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Managing Your Shy, Submissive Dog

Managing Your Shy, Submissive Dog

You can tell if your dog is submissive dog since she is generally pretty shy and cautious.She may even frighten easily and lash out aggressively. You need to make your fearful dog feel safe. Validation can build your dog’s confidence and trust. Socialize your dog to help him become accustomed to other dogs.However, never force him to do anything he is apprehensive about. Gradually your dog will be less fearful as he is desensitized to other dogs. Act with confidence.Your dog will sense your fear or disappointment and act accordingly. Build your dog’s confidence through obedience training. Be clear what you want your dog to do or not to do. Use treats and lots of praise to reward your dog as he succeeds. Never punish your fearful dog and act with patience and kindness. Learn more from your Marietta, GA veterinary clinic.


Why Cats Instinctively Seek Vertical Perching Spaces

Why Cats Instinctively Seek Vertical Perching Spaces

Cats love vertical spaces where they could spend time perching and observing everything that’s going on in their surroundings. They instinctively seek high places in their immediate environment and mark it with their signature scent. If the pet owner fails to recognize this need, cats are likely to create their own perching space by clearing some space and may knock down potted plants, figurines, books, etc. in the process.

Even when a cat feels safe and comfortable in his surroundings, their perching instincts remain to be very strong. The vantage point will enable him to keep track of everything that’s happening around him. Outdoors, cats climb trees so they can gain a good vantage point to look for prey and when they’re trying to elude potential predators.

Excellent options for vertical territory inside the home include kitty condos, window perch, or cat trees. Cat parents should invest in these things when they’re trying to enrich their pet’s indoor environment. These are also great opportunities to encourage your pet to engage in natural behavior such as scratching and jumping.

An indoor pet can still suffer from potential health problems thus regular checkups with your Marietta, GA vet is recommended. Visit this website to know more.

Finding the right cat treats

Finding the right cat treats

Your cat is like most others in that she really enjoys having a treat every now and then. This is because she knows that it is something special, and that there won’t be an entire bowl of them to enjoy. How can you pick out treats for her?

Your pet needs you to think about what she will like for treats, in addition to what she can handle nutritionally. Treats can often be junk food for your pet, but they don’t have to be. You can take the time to find healthy options as well. Consider her regular food and what nutrients make up her diet. If she needs anything in particular, try and find it in a treat. If not, make a point to simply get treats that are high-quality and all-natural. Your local Marietta, GA veterinarian can offer additional suggestions. Visit this website to know more.

Seeking out a dog walker

Seeking out a dog walker

Your dog loves to head out and about any time he has the opportunity to do so, but you’ve found yourself extremely busy lately and unable to offer him the time outdoors you feel he needs and deserves. How can you seek out a dog walker to meet his care requirements?

Your pet needs you to take the time to figure out what he really needs in someone who will be looking after him. Look into dog walking services in your area, and determine if any seem to be able to meet your pet’s needs readily. Narrow down your list to those who are within your budget and available at the times you will need them for, then meet them personally. Think about your pet’s comfort with the individuals in question, and how much you feel you can trust them. For additional information, please contact your local pet clinic Marietta GA.

Should your cat be eating wet or dry food ?

Should your cat be eating wet or dry food

Your cat loves being able to make some decisions for herself, but there are definitely some things that you will need to decide for her. Whether she needs wet or dry food is a good example of this, as her overall health is dependent on her eating a nutrient dense diet.

Luckily, there are healthy, natural options in both the wet and the dry categories, so you can’t really go wrong. Your pet will likely gravitate toward one or the other, but most cats thrive on a dry food diet unless they can’t do so for some reason. Age, illness, injury, or digestive issues may cause them to require a wet food diet to avoid the crunchier food that requires a bit more effort. If you are unsure of what to give your pet, seek out the opinion of a professional for assistance. Your local most endorsed Marietta, GA veterinarian can offer additional advice.

Where should your pocket pet’s enclosure go ?

Where should your pocket pet_s enclosure go

Your pocket pet needs you to create a comfortable place for her to relax and spend her time. However, you still have one big decision to make once you’ve done this – where should you put her enclosure?

Your pet needs to be safe, and this means keeping her away from other animals and young children who aren’t under any supervision. To help keep your pet happy, she will need to be away from things that will bother her, like loud noises and drafts from outside. Consider placing her enclosure atop a sturdy piece of furniture that won’t get bumped into and will be sturdy enough to hold her enclosure without question. It should be out of the way of the major traffic in your household, but still easily accessible so you can spend time with your pet as much as possible. For more information, please contact your local Marietta, GA veterinarian. You can also visit website http://kennesawvet.com/ to learn more.

Your dog’s leash length

Your dog_s leash length

Your dog is a big part of your life, and being able to spend time with him is an important part of your relationship. It also gives you an opportunity to bring him outside to get some exercise during regular walks. How can you choose a leash length to keep him safe during this time?

Your pet needs a leash that will give him only the freedom that he can handle given his training level and the area you are spending time in. Consider how well he listens to you, and how he reacts to situations that are likely to arise while out and about. Also, think about where he will need to stay to be out of harm’s way, and choose a length accordingly. You can also get a retractable leash to offer multiple lengths in one product. For more information, please contact your local Marietta, GA vet.

Dog bed basics

Dog bed basics

Your dog loves to rest in your home, and you really enjoy seeing her sleepy face throughout your house. However, you’ve noticed that she could really use a place all her own to get some rest. How can you find the right bed for your pet?

There are many types of dog beds, so you will have a lot to choose from. Narrow down your options to those that are the right size, then opt for choices that will be simple for you to keep clean. Think about the areas your pet naps now, and try to mimic the cushion density of his choosing. If he is getting older or is impacted by joint issues, an orthopedic bed may be a great option. If he tends to relax in different positions, try to find a bed shape that will allow him to do so. Your local Marietta, GA vet clinic can offer additional advice. Visit website http://smyrnaveterinary.com/ to know more.

Fun at the Dog Park

Fun at the Dog Park

Dog parks can be great places for exercise and to give your dog a chance to socialize. Visit the dog park without your dog first. Try to get a feel for the place and whether you and your dog will fit in. Read any posted rules and be prepared to follow them. Check that there are separate areas for large and small dogs. Before you bring your dog to the park, make sure his vaccinations are up to date and that he knows basic obedience commands so you can get him under control quickly. When you are at the park, let your dog play and don’t hover. However, watch for bully behavior and insist that it is managed for the safety of all dogs. This is especially important if your dog is the bully. And don’t forget to clean up after your dog. Contact your professional vet Marietta GA to learn more.

Separation Anxiety and Your Dog

Separation Anxiety and Your Dog

Some dogs get upset and anxious if left alone. They will whine or bark, drool, urinate or defecate in the house, or even destroy your home. Serious cases might require professional medical care but you may be able to manage mild separation anxiety. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise so he can work off excessive energy and get sufficient mental stimulation. Give your dog lots of fun toys to play with while you are away. Puzzle toys work particularly well since your dog needs to work out a series of movements to get to a hidden treat inside. Don’t make a fuss when you leave since this will cue your dog that you are leaving. Leave for short periods of time at first and reward your dog for good behavior. Ask someone to stop by and visit if you will be gone for long periods of time. Learn more from your Marietta, GA veterinary clinic.