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Fitting Your Dog for a Sweater

Fitting Your Dog for a SweaterSweaters are typically made for dogs with little to no fur or with fur or skin problems in which case the skin or fur needs to be covered. If your Golden Retriever has a thick and luscious coat, chances are he doesn’t need a sweater to keep warm. However, your little hairless Chihuahua may welcome the added layer of warmth. To fit your Chihuahua with a sweater, shop based on size and breed. Check the sweater tags for a general guide on size. Most sweaters will be labeled as S, M or L with a weight range associated with each. Also try the sweater on your pup as the tag may be wrong in sizing. The sweater should be snug, but not so much that it leaves marks or indents in the fur. It should give enough room in the leg holes that it doesn’t pinch the skin. Consult with your vet Marietta, GA for sizing as well.


Sharing your life with a pet

Sharing your life with a petYou love being able to spend some time with a furry friend and you can’t help wanting to bring a pet like this into your home. What should you know about sharing your life with a pet?

Your new addition will be spending time with you day in and day out. This means that you will have a lot of wonderful opportunities to get to know your little fur ball and to enjoy her company. However, it also means that you will need to take on quite a bit of responsibility to keep her happily engaged in the life you’re offering her. Make sure you can handle the care needs of a pet before you bring them into your life, as this is essential to creating a safe, happy home for an animal. For more information, please contact your local vet Marietta, GA.

Signs of Toxic Poisoning in Cattle

Signs of Toxic Poisoning in Cattle

If you own cows then it’s important to make sure you know the land or pasture that you will have our cows grazing on. There are a variety of plant life that are excellent food sources for cows, but there are also various types of plants that can be toxic to cows. The sad thing is, most cows don’t recognize the difference as many just simply eat what’s in front of them. Talk with your vet to learn what types of toxic plants grow in your region. Look up the plants to find out what they look like. You should then do a walk through or a slow drive through the pasture to look for any obvious signs of toxic plant life. Signs of poisoning from toxic plants include poor growth and weight loss. Symptoms don’t usually show up immediately but instead over time. Talk with your veterinary clinic Marietta, GA to learn more.

Celebrating a holiday with your pet

Celebrating a holiday with your pet

Your pet loves to spend time with you, and you want to be with her often as well. This is particularly true when something special is happening in your home, like a holiday celebration. How can you celebrate a holiday with your pet?

While special occasions may differ in meaning and purpose, there is something that ties them all together – a desire to be with loved ones. Including your pet in the festivities seems natural, as she is a part of your family. Some activities may be perfectly pet-friendly as they are, while others may need a bit of augmenting to help your fuzzy friend feel like a part of the celebration. It may also be a good idea to create some new traditions where your pet can really enjoy herself. For additional information, please contact your local vet clinic Marietta GA.

Things that Annoy Guinea Pigs

farm-pet-guinea-pig-cavia-porcellus-153342162-58ad98553df78c345b874f67For the most part, guinea pigs are sweet, quiet, and docile pocket pets. They love to play, be held, played with, and of course, they love to eat. There are, however, some things that are annoying and frustrating to guinea pigs that can make them unhappy. For instance, don’t place your guinea pig’s cage close to a television or radio. The loud noises can scare the guinea pig and make him anxious. This can overflow into the way he acts around you. He may even act out and bite if he’s scared and wound up from the loud noises. Keep your guinea pig in a nice quiet place in the house where people will pass by, but he won’t be scared by loud noises. Guinea pigs can also get annoyed if they are picked up frequently. Keep holding times limited and do not let small children hold the guinea pig. For more tips, talk with your veterinary clinic Marietta, GA.

How Will You Know If Your Pet Dog Is Happy And Contented ?

How Will You Know If Your Pet Dog Is Happy And Contented

Pet dogs are incapable of voicing out their feelings; fortunately, there are some ways to interpret your pet’s emotions.

Is your dog happy?

