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Walking Your Dog Calmly

Walking Your Dog Calmly

Walking your dog is great opportunity for exercise, socialization and bonding. However, it’s not fun at all if your dog is dragging you around the neighborhood by his leash. Teach your dog to keep calm during walks. Train your dog to walk with a slack leash. Keep walking as long as your dog is at your side with some slack in the leash. If the leash gets taut, turn around quickly and head in the opposite direction. Continue this procedureso your dog understands that he needs to walk nicely. If your dog lunges or barks at other dogs or people, insist he sit down and stay there until he calms down. Acts of aggression or lack of control need to be managed every single time. Never yell at your dog or punish him while he is learning. Just insist that he sits when overly excited. Learn more from your recommended vet Marietta GA.


Your pet and shedding

Your pet and shedding

Your pet is an adorable part of your life, and you love how her fur compliments her features. However, it doesn’t quite compliment your furniture as well. How can you manage her shedding?

Shedding is a necessary part of life for your pet, and it will likely change in volume over time. Seasons can impact this, so be ready for more shedding as the weather warms up. Combat it by brushing your pet more often, and being ready to clean up shed fur with a vacuum designed to handle pet fur. Make sure the brush you use is made for use with your pet’s fur type as this will yield the best results. You can also make sure your pet is eating a diet that supports coat health in order to prevent any unnecessary shedding. Your local professional Marietta GA veterinarians can help you care for the pets in your home.

The idea behind pet insurance

The idea behind pet insurance

You love your little fur ball, and you want to make sure you can always care for her. You are well-versed in the day-to-day needs of your pet, but there is always a chance that an emergency could arise that will throw you for a loop.

This is where pet insurance can be helpful. This works a lot like other types of insurance in that you are able to pay a regular premium, and then can call on the insurance company in the event of an emergency. In this case, it would pertain to an injury or an illness that your pet comes down with, so long as it is within the parameters of your agreement. It can be very helpful if needed, and can help calm your nerves if you tend to worry about what could happen to your furry companion. Your local professional veterinarian Marietta GA can offer additional suggestions.

Why your dog is interested in the garden

Why your dog is interested in the garden

Your dog loves to head into your garden and check everything out. Why is this?

Your dog sees you spending time in your garden, and he wants to make sure he isn’t missing out on anything. He is a very curious creature, and he wants to see why this area of your yard grabs so much of your attention. There are also different plants and possibly other items in this space than there are in other areas of your backyard, leaving your pet with new and different things to check out in a territory yet to be explored. This offers him some mental stimulation, which can peak his interests quite readily. Due to the nature of the plants in this space, there may also be some wonderful scents to explore as well, and he wants to see where each is coming from. Your local Marietta, GA vet can help you better understand your pet. Visit this site for more information.

Flea prevention and your cat

Flea prevention and your cat

Your cat loves being a part of your family, and you want her to have the best life she possibly can. However, you know that she will be uncomfortable if you don’t do anything about flea control. How can you help her stay parasite-free?

Your pet should be kept away from areas you know are flea infested, but even making a point to do this won’t keep your little fur ball away from them entirely. In fact, you may not know when she is exposed to fleas, so you will need to have a backup method in place. This can be an economical flea prevention method, like a spray, shampoo, or a powder that you can apply frequently. It can also be a bit more expensive, but much more convenient topical treatment that can be applied monthly. For more information, please contact your most recommended pet clinic Marietta GA.

Teaching Your Pet Mouse to Stand Up and Beg

Teaching Your Pet Mouse to Stand Up and Beg

Mice are very intelligent and can be taught a number of fun tricks. Teaching your pet mouse to stand up and beg is a fun beginner trick. You will need to use a food treat to reward your mouse throughout his training. Unsweetened loop oat cereal makes a good training reward. Check that your mouse is comfortable with you and is at ease when handled. Hold the food treat in front of your mouse to get his attention. Raise it up and over his head so stands on his hind legs to follow it. Say the UP command. As soon as your mouse approximates standing up, give him the treat. Practice this often and over time get more particular on the begging position and the time your mouse holds the position before you give him the treat. Most importantly, have fun and be kind while training your mouse. Contact your vet Marietta, GA to learn more.

Life Stage Diets and Your Cat

Life Stage Diets and Your Cat

Most cat food manufacturers offer foods that are formulated to meet your cat’s needs during different stages of her life. Kitten food has the extra protein your kitten needs for her growing brain, muscles and bones. However, kitten food has too much fat for your cat once she reaches about one year of age. Thus you need to switch over to an adult food. This will be the correct formula food for most of your cat’s life. Once she starts showing signs of aging such as mobility or digestive issues, you may want to consider switch to a mature or senior formula cat food. There are other foods available for specific issues your cat may experience such as weight control, hairball control, urinary support, and the like. Some foods are only available by prescription. Change foods gradually over about a week so your cat doesn’t experience digestive issues. For more information, contact your trustworthy veterinarians Marietta GA.

Seizures in Greater Long-tailed Hamsters


Did you know that animals of all types including the Greater Long-tailed hamster can have a seizure or seizure related activity in its lifetime? Although dwarf hamsters are more prone to seizures, it’s possible for other hamsters to have them as well. Seizures occurring in hamsters are not always as dramatic as in other animals or even humans. For instance, if your hamster is walking around with his head tilted then he may be having a seizure. Your hamster will not necessarily go into convulsions or sporadic fits as other animals that’s why it’s important to always monitor your hamster’s behavior so you know what’s normal and what’s not. If you suspect your hamster is having a seizure, call your veterinarian right away. Be prepared to tell your vet how long the seizure may have lasted as well as any abnormal behaviors that might have occurred. Talk with your Marietta, GA vet for details.

Symptoms of FeLV in Bengals


The FeLV or the Feline Leukemia Virus is the second largest cause of death among cats including the Bengals breed. It causes anemia, lymphoma and a suppressed immune system in cats and it can be spread through grooming, licking, eating or drinking after an infected cat, through shared litter boxes and even through a mother’s milk. The virus is contracted mainly through saliva, blood, and possibly urine and feces. The symptoms of FeLV include pale gums, yellow coloring of the mouth and whites of the eyes, enlarged lymph nodes, bladder infections, skin infections, upper respiratory infections, weight loss, loss of appetite, poor coat condition, weakness, lethargy, fever, diarrhea, difficulty breathing and sterility in female Bengals. Around 85% of the cats infected over a three year period died as a result of FeLV. If your Bengal has any of these symptoms, click here to contact your vet Marietta, GA right away.

Caring for your dog’s oral hygiene

Caring for your dog’s oral hygiene

You love your dog, and you want every part of him to remain healthy and hygienic. This includes his mouth, so you are trying to determine how you can help him maintain his oral health. What can you do to help?

Your dog will need to eat a nutrient dense diet, in order to keep his teeth in top shape, and this should include items that will help remove buildup on his teeth. Treats like cut up apples can help with this. You will also need to combat plaque and tartar with regular brushings. Utilize toothpaste made for canines that comes in a flavor you think your pet will enjoy, and opt for a toothbrush that will fit his mouth well. Gradually working up to longer brushings can help your pet get familiar with the process without getting overwhelmed with it. Your local pet clinic Marietta GA can help you better understand your pet.