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Ways to Make Your Senior Dog More Mobile

10-Ways-to-Make-Your-Old-Dog-Happy-and-Healthy_137362375.jpgAs we age, we often lose that youthful spunk and energy. We don’t have to! With the right lifestyle choices, we can remain young at heart well into our golden years. Well, your dog can do the same.

Elderly dogs are often plagued with lethargy and arthritis as they age, but you can encourage your pet to be more mobile. Here are a few tips from a professional animal hospital that should help.


You should first turn your attention to your dog’s diet. It can have a huge impact on his overall health throughout his life, but the effects of poor nutrition are often most noticeable in old age.

Different breeds and ages have different nutritional needs. Choose a dog food that is specially designed for elderly canines the same size as your pooch. Avoid the food that is cheap and can be found at your local grocery store. It is likely to contain fillers that will only zap your furry friend of whatever energy he has left.


If your dog is still struggling even after switching to a high-quality senior food, you may want to consider supplements. There are many different kinds out there that can help your pet get his energy back.

One supplement that is especially helpful for dogs with arthritis is glucosamine. It can encourage your pet’s existing cartilage to remain healthy while encouraging the growth of new cartilage at the same time.

The biggest benefit of choosing a supplement is that you can give it a try before you decide to ask your veterinary professional about medications that will ease your dog’s arthritis pain.


It’s easy for muscles to get tired and sore more quickly the older your dog gets. Stiff joints can exacerbate the problem. Massage can help.

Massaging your dog is a lot like petting him. The only difference is that you apply more pressure and compression techniques to areas where your pet needs the most attention. It’s a great way to relieve joint and muscle pain, which will encourage your pooch to be more active.

Whether you need a food recommendation, you’d like to try a supplement, or you could use some massage pointers, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with your local Animal Hospital.


Pet Reptiles for Kids

reptilechild4.jpgMany pet owners have reservations about having reptiles as pets for kids. Actually, there are species of reptiles that can make ideal pets for children, as long as the right approach is carried out. More often than not, many potential pet owners buy pet reptiles on impulse, without giving any thought as to whether the reptile can fit in their lifestyle or whether they can meet their pet’s needs, even the most basic ones.

Here are important things to chew on carefully if you are thinking of getting a pet reptile for your kids:

Many types of reptiles can live for longer than 10 years. Will your 10-year old still want that pet tortoise when he is 18 years old?

Before getting a pet reptile, you should try to learn as much as you can about their needs, including their lifespan. You should also sit down with your kid so you can talk about whether he is ready to commit to the reptile’s care for its entire lifetime.

Know how big the reptile will be when full grown. A cute baby reptile can grow really big. Some outgrow their enclosures and their owners are unable to get a bigger one so they have no choice but to turn over their pets to the animal shelter or give them to people who are willing to take care of the reptile. Learn more visit your local veterinanian care.