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Showing your cat that she is a priority in your life

Showing your cat that she is a priority in your life

Your cat is a big part of your life, and she really loves being able to spend time with you. How can you show her that she is important to you as well?

Your cat needs to be able to trust you, and caring for her consistently can be the best way for you to do this. She needs to know her needs will be met in order to be comfortable in your home. Consider her favorite activities, and try to take part in them with her whenever you can. Offering her your time will mean the world to her, and you’ll want to make sure you are able to really give her your full focus when you are with her so she can see that you want to interact and bond with her. Your local Marietta, GA veterinarian, Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital can help you care for your pet.

Your dog’s leash length

Your dog_s leash length

Your dog is a big part of your life, and being able to spend time with him is an important part of your relationship. It also gives you an opportunity to bring him outside to get some exercise during regular walks. How can you choose a leash length to keep him safe during this time?

Your pet needs a leash that will give him only the freedom that he can handle given his training level and the area you are spending time in. Consider how well he listens to you, and how he reacts to situations that are likely to arise while out and about. Also, think about where he will need to stay to be out of harm’s way, and choose a length accordingly. You can also get a retractable leash to offer multiple lengths in one product. For more information, please contact your local Marietta, GA vet.

Flea prevention and your cat

Flea prevention and your cat

Your cat loves being a part of your family, and you want her to have the best life she possibly can. However, you know that she will be uncomfortable if you don’t do anything about flea control. How can you help her stay parasite-free?

Your pet should be kept away from areas you know are flea infested, but even making a point to do this won’t keep your little fur ball away from them entirely. In fact, you may not know when she is exposed to fleas, so you will need to have a backup method in place. This can be an economical flea prevention method, like a spray, shampoo, or a powder that you can apply frequently. It can also be a bit more expensive, but much more convenient topical treatment that can be applied monthly. For more information, please contact your most recommended pet clinic Marietta GA.

The reason behind your cat’s scratching

The reason behind your cat_s scratching

Your cat loves to scratch on things around your home, and she definitely has her favorite spots. However, the reason behind this still remains a mystery to you. Why does she choose to scratch?

Your pet scratches out of a desire to do so as well as a need to maintain her claws. It can be a fun thing to do, as it helps her pass the time, get a good stretch in, and leaves behind markers reminding others of where her territory is. It can also help her keep her claws strong, at a decent length, and help in removing portions that have fallen into disuse. Your pet needs you to take the time to find a place for her to scratch if you’d rather she left your belongings alone, and there are plenty of options on the market to choose from. For additional information, please contact your local vet clinic Marietta GA.

Your Cat and Inappropriate Scratching

Your Cat and Inappropriate Scratching

Your cat scratches to shed old worn nails to reveal sharp new ones. She also scratches to mark her territory with scent from glands in her feet. This scratching leaves a visual marker too. Thus you may never completely eliminate your cat’s scratching but you can reduce the scratching of your personal items such as the sofa, drapes or carpeting. Purchase scratching posts and pads and place them near your cat’s favorite inappropriate scratching areas. Redirect her to these posts without fuss whenever you see her scratching your things. Just pick her up and move her. Cover your targeted belongings with aluminum foil strips or double-sided tape. These materials feel weird to your cat and will deter her from scratching. Reward and praise your cat when she goes to the appropriate scratching posts and pads on her own. For more information, contact your Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital.

Your Puppy and Inappropriate Chewing

Your Puppy and Inappropriate Chewing

Puppies explore their world with their mouths. And there is a time when your puppy is teething and chewing is comforting and helps relieve his pain. Thus you may not complete eliminate your puppy’s inappropriate chewing but you can minimize it until your puppy outgrows this undesirable behavior. Start by setting up a puppy-safe area where he can stay when you can’t supervise him. However, don’t leave him in this area alone for long periods. Clear your home of items you don’t want chewed and put them away and out of reach. This includes shoes and clothing, books and important papers, toys and sculptures, among other personal belongings. When your puppy is exploring your home, redirect him to a squeaky toy or chew bone if he starts to chew on furniture, woodwork or any inappropriate item. Don’t yell at your puppy or punish him while he is learning. Learn more from your vet Marietta, GA.

How to Get Rid of the “Skunk Smell” in your Chow Chow

Skunk Smell” in your Chow Chow

Does your Chow Chow like to play outside and roll in the grass or dirt? If so then he’s probably come in the house on more than one occasion smelling terrible. Dogs love to roll in different scents and bring them back into the home to share with you and other dogs in the home. Sadly this includes a horrible skunk smell.  There are a few ways to rid your Chow Chow of that smell including baths in tomato juice, spraying him with citrus, or covering the smell with perfumes. But there is a more effective solution. Mix 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda, and 1 teaspoon of vet approved liquid soap. Next, soak your dog in water and then work the mix into a thick lather. Rinse your dog after 3 to 5 minutes and he should smell like his usual self. Check with your vet Marietta, GA before using these suggestions. Read more for additional information.

Dealing With Aggression Between Cats During Meal Time

Aggression Between Cats During Meal Time

Pets in a multi-pet household often have a complex pecking order. For some cats, being a part of a social hierarchy enables them to form strong bonds with each other; but for some cats, it can create situations where there is a very strong rivalry. Although most cats tolerate the presence of other cats, their friendship or tolerance stops when there is food involved. Cats may also fight over certain resources or window perches, or who’s going to occupy the top of the cat tree.

Even if there’s enough food for all cats, nasty fights can erupt during mealtimes. In order to prevent hostility between cats in a multi-cat household, measures should be undertaken while the cats are still very young.

In some situations, aggressive behavior during meals can take place between adult cats. The best way to address the problem is to feed the errant cats in separate areas of the house, but make sure that it’s always done at the same time.

Schedule an appointment with your Marietta, GA vet if you have any concerns about your pet’s behavior.

What dog is right for your household?

What dog is right for your household.jpg

You feel that you are ready to bring a dog into your household, and you are excited about how much your new addition will enrich your home life. However, you know that there is a very large difference from one dog to the next, and that some will be better suited to your lifestyle and living space than others will be. What should you look at when assessing your options?

You will need to look at how much time any potential dog will need from you on an average day, as well as how much they will cost to keep healthy. Make sure you choose a pet that works with your preferences and habits. Also look at where your pet will spend time within your home, and how each of his care needs will be addressed. Your local Marietta, GA vet can help you care for your pet. Visit this site for more information.

How long should your dog’s walks be?

how-long-should-your-dogs-walks-beYour dog’s walks are a part of his day that really brighten up his mood. He looks forward to this time, and is able to really get a lot from it. This makes you want to make sure he is getting everything he needs from his walks. Are they long enough?

Your dog’s walks should be able to give him some exercise without tiring him out completely. This means that upon his arrival home, he shouldn’t still be packed with energy. It also means he shouldn’t have any trouble finishing up the walks you take, as this means they might be a bit too long or intense. Consider where you are walking, the weather conditions, and how your pet has spent his day when determining how long his walk should be. Your local vet clinic Marietta, GA can help you care for your pet. Click here for additional information.