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How to help your rabbit get the exercise she needs

You have a rabbit in your life who depends on you to look after her. This means taking the time to determine the ideal way to meet her needs day in and day out. How can you help her get the exercise she needs?

Your rabbit needs to be able to understand what’s happening around her as well as how to meet her needs. This means that you will need to offer her space to move about, activities to take part in, and lots of guidance to make the most of both. This means helping her get moving within her enclosure as well as outside of it, so be sure to be mindful of both. Your pet needs to get moving each day in order to stay fit and healthy, so try to find activities that will appeal to her. Your local vet San Antonio, TX can help you better understand your pet.


Trimming Your Cat’s Nails

Trimming your cat’s nails helps prevent her from getting them caught on the sofa, drapes or carpet and injuring her toes. It also dulls her weapons if she inadvertently scratches you. Start trimming your cat’s nails when she is a kitten, so it becomes routine. When you are ready to trim her nails, act efficiently. Grasp your cat’s paw and press the pads so the nails extend. Trim a little at a time, perpendicular to her toe, while avoiding the quick. The quick is the blood and nerve supply to the claw and will bleed and hurt if nicked. Keep trimming as long as your cat allows it. If she resists, don’t yell at her, punish her or force her to continue. Just stop and try again another time. You may only get to trim one or two nails at a time but soon you will have all her nails trimmed. Learn more from your professional veterinary clinic Pickerington OH .

How to Treat White Line Disease in Horses

If your horse has been diagnosed with white line disease, talk with your vet more in depth to learn how to treat the disease and how to keep your horse comfortable. If you aren’t familiar with the disease, it is basically a disease that affects the white line of the horse’s hoof, which is where the hoof wall and the sole of the hoof meet. Bacteria and fungus can develop in this area if there has been trauma or even poor nutrition both of which can cause the hoof wall to begin separating from the sole. Once the fungus enters an infection can develop. This is often a secondary condition that occurs because of trauma or even laminitis. Your vet will most likely work to identify the cause of the white line disease and treat that first in order to eliminate the disease itself. Consult with your Pickerington, OH veterinary clinic closely for treatment options for your horse.

UTIs in Horses

Did you know that horses can get UTIs just like cats, dogs and even people? UTIs or Urinary Tract Infections are a common illness in just about all animals and people. You should call your vet if you think your horse has a UTI. In most cases, horses will show signs of a UTI by straining to urinate, urinating frequently, urinating only small amounts at a time and often, and urinating with blood visible in the urine. Your horse may also drink a lot more water with a UTI and even run a temperature. Call your vet if your horse has any of these symptoms. A UTI in horses is often a bacterial infection that comes from outside bacteria entering the horse’s urethra and traveling to the bladder or kidneys. A urinary analysis may be conducted to make a diagnosis. Talk with your Pickerington, OH vet to learn more.

What to Know Before Bringing a Ferret Home

Before bringing a ferret home there are a few things you should keep in mind or take into consideration. First, ferrets like to be the center of attention. They enjoy company, play time, and being held and talked to. Ferrets may live in cages like guinea pigs or hamsters, but they require a lot more interaction. Making sure you have enough time to give your ferret plenty of attention is important. Ferrets, unlike guinea pigs and hamsters, also require vaccinations and more frequent veterinarian visits. You will need to make sure you can afford vet care along with every day food, toys, treats, and bedding and other accessories for the ferret’s habitat. If you plan to give your ferret time out of his habitat, you will need to create a safe zone in your home where he can run and play without getting into trouble or hurt. Talk with your Crown Point, IN vet before purchasing a ferret.

Chinchilla and dust baths

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If you share your home with a chinchilla, you are likely well aware of how cute they are and just how soft their fur is. How do they manage to keep their fur clean?

Your pet’s fur is very dense, so it isn’t likely to be a surprise that getting it wet would mean that your pet would be damp for a very long time. This means that your pet will opt out of traditional baths that involve water, and will seek out a dust bath instead. This dust is very fine and will soak up any oils that have accumulated on your pet’s skin and in her fur. This is an easy way for her to remove dirt from her body without having to get wet and an entertaining activity for you to watch your pet take part in. For more information, please contact your local Kennesaw, GA veterinarian.

Dog Temperaments

Dogs fall into one of three temperament categories – dominant, submissive and middle of the pack dogs. Dominant dogs need strong leadership since they can be aggressive and a bit pushy. They are smart and full of personality but can be difficult to control. You’ll need to train them well but without breaking their spirits. A submissive dog is more shy and cautious. They may frighten easily. You will need to make this type of dog feel safe and give them lots of validation. A submissive dog may lash out in an aggressive way if especially frightened. The middle of pack dog is a combination of the other two types. They are easily trained but can get bored. You will need a combination of techniques to manage the dominant and submissive parts of your middle of the pack dog. Learn to understand your dog’s temperament and act accordingly. Learn more from your Louisville, CO veterinary clinic.

Registering your Chocolate Hedgehog

If you own a hedgehog like the Chocolate colored hedgehog then you may want to register him with the International Hedgehog Registry (IHR). This registry is devoted to preserving the lineage of hedgehogs and makes registering available through their website. In addition to registering your Chocolate hedgehog with the IHR, you may also want to register yourself with the IHA (International Hedgehog Association). The IHA is the home of the official IHR. Its purpose is to promote shows and seminars that “bring together and educate hedgehog lovers and fanciers.” By contacting the IHA you will be able to find out where hedgehog shows will be held, what the requirements are to enter and possibly a price list of entry fees. Once you know when and where the show is you will be ready to take the next step of completing an entry form. If you need breed specific information for registration purposes, give your vet Cherry Hill, NJ a call.

Caring for your cat during the summer heat

Your cat enjoys being able to spend time outside, and you want to make sure she gets the opportunity to do this. However, it can be difficult for her to understand what to do when extreme temperatures hit. This is where you come in to make sure she is well cared for and able to stay cool.

Your pet will need a shady spot outside to stay out of the sun, and she should be offered fresh, cool water wherever she is spending her time. This may mean having some outside as well as inside. She likely will want to come in sooner to cool off, so make sure you are available to help her get where she needs to go. Encourage spending time in places that offer relief from the heat, and show her where these areas are as she may not know about them. For more information, please contact your local Ceres, CA veterinarian.

Fly Masks for Arabians

If your Arabian horse is constantly annoyed by gnats, flies, and other bugs swarming his ears and eyes then you may want to buy him a fly mask. The bugs are bad enough in warm weather, but as the temperatures increase so do the bugs. A fly mask comes with ears or without ears depending on what kind of protection your Arabian needs. These masks are horse friendly, breathable, and your horse can actually see through them. You can usually purchase a fly mask at your local grain store, tack shop or even on the Internet. The come in a variety of colors, designs, and styles. Some fly masks can be worn while riding as well. When shopping for a fly mask make sure you read the suggested size listing on the label and purchase yours accordingly. For more information, contact your vet Park County, CO.