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Why your cat may hide symptoms of sickness

Why your cat may hide symptoms of sickness

Your cat can get sick just like everyone else if the right symptoms are present. This means that you will need to keep an eye out for her so you can care for her properly. Why would shy hide symptoms knowing you are looking after her?

Your cat is a big part of your family but she also has a lot of her wild instincts still intact. This means that she will hide the fact that she is sick if there is even a remote chance that your little fur ball is being watched by a predator. Showing that she is sick is the same as showing that she is weak, which can make her a target. This is why it’s particularly important for you to be vigilant, as your pet may be a lot sicker than she appears to be. For more information, please contact your local Livonia, MI vet.


Is your cat sick ?

Is your cat sick

Your cat is a part of your family and caring for her is something you want to do well. This is particularly true when she isn’t feeling good. How can you tell if she is sick so you can get her the attention she needs?

Your cat needs you to think about how a day with her usually goes. There are likely certain habits she has and specific preferences that are apparent. It’s when these change that there may be an issue. Keep a close eye on your cat, and make sure you are aware of differences in her behaviors as these could be signals that she is getting sick. Cats are often more ill than they appear to be, so make a point to seek out medical attention for your little fur ball promptly if needed. For additional information, please contact your local Livonia MI animal hospital.

Pet insurance basics

Pet insurance basics

You want to be able to care for your pet as best you can, and you understand that sometimes you need to count on others for help, like when you bring your pet to see her veterinarian. Could pet insurance help your family as well?

Pet insurance, like other types of insurance, will outline what is covered for your pet in your contract. You will pay a premium on a regular basis, and in exchange your pet will be covered should any of the incidents listed in your contract occur. This can be extremely helpful, as both injuries and illnesses can bring about huge bills. To determine if this is right for your family, consider how you would handle an emergency situation without it. You may find that the assistance offered is a great way to meet your pet’s needs. For additional information, please contact your local veterinarian Livonia MI.

When to begin training your puppy

When to begin training your puppy

Your puppy is a big part of your life and you want to offer her everything she needs to lead a long and happy life. Training can be necessary in order to help him interact with others in an appropriate manner. When can you begin training her?

Technically, training starts the minute you bring your pet into your home. However, there are a lot of different things you want to teach your pet, so you may want to begin a more formal training program once you’ve established the skills you’d like your pet to learn. You will need to find a training method that you can stick with and will motivate your pet, then you will be good to go. Training can begin early, but keep in mind that it will take a while to see results, particularly when it comes to house training. For more, please contact your local Livonia, MI veterinarian. Visit website http://farmingtonveterinary.com/ for additional information.

Pet Insurance for your Bulldog


Pets can be expensive especially when it comes to routine veterinarian visits. Even if your Bulldog isn’t sick, he still needs to see the vet at least once or twice a year. This can be expensive on the wallet especially because most of these routine visits are wellness visits that involve blood work and vaccinations. If your Bulldog is only going to the vet for just the basics, then you may want to look into pet health insurance. Pet health insurance can help keep costs low for regular routine exams. Insurance can also be helpful should your Bulldog develop an illness later on. If you look into pet insurance, check limitations first. Certain plans won’t cover certain breeds or breed specific conditions. If your Bulldog doesn’t come under any of these limitations then suggest, with your veterinary clinic Livonia, MI about signing up your pup for pet health insurance.

How long should you walk your dog for?

walking-dog.jpgYour dog loves heading outside for a walk, and you want to make sure you are able to bring her out and about as often as she needs to be. How long should you make her walks?

Your dog needs to get some exercise each and every day. Walks are a great way to do this, as they also offer quite a bit of mental stimulation. Because your pet loves to be outdoors, it’s easy to get her up and going. Bringing her back in requires a bit of thought, though. Your pet should be tired from the walk, but she shouldn’t be so tired that she has trouble getting back home. If she is filled with energy upon returning home, she will likely need a bit more time on her walks. Your local Livonia, MI veterinarian can help you care for the pets in your home.


Preparing your dog for the cooler seasons

doghikeYour dog is a wonderful companion, and you want him to really be able to get the most out of his life. This means taking advantage of what’s happening in your neck of the woods, and preparing for things that are going to change, like the seasons.

To get your pet ready for the cooler months, make a point to think about the changes that happen in your area. There may be spaces in your yard that will be covered with snow, and there may be spots your pet loves to spend time in that he may not have access to for a while. Help your pet adjust to these new circumstances by offering new places for him to relax, and fun activities for him to take part in during the cooler weather. Your local Livonia, MI veterinarian can offer additional suggestions.

Does your cat knead a lot?

lOlbOFdYour cat is a wonderful friend, and you want to understand her as well as you can. Why does she knead sometimes?

This behavior was developed when she was very young. Kittens who are still drinking their mother’s milk tend to knead against their mothers. This helps to stimulate milk production and allow your pet to get a better meal because of this. Since this is such a calm, soothing time in your cat’s life, she tends to think of the act of kneading as relaxing and comforting. This is why she tends to take part in it prior to settling in for a nap or cuddling with a family member. It can also help her ready her sleep surface for some rest, kind of like fluffing a pillow. Your local Livonia, MI vet can help you better understand your pet.

Feeding a ferret

ferret-eatingYour new ferret will be coming into your home soon, and you couldn’t be more excited to care for her. You want to make sure she has everything she needs. What should you be feeding her?

 Ferrets are carnivores, and their diet should reflect this. They tend to eat multiple meals a day, and a high-protein pellet can be a great base to make sure your pet is getting the nutrition she needs. Try to get pellets that avoid fillers, like corn and grain. Ferrets can be picky eaters, so it’s a good idea to offer some variety in your pet’s diet so she can get used to changes every now and then. For example, some types of meats can be offered in addition to her regular food to switch things up a bit. For additional information, please contact your local Livonia, MI vet.

Is your dog going to come into contact with ticks this summer ?

Is your dog going to come into contact with ticks this summer

Your dog loves exploring, and he can be quite a brave creature. This can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be a bit troublesome, particularly if you live in an area where ticks are prevalent.

To help keep your pet parasite-free, you will need to take some precautions. Consider what you can do to keep your pet out of areas where you know ticks are present, like tall grasses. You can also offer your pet a treatment to deter ticks from staying on your pet should they find their way onto his fur. These may be available in shampoos, topical treatments, or even in a chewable format. Always check your pet over after spending time outside. This way you can spot issues promptly and take care of them immediately. For more information, please contact your local Livonia, MI veterinarian. Visit this website to know more.