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An Agile Favorite – The Malinois

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If you’re a fan of athletic and extremely active dog breeds then you may be a fan of the Malinois breed. This breed is known as the Mal or the Belgian Shepherd. He stands between 22 and 26 inches and weighs between 40 and 80 pounds. The typical lifespan is 10 to 16 years. The Malinois loves to be on the go. He is smart, hardworking, protective, and extremely smart and confident. He was bred to herd, but enjoy other activities such as tracking, versatility, obedience, flyball and more. This breed thrives when he has a job whether it’s serving as a protector or guard dog or simply training for the next agility games. The Malinois is highly intelligent needs consistent training from someone familiar with the breed. In addition to agility and sports, the Malinois also does well with tracking criminals, detecting drugs and narcotics, and participating in search and rescue operations. For more details, call your Fayetteville, NC veterinary clinic.


The Malinois

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The Malinois is the Belgian version of the German Shepherd. This dog has a square build and is quite muscular although slender and elegant in appearance. The breed originated in Belgian and is named for Malines, which is French for Flemish city of Mechelen. Originally used as a herding dog, the Malinois is smart, protective, hardworking, and extremely active and lively. The Malinois is known to develop an exceptionally strong bond with humans and craves human attention and interaction. The dog has been nicked the Mal and the Belgian Shepherd. The breed ranges in height from 22 to 26 inches and weighs between 40 to 80 pounds. The Malinois has an average lifespan of 10 to 16 years. Although this breed loves people, it is not recommended as a family dog unless the owners are experienced with the breed. For more details, talk to your Fayetteville, NC vet.

Why is your canine companion tossing and turning when asleep?

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Your dog is a big part of your life and you want to make sure you are able to help her relax when she is tired so she can fully enjoy her waking hours. This makes you wonder – why does she toss and turn so much?

Your pet may be moving about when she is trying to rest because she isn’t comfortable. If she can’t find a position where she feels content, she will move about to try and seek one out. She may have some areas that feel worse than others, like her joints, which may not be supported properly in the area she is choosing to rest in. Make sure your pet has a bed that is in great shape as his will help her stay comfortable and allow her to make the most of her time spent resting. For more information, please contact your local Ashburn, VA veterinarian.

How well can your dog smell?

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Your dog tends to walk around your home and sniff things. While this may not seem very interesting to you, it seems really engaging to him. This makes you wonder – how well can he smell?

Your dog can smell a lot more than you can due to his sensitive nose. In fact, some breeds have been known for their noses and have used this sense to help hunting and searching activities because of their powerful sense of smell. Since your pet experiences scents on a deeper level, it can really grab his attention. This is why you might see him investigating a smell in your living space or when he heads outside. Be mindful of the times he is doing this to ensure he stays within areas that are safe for him to enjoy. For more information, please contact your local Greensboro, NC vet.

Enjoying summer with your dog

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Your dog is an excellent companion and you want to enjoy your summer with her. How can you make sure this happens?

Your pet needs you to take into account how she feels about your daily activities. Make sure you have some fun options for her and that you are able to take part in some of these together. This will help you understand what is needed for your pet a bit better, as you will be able to further understand her preferences. This also means taking the time to give her lots of affection and some downtime with you as well so you can experience a wide variety of fun activities together. Take advantage of seasonal activities when you can, like spending additional time outside in the sunshine, to really make the most of your time together. For more information, please contact your local Oconomowoc, WI vet.

Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Dog

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Spaying or neutering reduces the number of unwanted puppies but there are also other good reasons to have your dog altered. Your sterilized dog won’t feel as much need to mark his territory with strong-smelling urine. And he won’t need to roam away in search of a mate. Once sterilized, your dog will become calmer and dedicated to your family. Some people believe that sterilization causes weight gain. In actually a calmer dog may be less active so that may the cause of weight gain. A little extra exercise can control the weight gain and make your dog happier. Without spaying or neutering, your dog is at a higher risk for certain cancers such as uterine and breast cancer in females and prostate cancer in males. Spaying and neutering surgeries under performed under anesthesia. However, the long-term benefits far outweigh the surgical risk in most cases. Learn more from your Des Moines, IA veterinary clinic.

Is your dog enjoying the summer weather?

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Your dog is a big part of your life and it makes you happy to see her enjoy the summer weather. How can you help her make the most of her time in the sun during the warmer months of the year?

Your dog relies on you to keep her safe, so this should be your first priority when helping your pet enjoy the great outdoors. The safer your pet feels while outside, the easier it will be for her to relax and enjoy her time there. Make sure you offer her some appropriate activities to take part in so she doesn’t go seeking out entertainment in places she shouldn’t be spending her time. You can also make sure you are spending lots of time with your pet to help her enjoy herself as she loves your attention. For more information, please contact your local Norwalk, CA vet.

Helping your dog make some friends

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Your dog is a social creature and needs to interact with others often. How can you help her make some friends?

Your pet needs you to take the time to think about the people and pets that you know and determine if any of them could be friends with your little fur ball. If so, invite them over to interact with her. If not, see if you can find a place in your area where people will gather with their dogs, like a park or a pet store. Bring your pet along with you when you head to these areas so she can meet some new friends in the community. Let her know what appropriate behavior is in these situations by training her to behave, and then stick by her in case any additional guidance is necessary. For additional information, please contact your local Georgetown, IN veterinarian.

Helping your dog learn something new

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Your dog is an excellent companion and he looks to you when he needs to learn something new in addition to meeting his needs. How can you help him learn a new skill?

Training your dog requires him to be motivated enough to learn. Some pets will want to practice simply because it’s fun to interact with their owners and they like the praise being offered. Others will need a bit more of an incentive, like food. Whatever motivates your pet, make sure you are able to offer them plenty of it so they stay interested. Also, stick to one consistent training method so your little fur ball doesn’t get confused during this process. He will need the consistency to learn what is expected of him and then to keep this up throughout the training process. For more information, please contact your local Georgetown, IN vet.

Your cat and arthritis

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Your cat is a wonderful part of your life and has been by your side for many years. Since she’s a senior now, you want to be aware of her current needs and capabilities. What should you do to help with her arthritis?

Keeping your pet comfortable in your home is important, so take the time to make adjustments as needed. For example, you may need to offer her a step or two up onto furniture she likes to relax on or bring home some toys that will help her get some exercise without going overboard. Make sure she can get to her food bowl with ease and step into her litter box without difficulty. Make sure you are able to understand and follow the suggestions made to you by her veterinarian as well. For additional information, please contact your local Bolingbrook, IL veterinarian.