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Cleaning Your Rabbit’s Cage

Cleaning Your Rabbit_s CageDid you know that you should be cleaning your rabbit’s cage on a routine basis whether he lives inside or outside? Rabbits living outside may be living in a wired cage that allows for dropping and urine to fall through to a tray or to the ground. If your rabbit lives in a cage outdoors like this, you should clean the droppings tray or ground at least once a day. You should remove the rabbits and be cleaning the wire cage at least once a week. Even though droppings fall through the wire cage can still get dirty with built up dropping and wet hay that’s not eaten. For indoor rabbits with bedding, spot cleans their cage daily by picking out wet spots and droppings. Once a week completely empty the bedding and change it out for new bedding. Don’t forget to clean water bottles and food bowls for all cage types. For more tips, contact your vet clinic Omaha, NE.


Dog leash basics

Dog leash basics

Your dog is a wonderful companion, and you love being able to run around outside with him whenever you are able to head out and about. However, you know that in order for him to be safe while you go out for walks he needs a leash.

Your pet needs you to find a leash that will go beyond this safety issue, and is comfortable for him to wear as well. Take the time to determine what the appropriate leash length would be for your little fur ball in addition to its weight, and what additional amenities would be helpful. Find a leash that will hook securely to your pet’s harness or leash, and will help to give him the amount of freedom that he is able to handle in the areas you spend your time. For additional information, please contact your local Omaha NE veterinarian. Visit this website to know more.

Seasonal changes and your pocket pet

Seasonal changes and your pocket pet

Your pocket pet lives within the safety of your home, but you know she can still be impacted by seasonal changes. What should you be aware of to keep your pet comfortable and safe?

Your pet is wonderful part of your life, and you want her to have the best living space you could possibly offer her. Consider where she spends her time, and what parts of the weather outside impact her life. For example, she may be close to a door that opens often, bringing temperature changes into the room from the outside, or she may be near a window that causes her to be a bit warmer or colder than she would like to be. Also consider the heating and cooling in your home, as vents near her enclosure could also hinder her comfort. For additional information, please contact your local veterinarian Omaha NE.

Sharing food with your dog


Your dog is a great companion, and as far as you’re concerned, the more of your life you get to share with him, the better things get. However, you wonder if this extends to your food as well. Can you share your meal with your pet from time to time?

While your dog may be happy to get anything off your plate, there are a couple of things to consider before offering it to him. First, your pet is most likely going to need you to make a specific meal in order to do this safely. There are a lot of ingredients people use regularly that shouldn’t be in your dog’s diet. Second, feeding him off your plate can encourage him to beg at the table. This is simply something to consider should you want to curb the behavior. Your trustworthy pet clinic Omaha, NE can help you better understand your pet.

Symptoms of Epilepsy in English Bulldogs


Part of owning and caring for an English bulldog is knowing what to look out for in case your pup gets sick. Your vet can tell you about different health conditions and illnesses associated with the English Bulldog breed as well as give you general things to look out for. For instance, not all dogs will develop epilepsy in their lifetime; however, things to look out for include sudden convulsions, fits or uncontrollable body movements. These Seizures or epileptic episodes are often accompanied by abnormal behaviors such as howling or whimpering, excessive salivating, chomping, chewing, involuntary urination and involuntary defecation. If you didn’t see the seizure, but you notice your English Bulldog experiencing other symptoms such as those listed above, contact your vet immediately. It’s important that your dog receives immediate treatment for his seizures and any disorders accompanying them. For more details, talk with your vet Omaha, NE.

Kinds of Cat Beds


Cats are pretty good at getting comfortable, no matter where they are. Because your feline friend is happy to make a bed out of your couch or even the floor, you don’t have to get a special bed for your pet, but he’d sure appreciate it! Here are a few different kinds of cat beds.

You can purchase cat beds that sit on the floor, like dog beds do. This is a good idea if your cat prefers to be down low instead of up high.

If your cat is like most cats and he likes to be up high, you may want to consider a cat tree with a sleeping area instead. Some cats like carpeted platforms while others prefer smooth platforms. You can even find a cat tree with hammocks, which some cats love!

For help finding the right cat bed, click here to contact your vet Omaha, NE for more information.

Treats For Cats

Treats For Cats

When you are buying treats for your pet cat, make sure to get only healthy and wholesome treats especially made for cats. With so many kinds of cat treats that are commercially available, selecting the best treat for your pet can certainly be a challenge.

Common types of treats for cats

Treats for joint health

These treats contain popular joint supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin. Senior cats can be given this type of treats for the components can help promote joint health as well as ease joint pain and inflammation.

Dental Treats

Dental treats can benefit cats that are eating canned pet food. These treats are specially formulated to help reduce the chances of plaque and tartar buildup.

Hairball Remedy Treats

These treats are prepared with special ingredients to prevent problems that result from formation of furball in the stomach.

Click here for more information about your cat’s dietary needs, visit your Omaha, NE vet hospital.

Caring for a Carpet with a Dog Around

Caring for a Carpet with a Dog Around.jpg
Dogs can really do a number on your interior spaces. Your carpets are especially prone to wear. Here are a few tips for keeping your carpet looking its best, even if you have a dog around.

First, clean up messes quickly. Choose a pet-friendly cleaner that is specially formulated to take care of tough stains. Clean up after potty accidents, muddy messes, and anything else that stains or causes unpleasant odors.

Vacuuming regularly is also a great way to keep your carpets in tip-top shape. It can pull hair up out of the carpet, but it can also cut back on allergens if you use a HEPA filter.

Even if your carpets look pretty good, you should still plan on having them professionally cleaned once or twice a year.

To learn more about caring for your carpet with a dog around, visit with your vet clinic Omaha, NE.