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What To Feed Growing Kittens

What To Feed Growing Kittens

As kittens grow and develop they will need higher amounts of energy in their food than adults. This is an important reason to give an lifestage-appropriate premium quality diet. By the time they are around 6 months of age, they will have about 25% more nutritional needs than adults. Giving a premium quality pet food can help guarantee that your kittens’ needs for specific nutrients and calories are met sufficiently. Kitten food is given until your pet is about one year old. Getting your pets used to eating a nutritionally balanced diet at an early age can help establish their food preferences by the time they are 6 months old. Experts recommend choosing at least 2-3 products in different flavors, both dry and canned preparations, offering them interchangeably.  Sticking to one type of food is not recommended.

Know more about the nutritional needs of your pet cats by consulting with your Marietta, GA veterinarian.


Do Horses Need Rain Sheets?

Do Horses Need Rain SheetsWhether or not you place a sheet on your horse during the rain is up to you. It’s more of an owner preference than an animal preference. Horses in the wild do not have the luxury of wearing a sheet to protect them from the rain. Instead, horses rely on natural instincts to either seek shelter or to stand in a way that their backend shields them from the wind and rain. If it’s especially warm in your area then you should not blanket your horse as he could get overheated. If it’s winter in your area and it’s an icy rain then a rain sheet or even a light blanket that is waterproof would be recommended. If your horse has a run in shelter or barn in his turnout then a sheet may not be needed. Ask your vet Marietta, GA for suggestions on whether or not to sheet your horse in the rain.


Tips To Keep Your Puppy Safe at the Dog Park

Tips To Keep Your Puppy Safe at the Dog Park

Outdoor excursions and visits to the dog park are just some of the activities that pet dogs always look forward to. But the dog park can also be a rich source of illness and parasites that can easily be transmitted from one dog to another. Thus, experts recommend that puppies should receive all their vaccines before they are allowed to go to public places and mingle with other dogs. Making sure your puppy’s vaccinations are completed will help protect him from potential health problems that he can be exposed to in the park. Take note that puppies are particularly prone to highly contagious diseases such as Parvovirus and canine distemper. A puppy vaccination regimen should include a full program of vaccinations to protect a puppy from Canine Parvovirus, Canine Distemper, Canine Hepatitis, and leptospirosis. These are all highly contagious diseases that can be very fatal even with proper veterinary attention.

It is also equally important for pet dogs to be dewormed regularly to protect them from gastrointestinal parasites that abound in the dog park.

It is best to ask your Marietta, GA vet’s advice before bringing your pet to the dog park and being exposed to other dogs.



Signs of Toxic Poisoning in Cattle

Signs of Toxic Poisoning in Cattle

If you own cows then it’s important to make sure you know the land or pasture that you will have our cows grazing on. There are a variety of plant life that are excellent food sources for cows, but there are also various types of plants that can be toxic to cows. The sad thing is, most cows don’t recognize the difference as many just simply eat what’s in front of them. Talk with your vet to learn what types of toxic plants grow in your region. Look up the plants to find out what they look like. You should then do a walk through or a slow drive through the pasture to look for any obvious signs of toxic plant life. Signs of poisoning from toxic plants include poor growth and weight loss. Symptoms don’t usually show up immediately but instead over time. Talk with your veterinary clinic Marietta, GA to learn more.

Obedience Training In Dogs

Obedience Training In Dogs

A dog learns by association. Thus when you are consistently accompanying a specific command with a precise action, you can expect him to catch up quickly. If you are not consistent with your actions or your commands, your dog might get confused and slow to learn. That can be frustrating to you as a trainer and dog owner. If you command your dog to “stop” and he doesn’t, never force him to stop and punish him. By doing so, he will associate the “stop” command with punishment. You will now have a hard time making him understand and follow the command because he thinks this can lead to punishment each time. If there are other people in the household, be sure to make them understand that they should use the same command for a specific action. For example, if you are using the command “stop”, the other people in the family should not use “halt”, “heel”, or “whoa”.

Regular visits to your Marietta, GA veterinary clinic can go a long way in safeguarding your pet’s health and well-being. Visit website http://smyrnaveterinary.com/ to know more.



Neosporosis in dogs is caused by a coccidian parasite, Neospora caninum. The parasite is often confused with infections caused by Toxoplasma gondii however Neosporosis causes a more severe infection in dogs that involve the nervous and muscular system. The disease is transmitted via the trans-placental route and during whelping (birth of puppies). Ingestion of infective cysts has also been found to transmit the infection in older dogs. Neospora infections are more prevalent in puppies. Although there is no breed susceptibility, more cases have been recorded in hunting dogs. The most common symptoms manifested by dogs suffering from Neosporosis include seizures, difficulty in eating and/or swallowing, muscular tremors, walking difficulties due to lack of coordination, ascending paralysis that begins at the rear and towards the front, weakness in the cervical or neck region, and iinflammation of the skin and muscles including the heart. Since it can be transmitted via the trans-placental route, infected bitches should not be used for breeding.

Talk to your vet Marietta GA about the best way to protect your pet against neosporosis infection.

Bonding with a new horse

Bonding with a new horse

You will soon be adding a new horse to your life and you can’t wait to get to know her. How can you do this so you can create a strong bond with one another?

Your new addition will need you to be patient with her and understand that it may take some time for her to really become comfortable with you. You will need to show her that you are trustworthy and offer her very consistent care before she will begin to count on you. Once this happens, she will be able to relax and think about more than just her needs being met. This will go a long way in solidifying your relationship, and you can make an effort to spend all the time with her that you can to become even closer. For more information, please contact your local pet clinic Marietta GA.

Choosing a collar for your dog

Choosing a collar for your dog

Your dog is a wonderful part of your life, and you want it to stay that way for a long, long time. A collar can help with this by letting others know that your pet has someone to look after him.

To select the ideal collar for your canine companion, you will need to really think about what he would be comfortable with. Your dog needs to be able to move about freely without his collar hindering him. It’s important that he has a properly fitting collar without too much weight to it. It should also be able to carry his identification tags, and have a leash securely hooked to it. Think about other features that may be helpful to your pet, like having a reflective area on his collar to show others where he is in the evenings when he is outside. For more information, please contact your local Marietta, GA vet.

Celebrating a holiday with your pet

Celebrating a holiday with your pet

Your pet loves to spend time with you, and you want to be with her often as well. This is particularly true when something special is happening in your home, like a holiday celebration. How can you celebrate a holiday with your pet?

While special occasions may differ in meaning and purpose, there is something that ties them all together – a desire to be with loved ones. Including your pet in the festivities seems natural, as she is a part of your family. Some activities may be perfectly pet-friendly as they are, while others may need a bit of augmenting to help your fuzzy friend feel like a part of the celebration. It may also be a good idea to create some new traditions where your pet can really enjoy herself. For additional information, please contact your local vet clinic Marietta GA.

Things that Annoy Horses

horse_waterOPT.jpgHorses are prey animals. This means that they are accustomed to running away from danger and anything that upsets them. They may be large, but they are not very brave. One of the main things that annoys most horses is to be patted on the head by strangers. Your own horse may enjoy a good rub down, pat on the head, or ear massage, but when the horse doesn’t know the person, they don’t want to be touched. It takes time to get to know a horse and allow that horse to get to know you. Don’t rush it. Spend time with a horse, groom him, talk to him, feed him and care for him and he will soon respond to you as if you’re his best friend because by then you will be. Your vet clinic Marietta, GA can suggest you other things that annoy horses often include flies, fly masks, sprayed by a water hose without warning, being chased by dogs, and more.