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Reasons Cats Get Anxious


Physical and environmental stressors can make a cat miserable and in a state of anxiety.  While it is normal for man and animals to react negatively to specific stressors in the environment, cats easily display signs of anxiety and nervousness when stressed out.

So how will you know your cat is stressed or anxious? Understanding the following signs can help your cat deal better with specific stressors in his environment:

A cat that has already been potty trained but suddenly commits potty accidents and shies away from the litter box, may be suffering from anxiety.

Stress can result in a loss of appetite. Notice the changes in your cat’s desire for food.

A very sociable cat all of a sudden keeps to himself and shies away from human interaction. It may also become quite vocal.

Cats lick their own body parts to clean themselves. But when licking becomes an obsession, and there is loss of hair in specific areas as a result of the behavior, this may be a cat’s way of dealing with anxiety.

To hide ones fear is to appear aggressive. When cats become too aggressive towards people and animals, observe for any stressor and deal with it appropriately.  For more advice contact your local Animal Hospital.