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Do Horses Need Rain Sheets?

Do Horses Need Rain SheetsWhether or not you place a sheet on your horse during the rain is up to you. It’s more of an owner preference than an animal preference. Horses in the wild do not have the luxury of wearing a sheet to protect them from the rain. Instead, horses rely on natural instincts to either seek shelter or to stand in a way that their backend shields them from the wind and rain. If it’s especially warm in your area then you should not blanket your horse as he could get overheated. If it’s winter in your area and it’s an icy rain then a rain sheet or even a light blanket that is waterproof would be recommended. If your horse has a run in shelter or barn in his turnout then a sheet may not be needed. Ask your vet Marietta, GA for suggestions on whether or not to sheet your horse in the rain.



Male Cat Behaviors That Can Be Annoying To Pet Owners

Male Cat Behaviors That Can Be Annoying To Pet Owners

Intact male cats are known to display typical behavior such as spray marking or wandering off for several days especially during the mating season. Spray marking is done to leave their scent on territory or objects to stake their claim. This serves as a warning for other cats to keep out. During the mating season, male cats also engage in urine spraying to get the female’s attention; this is more pronounced when there are other male cats vying for the female.

Spray marking can also be a sign of illness in cats; a visit to your veterinary hospital can help determine the underlying cause and treatment regimen.

Straying during the mating season

Intact male cats roam far and wide for several days especially during the mating season. Female cats that are in heat release pheromones which can become airborne and can be detected by male cats for several miles around.

If you have a male cat that keeps on engaging in the behavior, having him neutered can help get rid of these annoying habits. A sudden change in your pet’s behavior should be checked out by your veterinarians Marietta GA.

Choosing a collar for your dog

Choosing a collar for your dog

Your dog is a wonderful part of your life, and you want it to stay that way for a long, long time. A collar can help with this by letting others know that your pet has someone to look after him.

To select the ideal collar for your canine companion, you will need to really think about what he would be comfortable with. Your dog needs to be able to move about freely without his collar hindering him. It’s important that he has a properly fitting collar without too much weight to it. It should also be able to carry his identification tags, and have a leash securely hooked to it. Think about other features that may be helpful to your pet, like having a reflective area on his collar to show others where he is in the evenings when he is outside. For more information, please contact your local Marietta, GA vet.

Celebrating a holiday with your pet

Celebrating a holiday with your pet

Your pet loves to spend time with you, and you want to be with her often as well. This is particularly true when something special is happening in your home, like a holiday celebration. How can you celebrate a holiday with your pet?

While special occasions may differ in meaning and purpose, there is something that ties them all together – a desire to be with loved ones. Including your pet in the festivities seems natural, as she is a part of your family. Some activities may be perfectly pet-friendly as they are, while others may need a bit of augmenting to help your fuzzy friend feel like a part of the celebration. It may also be a good idea to create some new traditions where your pet can really enjoy herself. For additional information, please contact your local vet clinic Marietta GA.

Things that Annoy Horses

horse_waterOPT.jpgHorses are prey animals. This means that they are accustomed to running away from danger and anything that upsets them. They may be large, but they are not very brave. One of the main things that annoys most horses is to be patted on the head by strangers. Your own horse may enjoy a good rub down, pat on the head, or ear massage, but when the horse doesn’t know the person, they don’t want to be touched. It takes time to get to know a horse and allow that horse to get to know you. Don’t rush it. Spend time with a horse, groom him, talk to him, feed him and care for him and he will soon respond to you as if you’re his best friend because by then you will be. Your vet clinic Marietta, GA can suggest you other things that annoy horses often include flies, fly masks, sprayed by a water hose without warning, being chased by dogs, and more.

How to Pamper your Donkeys

donkeys-e1387327771439Did you know that donkeys like to be pampered? If you’ve ever owned a donkey then you may have noticed how these little trouble makers do have a softer side of their personality. Some donkeys actually love to be hugged and cuddled on. If you’ve owned your donkey for some time and he’s friendly and used to you showing affection then give him another hug. If you’re donkey isn’t used to hugs, approach him slowly and start with a simple scratch behind the ears or on the back or bum. Donkeys enjoy being brushed and groomed in a similar way to horses as well. If it’s shedding season, use a curry comb to really draw out the dead hair and dirt. Not only is this relaxing for your donkey, but it also helps his skin and coat feel better to release all the excess dirt and hair. For more tips, talk with your veterinarian Marietta, GA.


Things that Annoy Guinea Pigs

farm-pet-guinea-pig-cavia-porcellus-153342162-58ad98553df78c345b874f67For the most part, guinea pigs are sweet, quiet, and docile pocket pets. They love to play, be held, played with, and of course, they love to eat. There are, however, some things that are annoying and frustrating to guinea pigs that can make them unhappy. For instance, don’t place your guinea pig’s cage close to a television or radio. The loud noises can scare the guinea pig and make him anxious. This can overflow into the way he acts around you. He may even act out and bite if he’s scared and wound up from the loud noises. Keep your guinea pig in a nice quiet place in the house where people will pass by, but he won’t be scared by loud noises. Guinea pigs can also get annoyed if they are picked up frequently. Keep holding times limited and do not let small children hold the guinea pig. For more tips, talk with your veterinary clinic Marietta, GA.

How to Pamper your Ferret

How-Much-Do-Ferrets-Cost-1-678x381Did you know that pet ferrets love to be pampered and spoiled? What pet doesn’t enjoy an extra treat now and then, a nice soft cozy bed, plenty of room to run an extra cuddle time? Although ferrets are small and not thought of as a typical pet, they still make lovable companions and they enjoy a good time of pampering too. You can pamper your ferret by taking him out of his cage and giving him extra attention and roaming time. Play with him with toys, give him a scratch behind the ears, rub his belly, and hold him gently for a few minutes at a time. If you do this often, your ferret will come to expect the extra treatment and may even start asking for it on his own. Ferrets have lots of personalities and can give lots of love in return. For more tips, talk with your vet clinic Marietta, GA.

Separation anxiety and your pet

Separation anxiety and your pet

Your pet loves spending time with you, and you really enjoy being able to spend time around her. However, there will be times that you need to head out of the house, and you want your pet to be okay with this as well. How can you tell if separation anxiety is making this difficult for your little fur ball?

Separation anxiety is generally marked by a feeling of discomfort at being alone, or at the idea of being alone. This means that your pet will likely become visibly upset when it becomes apparent that you will soon be leaving the home. You will need to keep an eye out for changes in her behavior. Does she try to get your attention more often? Does she have accidents at this time when she is normally housetrained? If so, she may be having trouble with your departure. Your local reputed veterinarian Marietta GA can offer additional advice.

Keeping Your Cat off the Kitchen Counters

Keeping Your Cat off the Kitchen CountersYour cat may enjoy walking around on your kitchen counters because she gets food when she is up there. She may also use the counters to peruse her territory. However, this can be unsanitary and unpleasant when you are preparing food. To keep your cat off the kitchen counter, never give her food while she is up there. Whenever she jumps up on the counter, gently remove her and place her on a safe surface. Cover the counters with aluminum foil strips or double-sided tape when they are not in use. These materials feel weird to your cat’s feet and will discourage her from walking around up there. Provide your cat with an approved perch such as a window ledge or shelf so she can observe the hubbub of your home from a high vantage point in safety. Never yell at your cat or punish her while she is learning. For more information, contact your Marietta, CA veterinarian.