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Things To Consider When Hiring A Pet Sitter

Things To Consider When Hiring A Pet SitterIf you are traveling for a few days, you need to make arrangements for your pet’s care while you are away. If you don’t have a friend or relative to whom you can entrust your pet’s care, hiring a pet sitter is the best answer to your need. A pet sitter is expected to come to your home several times a day to check on your dog, feed him, take him on leash walks or to the potty area outdoors, and play with your pet. The frequency by which the pet sitter should be at your home each day should be agreed upon during negotiations. In some instances, a pet sitter stays in your home while you are away. For many pet owners, letting a pet sitter stay in their home is a better arrangement because there is significantly less stress for your pet compared to leaving your pet in a boarding facility. Also, your pet won’t be unnecessarily exposed to disease and parasites. If you opt to have a stay-in pet sitter who can take care of your pet while you’re gone, make sure you are dealing with someone who comes highly recommended. Choosing a reliable pet sitter is very important to your pet’s welfare and safety, as well as the security of your home and belongings. For more information visit your local veterinarian.

What Factors Can Increase Your Pet’s Risk For Obesity?

What Factors Can Increase Your Pet_s Risk For ObesityThere are many important factors that can increase a dog’s or cat’s risk of becoming overweight or obese. These include the following:

  • Breed– Some breeds of dogs have higher risks of piling on the pounds. These include Labrador retrievers, rottweilers, and dachshunds among others. Moggies or mixed breeds have also been found to more predisposed to becoming obese or overweight.
  • Age– A pet’s predisposition to piling on the pounds generally increases with age.
  • Overweight owner– Research studies show that overweight owners tend to have overweight dogs.
  • Gender– Male cats have higher risks of becoming obese compared to female cats
  • Diet – In addition to excessive caloric intake, being generous with treats can also increase your pet’s risk of piling on the pounds.
  • Activity level– Pets need regular physical activity. They need positive avenues to burn excess calories. Pets that don’t get enough exercise have higher risks of obesity.

        For more information visit your local vet clinic.

Commercial Dog Diets

Homemade-dog-foodWith various commercial dog foods available in the market, the challenge is to decide what is best for your dog’s nutritional needs. You can do your own research or better if you consult your veterinarian about your pet’s dietary needs.

There is no single pet food that can satisfy the nutritional needs of all life stages. Each stage of dog development has specific nutritional requirements. Pet food companies are now offering a wide array of products formulated to meet the specific needs of dogs. Pet owners need to study and collaborate with their vet on the best combination of pet foods. A balanced diet is important to make sure that your pooch grows healthy.

Dogs are omnivores and they need diets with meat as a major component. When shopping for premium quality pet food, check the product labels and make sure that meats or meat meals occupy the first three or four spots on the ingredients list. Learn more click here