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Does your White Chinese Goose have a “Kiddie” Pool ?

White Chinese Goose have a “Kiddie” Pool

If you own a White Chinese goose then you may be wondering how you can provide him with an adequate place to swim and wash. Geese love to waddle their way through puddles of all sizes. They especially love it if there’s a puddle or pool of water big enough for them to play in. One way to keep your White Chinese goose content is to buy him a “Kiddie” pool. These are small hard plastic pools meant for small children. You can usually purchase these pools at your local hardware store or just about any store with a garden center. Depending on how many White Chinese geese you have, you may want to purchase two or three of the “Kiddie” pools. Space them out in your yard and fill them half way with cold water. Be sure to clean and replace the water regularly. Contact your vet Thousand Oaks, CA for additional information.


Training Red Ackies

Training Red Ackies
Did you know that Red Ackies need training and socialization at an early age? If you’re not sure about your Red Ackie’s age or level of socialization give your vet a call to see if he can help you out. If you own a young Red Ackie, you should try and work with him daily for at least a year or longer in order to gain his trust. It may take this long for him to adjust to life as a pet as well. You may find that a well trained Red Ackie will come to enjoy a head, neck and body rub. He’ll probably start taking treats from you and may even enjoy roaming around your home on his own. Even if you adopt an older Red Ackie that isn’t so friendly, you can still work to make friends and socialize him. If you need assistance contact your animal hospital Thousand Oaks, CA.