more information, please contact your local Thorold, ON veterinarian. You can also visit their website http://niagarafallsanimalhospital.com/.

Biting and your puppy

Biting and your puppy

Your puppy is a wonderful part of your family, and you love that she has come into your life. However, you know there is still some room for improvement in your interactions, particularly when it comes to biting.

Your puppy will likely nip at you from time to time. This is a natural behavior, and is based on how she interacts with other dogs. They routinely bite at one another during play, so your pet will need to learn that it isn’t acceptable with humans. She will also bite to learn more about something as it allows her to use additional senses during exploration. Try to give her some space when she bites. This will teach her that this behavior doesn’t give her the attention she craves. Your local Thorold, ON veterinarian can help you care for your pet. Visit website http://niagarafallsanimalhospital.com/ to learn more.

Feeding your guinea pig

Cavy eats

Your guinea pig is a big part of your life, and you know that she depends on you to care for her to the best of your ability. This means taking the time to feed her high-quality food that will nourish her body and keep her strong.

To do this, you will need to take into account what her body really needs. Variety is key, as she will need a lot of different nutrients to keep her satisfied and feeling her best. Commercial pellet mixes do a great job in offering a wide spectrum of nutrients, but her diet should branch out a bit more in addition to these. Fresh produce should be offered in appropriate portions, and an unlimited amount of hay should also be available to your pet to munch on. Your local Thorold, ON vet clinic can offer additional advice. Visit this site to know more.

Food you shouldn’t offer your dog

Food you shouldn_t offer your dog

Your dog loves having a snack every now and then, and this is particularly true when it comes to spending time with you while doing so. When he sees you munching on something, he automatically wants some, even if he isn’t quite sure what you have just yet. This can be dangerous, as he will willingly ingest items that could be harmful to him. It’s up to you to research all potential food items before sharing with your pet.

There are a lot of ingredients in your food that he can’t have, and you will need to be aware of these. Common offenders include garlic, onions, and grapes in all their various forms. You should make sure to keep avocados, sugar and salt away from your pet as well. Foods containing caffeine and alcohol can also be harmful. For more information, please contact your local Thorold, ON veterinarian.

Bonding with your hedgehog

Bonding with your hedgehog

Your family will soon be adding a hedgehog to the mix, and you want to make sure you have a good relationship with your new pet. How can you bond with your new addition?

If you take the time to research your new pet, you will be better able to understand him and care for him. This will also enhance your relationship, as you will know what areas you can apply to this part of his care. For example, since hedgehogs can’t see well and generally rely on their sense of smell, switching soaps and perfumes can cause your pet to think they are interacting with another person. Try to keep your scent consistent and talk to your pet often while meeting his care needs so he will know he can rely on you to be there when he needs you. For additional information, please contact your local vet clinic Thorold ON.

Bacterial Eye Infections in Turtles

Bacterial Eye Infections in Turtles
If you own a pet turtle, you may find it helpful to keep a routine check on your turtle to become familiar with his habits and appearance. By doing this, you may have a better chance to notice an illness or abnormality sooner than later. Some turtles are prone to develop eye conditions such as a bacterial infection or even a swollen eye or eyelid. Bacterial eye infections can sometimes cause a swollen eye or eyelid. Eye infections can also be related to a respiratory tract infection. If your turtle appears to have an irritated or swollen eye then you should call your veterinarian right away. A small abnormality could turn into something larger if not treated right away. For instance, a bacterial eye infection can spread to the respiratory tract, which is often fatal. Talk with your veterinarian Thorold, ON to learn the signs and symptoms of an eye infection in your turtle.