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Obedience Training In Dogs

Obedience Training In Dogs

A dog learns by association. Thus when you are consistently accompanying a specific command with a precise action, you can expect him to catch up quickly. If you are not consistent with your actions or your commands, your dog might get confused and slow to learn. That can be frustrating to you as a trainer and dog owner. If you command your dog to “stop” and he doesn’t, never force him to stop and punish him. By doing so, he will associate the “stop” command with punishment. You will now have a hard time making him understand and follow the command because he thinks this can lead to punishment each time. If there are other people in the household, be sure to make them understand that they should use the same command for a specific action. For example, if you are using the command “stop”, the other people in the family should not use “halt”, “heel”, or “whoa”.

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Tips To Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up On People

Tips To Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up On People

There are several ways to address jumping problems in dogs. One of these is to give him a response he is not expecting. Instead of showing him affection, take hold of his legs and gently put him back down on the floor while determinedly commanding “off” or “down”. You should be consistent during your dog training thus when your dog starts jumping on people or furniture, don’t hesitate to get hold of his legs and put them down and tell him “off”. When your dog receives the same response from you every time he jumps, he will eventually get the idea on what you really want. Be sure to ask the other members of the family and any guest not to welcome or show appreciation when your dog jumps up on them. You can reap the results you desire in your dog training when everybody cooperates and are consistent with their actions. Some people may not understand why you need to stop your dog from jumping up on people. However, you need to explain to them that jumping may be fine while he is still a puppy but it can become a problem when the dog grows up. Aside from terrifying children, it can also make you or your guests mad or annoyed.

Behavior changes can also be a sign of an underlying health problem thus it is recommended that you bring your pet to your Marietta, GA animal hospital for a thorough exam. For more information, you can visit website http://smyrnaveterinary.com/.



Neosporosis in dogs is caused by a coccidian parasite, Neospora caninum. The parasite is often confused with infections caused by Toxoplasma gondii however Neosporosis causes a more severe infection in dogs that involve the nervous and muscular system. The disease is transmitted via the trans-placental route and during whelping (birth of puppies). Ingestion of infective cysts has also been found to transmit the infection in older dogs. Neospora infections are more prevalent in puppies. Although there is no breed susceptibility, more cases have been recorded in hunting dogs. The most common symptoms manifested by dogs suffering from Neosporosis include seizures, difficulty in eating and/or swallowing, muscular tremors, walking difficulties due to lack of coordination, ascending paralysis that begins at the rear and towards the front, weakness in the cervical or neck region, and iinflammation of the skin and muscles including the heart. Since it can be transmitted via the trans-placental route, infected bitches should not be used for breeding.

Talk to your vet Marietta GA about the best way to protect your pet against neosporosis infection.

Choosing furniture for your feline friend

Choosing furniture for your feline friend

You share your home with a wonderful cat, and you want to make sure she feels welcome in this space. You think that some furniture will help her see your living space as her own as well. What should you bring home for her?

To determine which furniture items will be the most helpful to your pet, you will need to take the time to think about what needs she has that can be met through your new purchases. For example, a cat bed is a nice place for her to rest and a scratching post will help her keep her claws strong. Once all her needs have been met you can begin to look at furniture items that will simply be nice to have in your home for your pet to enjoy. Your local Marietta, GA veterinarian can help you care for your pet. For more information, you can visit website http://smyrnaveterinary.com/.

Getting to know your puppy

Getting to know your puppy

You are adding a puppy to your household, and you want to make sure you are able to be there for her every step of the way. How can you get to know her so this can happen?

Your pet needs you to take the time to determine what she needs from you, and how you can care for her Take the time to be with your pet outside of meeting these needs well. This will help you see another side of your little fur ball, and to really enjoy her company without having another task to perform. The more you are around your pet, the more you will be able to experience with her. This will help you determine what she likes, what she doesn’t, and how you can better interact with her. Your local Marietta, GA vet clinic can offer additional advice. For more information, you can visit website http://smyrnaveterinary.com.

Why your cat has stopped using her litter box

Why your cat has stopped using her litter box

Your cat used to head straight for her litter box whenever nature called, but now you are finding that she is choosing to forgo this part of her daily routine. Why has she stopped using her litter box?

Your pet was once happy with the litter box you provided her with and the area you had placed it in. If her opinion has changed, there’s a good chance that something in this space has changed as well. Figuring out what this is may offer you the chance to correct things before your pet gets used to using the restroom elsewhere. Keep an eye out for deterrents around her litter box, pets or children who may keep her from using her litter box comfortably, and litter that is less than perfectly clean. For more information, please contact your local professional vet clinic Marietta GA.

Keeping your dog safe in the car

Keeping your dog safe in the car

Your dog loves to be able to spend time with you, and you want to make sure you are there for your pet as often as you can be. How can you keep him safe when you venture out of the house with him?

Your pet needs you to evaluate your vehicle and determine the safest place for him to ride when you are on the go. Your local government may have some rules or guidelines about this, so make sure to take these into account when bringing your pet into your vehicle. Make sure your pet has a spot to lay down, and that he won’t have access to any buttons or control panels, as it could be problematic if he were to accidentally hit any of these. Your local Marietta, GA veterinarian can help you care for your pet. Learn more here.

Keeping extra pet food in your home

Keeping extra pet food in your home

You love your pet, and caring for her is one of the great joys in your life. You want to make sure you are able to meet her needs each and every day, and keeping extra food on hand for her is one way you can do this. However, there are certain things you need to consider when doing so.

You want your pet to be able to enjoy her food, and you will need to make sure it stays good for her to eat. This means taking the time to keep it in an area that will have appropriate conditions. Your pet’s food needs to be in an area that won’t get too hot, too cold, or too wet. You may also need to repackage your pet’s food in order to keep out bugs and other critters that may want to snack on it. Your local Marietta, GA vet clinic can offer additional advice. For more information, you can visit website http://smyrnaveterinary.com

Flea prevention and your furry friend

Flea prevention and your furry friend

There are a lot of different things your pet needs from you, and some of these he makes an effort to handle on his own. However, flea prevention isn’t one of these. How can you help your pet with this?

Fleas are a fact of life, and can be found in a lot of different places. It’s important to keep your pet away from them when you can, but this may not always be an option. Take the time to talk to his veterinarian to determine the right prevention method for him. There are powders, shampoos, sprays, topical treatments, and collars on the market to combat these parasites, and some will fit your pet’ needs better than others. Some may also be easier for you to keep up with than others, so make sure you consider this in your decision as well. For more information, please contact your local trustworthy pet clinic Marietta GA.

Why your cat loves tabletops and counters

Why your cat loves tabletops and counters

Your cat is a curious little fur ball, and she likes areas of your home that she is able to explore. This makes places that change often very appealing to her, like your tables and counters.

You utilize these surfaces in different ways. For example, what might be used to serve dinner one night may be utilized to house a child’s craft project the next. You also intently focus on things in these areas of your home, and your pet wants to see what all the fuss is about. Counters and tables are up off the ground as well, offering your pet a way to view things around her from a new perspective. This can be ideal for a pet who wants to survey her territory, and find other areas to explore. For more information, please contact your local Marietta, GA veterinarian. Also visit website, http://smyrnaveterinary.com/ for additional information.