The body language of a happy dog appears relaxed. There are no distinct changes in the position of the tail and ears, and the dog may be wagging his tail from side to side. Some dogs have a happy facial expression as the muscles in their face relax, and the corners of their mouth are slightly turned upward like they are smiling.

Is your dog scared?

Scared dogs try to make themselves appear as small and inconspicuous as possible. Thus they cower close to the ground, hunch up their bodies and tuck their tail between their rear legs. The ears are laid flat on their heads and their bodies appear tense and rigid.

Any sudden change/s in your pet’s behavior should prompt a visit to your reputed veterinary clinic Marietta GA.

Tips For A Hassle-Free Travel With Your Pet By Plane

Tips For A Hassle-Free Travel With Your Pet By Plane

If you are planning a trip with your pet anytime soon, here are some tips to have an enjoyable, safe, and hassle-free experience for you and your pet.

If it’s your pet’s first plane ride, you should ask approval from your vet. Most pets that are used to traveling in a car and are naturally outgoing tend to be good travel buddies. This is one of the many situations in which a well-socialized pet is an advantage.

Health certificate

Regardless of whether you are just traveling across the state or abroad, don’t forget to bring along your pet’s vet-issued health certificate. It should show the vaccines that the dog received as well as booster shots. Make sure that all your pet’s vaccines are up-to-date.

Pet identification

More and more states and countries now require pets to have a microchip which is the most reliable type of pet identification. Your dog should also have an ID tag that is attached to his collar.

Check with airline policies

Make sure to double check with the airlines and your destinations regarding documents that you should prepare, and any requirements that you should be aware of when traveling with a pet. Most international travel documents for pets should be signed by a certified USDA veterinarian.

Visit your Marietta, GA veterinarian for more helpful tips on keeping your pet safe and happy on your next trip.

Keeping Your Cat off the Kitchen Counters

Keeping Your Cat off the Kitchen CountersYour cat may enjoy walking around on your kitchen counters because she gets food when she is up there. She may also use the counters to peruse her territory. However, this can be unsanitary and unpleasant when you are preparing food. To keep your cat off the kitchen counter, never give her food while she is up there. Whenever she jumps up on the counter, gently remove her and place her on a safe surface. Cover the counters with aluminum foil strips or double-sided tape when they are not in use. These materials feel weird to your cat’s feet and will discourage her from walking around up there. Provide your cat with an approved perch such as a window ledge or shelf so she can observe the hubbub of your home from a high vantage point in safety. Never yell at your cat or punish her while she is learning. For more information, contact your Marietta, CA veterinarian.

Paper Training Your Puppy

Paper Training Your PuppyThere are a number of methods to train your puppy to eliminate outside but paper training is a tried and true method. Start by blocking off a puppy-proof area in your home that is close to a door that goes outside. This area is good for keeping your puppy safe when you can’t supervise him properly. Cover the floor with sheets of newspaper and allow your dog to urinate or defecate wherever he wants. Slowly remove the paper sheet by sheet while encouraging your puppy to continue going on the remaining newspaper. Continue until there is just one sheet by the door. When your puppy heads for the paper, shoo him outside to do his business. Reward and praise your puppy whenever he goes outside. Never yell at your puppy or punish him while he is learning and his bladder and bowels are maturing. Contact your vets Marietta, CA to learn more.

Socializing your Puppy

Socializing your PuppyYour puppy gets his first taste of socialization from his mother and littermates. However, when you bring your puppy home you need to continue socializing him so he learned how to live with humans and other animals. Plus your puppy will better adapt to new situations and new environments. Gradually introduce him to your family including pets. Keep introductions calm and quiet so don’t frighten your puppy. Take your puppy daily walks and other outings. Let your puppy approach other people and dogs but only if you determine it is safe. Dog parks are fun and can help your puppy learn to play nicely with other dogs. If play gets too rough and rowdy, you may want to remove your puppy from the situation. Don’t make a fuss. Just try again another time. Have patience and only do what your puppy is comfortable with. Learn more from your veterinarian Marietta, CA.