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Why Your Dog Barks

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Your dog barks to communicate. Sometimes your dog’s barking is welcome but it can be annoying and intrusive too. You can better control inappropriate barking by understanding why your dog is barking. People knocking at the door or intruders on your property may alarm him. It is okay for your dog to alert you but then he has to stop quickly. Your dog may feel he needs to defend his territory if seems to bark at every person or car by your home. This barking needs to be curtailed. It’s okay if your dog barks while playing or to greet other people or dogs as long as it is for a short period of time. It can be a problem if your dog barks while pacing in your home or along a fence. Manage each barking type separately with praise rather than punishment. Learn more from your London, ON veterinary clinic.

Is your dog in need of a dog walker?

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Your dog loves spending time outside, and heading out and about with you is one thing he is always up for. However, your work schedule has picked up and you don’t have as much time to bring him into the great outdoors as you used to. Should you hire a dog walker?

Your pet may need the attention of a dog walker if you aren’t there to meet his needs. For example, if your pet is spending his time inside when he is bored and needs to head out the use the bathroom, there is a good chance your family could use a dog walker. You may also want to offer your pet the chance to get out with a dog walker if you are able to afford it and it would simply add some variety to your pet’s day. For more information, please contact your local Somerville, MA vet.

Foods you can eat but your dog shouldn’t

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You spend a lot of time at home with your pet, and you both eat the vast majority of your meals within this space. However, what you are eating can sometimes be very different. This is because your bodies are very different, and therefore require their own individual sets of nutrients to keep them healthy.

There may be some foods that you can both enjoy, but there are also some that you can have but your dog can’t. These may be unsafe for him to ingest, can give him some digestive upset, or be downright toxic. This means that it is extremely important that you talk to your pet’s veterinarian and do your own research on each ingredient in any food you are thinking of offering your pet. Make sure everything is safe before giving your furry companion a bite. For more information, please contact your local Garden City, NY vet.

What to look for in a dog groomer

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Your dog needs a groomer in order to stay looking his best and feeling great. However, every groomer will be a bit different. How can you tell which will work well with your pet’s needs?

Your dog’s groomer should be able to handle the needs of your pet in a professional way that you approve of. Your dog should be comfortable with this individual, and she should be able to offer her services within your budget at a convenient location. References should be available upon request, and you should be able to come in and checkout the facility prior to offering them your business. Consider what training and experience this individual has, and determine if they are able to meet the needs of your family to your satisfaction. If not, seek out others in your area. For more information, please contact your local Sayville, NY vet.

How to tell if your dog is sick

Your dog means the world to you, and caring for her is something that you want to get right. How can you recognize if she isn’t feeling well so you can help her get better?

Your pet may show signs of sickness outright, like coughing, vomiting, or diarrhea. However, she may also show symptoms in less of a spotlight. Think about how you feel when you are sick to compare. For example, she may opt to rest more than usual, and may even forgo activities she usually loves in order to relax a bit more. She may also do things a bit slower than usual, or without as much excitement. If you think your pet is sick, call her veterinarian to set up an appointment to have her evaluated. For more information, please contact your local Natrona Heights, PA vet.

Understanding your dog’s needs

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Your dog is a wonderful companion, and you feel very lucky to be able to spend your time with her. You want to make sure you are able to offer her all the care she needs. How can you understand what she requires from you?

Your pet needs you to get to know her personally. This means taking the time to bond with her and get to know her personality and habits. Spend as much time with her as you can, and make a point to look into behaviors that suddenly change. Also make a point to research her breed and be aware of habits that are likely to arise, in addition to needs that may not be as obvious as others. Her age also plays a big factor in his care requirements, so be aware of this as well. For more information, please contact your local Greenwood, IN vet.

Your dog’s bad breath

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Your dog spends a lot of time with you, and you are often very close. This makes his bad breath very noticeable. How can you help freshen it up a bit?

Your pet needs you to take the time to think about what is causing the odor prior to trying to fix it. This is because different issues will need to be addressed in different ways. If food is the cause, consider switching to another type that doesn’t impact his breath so severely. If it is simply regular bad breath, brush his teeth more often. If your pet is having some dental issues that are causing the scent, take him in to be looked at by a professional. Addressing the issues head on can help you solve them faster and more efficiently. For additional information, please contact your local San Antonio, TX vet.

How to give your dog a pill

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Your dog is a big part of your family, and you love how willing he is to take part in activities around your home. This, however, doesn’t always mean he is going to be cooperative. In fact, he may really show signs of not wanting to participate in something, like when he needs to take a pill.

To help your pet get through this, take the time to think about how you can make the task more enjoyable for him. This will likely mean placing the pill in a food item he enjoys. You can do this in order to make the pill more palatable, or to hide it entirely so he doesn’t realize he is taking it. Either method should work so long as you make sure the pill fits within the food item and that it will be consumed along with it. For more information, please contact your local Indianapolis, IN vet.

Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

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Keeping your dog’s nails short helps him keep a good grip on surfaces so he doesn’t slip. And long nails can make your dog walk in an awkward way or catch and damage his feet. Thus it is important to trim your dog’s nails regularly. Start when your dog is young so it becomes routine. Handle your dog’s feet and nails so he gets accustomed to your touch.  When you are ready to cut your dog’s nails, act efficiently. Grasp your dog’s foot and trim the nails a little at a time while avoiding the quick. The quick is the nerve and blood supply to the nail and will hurt and bleed if nicked. Continue trimming each nail as long as your dog doesn’t resist. If so, just try another time. Don’t yell at your dog or punish him if he resists. Learn more from your Marion, IA veterinary clinic.

Teaching Your Dog to Not Jump Up on People

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Most dogs that jump up on people where encouraged to do so when they were puppies. However, this behavior is not so much fun now that your dog is fully grown. You will need to deter this behavior and give your dog something more appropriate to do. Whenever your dog starts to jump up on you, turn around quickly so he falls to the floor. Do this without a fuss so there is no attention toward the inappropriate behavior. When all four feet are on the floor, reward your dog with a food treat and lots of praise. Ask family members and guests to follow the same procedure. Soon your dog will understand that jumping up is inappropriate. Anticipate when your dog may jump up and have him sit by you till the temptation has passed. Never yell at your dog or punish him while he is learning. Learn more from your Louisville, CO veterinary clinic.