Is your dog in need of a dog walker?

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Your dog loves spending time outside, and heading out and about with you is one thing he is always up for. However, your work schedule has picked up and you don’t have as much time to bring him into the great outdoors as you used to. Should you hire a dog walker?

Your pet may need the attention of a dog walker if you aren’t there to meet his needs. For example, if your pet is spending his time inside when he is bored and needs to head out the use the bathroom, there is a good chance your family could use a dog walker. You may also want to offer your pet the chance to get out with a dog walker if you are able to afford it and it would simply add some variety to your pet’s day. For more information, please contact your local Somerville, MA vet.

My Malamute is Afraid of the Water

Do you love to swim and go for boat rides? Did you purchase or adopt a Malamute hoping he would be your beach time buddy? If so then here are a few things that may be able to help you out as you get your pup adjusted to the water. First, it’s important to know that some breeds just prefer the water more than others. For instance, the retriever typically loves the water. Other breeds may need to adjust. Typically, the Malamute loves a good swim. But if yours is a little water shy, try introducing him to smaller situations with water like the bathtub. When you place him in the water, do so in an area where he can get his paws wet as little or as much as he wants. Avoid rough lake or ocean shores. For additional information, talk with your veterinary clinic Cleveland County, OK. Or schedule an appointment here!

Your Cat’s Chin Acne

Your Cat_s Chin Acne

Your cat may develop blackheads, whiteheads or even some small red pimples on her chin. In most cases this chin acne in cats is caused by poor grooming habits or excessive oil production in that area. Your cat may over-groom that area. This can be a cause or effect of the chin acne. If your cat doesn’t clean her face well, help her out by wiping her face with lukewarm water on a soft cloth. You may need to use a mild soap if she is particularly dirty. This may encourage her to groom more diligently. However, once the acne is established, you need to deal with any bacterial infections, tumors, mites or other difficulties of the skins. Tumors, mange and fungus require professional medical treatment. Diagnosis is done through physical examination, cultures or skin scraping. Make an appointment with your experienced vets Carmel IN for evaluation and treatment as needed.

Managing Your Cat’s Inappropriate Scratching

Managing Your Cat_s Inappropriate Scratching

Your cat scratches to remove the outer layers of old, worn nails to reveal new, sharp ones. She also scratches to mark her territory using scent from glands in her feet. Thus you may never completely eliminate your cat’s scratching but you can work to prevent damage to your personal belongings such as your sofa, drapes or carpeting. Purchase scratching posts and positions them near your targeted belongings. If your cat starts to scratch your things, redirect her to the scratching posts without a fuss. Never yell at your cat or punish her while she is learning. Reward her if she goes to the posts on her own. Cover your targeted items with aluminum foil strips or double-sided tape while not in use. These materials feel weird to your cat and will deter her from scratching them. Learn more from your professional Carmel IN veterinarians.

Foods you can eat but your dog shouldn’t

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You spend a lot of time at home with your pet, and you both eat the vast majority of your meals within this space. However, what you are eating can sometimes be very different. This is because your bodies are very different, and therefore require their own individual sets of nutrients to keep them healthy.

There may be some foods that you can both enjoy, but there are also some that you can have but your dog can’t. These may be unsafe for him to ingest, can give him some digestive upset, or be downright toxic. This means that it is extremely important that you talk to your pet’s veterinarian and do your own research on each ingredient in any food you are thinking of offering your pet. Make sure everything is safe before giving your furry companion a bite. For more information, please contact your local Garden City, NY vet.

What to look for in a dog groomer

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Your dog needs a groomer in order to stay looking his best and feeling great. However, every groomer will be a bit different. How can you tell which will work well with your pet’s needs?

Your dog’s groomer should be able to handle the needs of your pet in a professional way that you approve of. Your dog should be comfortable with this individual, and she should be able to offer her services within your budget at a convenient location. References should be available upon request, and you should be able to come in and checkout the facility prior to offering them your business. Consider what training and experience this individual has, and determine if they are able to meet the needs of your family to your satisfaction. If not, seek out others in your area. For more information, please contact your local Sayville, NY vet.

What is Degenerative Myelopathy in Doberman Pinschers?

Degenerative Myelopathy or DM is a common illness that can affect a variety of dogs including the Doberman Pinscher. If you own a dog like the Doberman, talk with your vet to learn about possible health risks that affect this particular breed. DM is an incurable disease of the nerves and spinal cord, which can cause loss of mobility and numbness or loss of feeling in the legs. It can be a fatal, chronic and progressive form of degenerative disease that lead to eventual paralysis. Physical therapy is often the only form of treatment available besides pain medicines to keep your pup comfortable. Signs to look out for in your pup may include immobility and numbness. The disease is often compared to ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease in people. If your Doberman has been diagnosed with this illness, talk with your veterinarian services Cleveland County, OK to learn about treatment options.

Beware of the New Active Ingredient in Rat Poison

If your pet should come in contact with poison, pay attention to what type it is and if possible find out the brand, name and active ingredients. In the past, the main ingredient in rat poison was an anticoagulant also known as a blood thinner. Ingested, this poison can cause internal bleeding in your pet. There’s typically a two hour window in which the poison can be vomited back up and not cause harm to your pet. One of the main anecdotes is vitamin K which acts as a blood clotting agent. However, companies are no longer using the anticoagulant. Instead they are using bromethalin, which is more lethal and can harm your pet in a quicker amount of time. If you know this is the main ingredient and your pet has ingested it, take him to an emergency hospital or your veterinarian services Cleveland County, OK immediately.

Is your Family ready for a new Pet?

new-dogYour family loves animals, and pets are something they often discuss. You’ve had pets in the past, but you are currently living in a pet-free home. How can you tell if you are ready for a new pet?

Your family has had pets before, so they know just how much responsibility it is to care for another living thing. This means they can properly think about what they can offer a pet, and determine if it will be enough to help the little critter thrive. The key is to make sure everyone is on board with the decision, and that there is a reasonable distribution of responsibility within the household. Also, be sure to consider your living space and your budget with your potential pet in mind. Your local Conyers, GA vet clinic can help you care for your pet. Schedule an appointment today

Is Your Home Ideal for a Pocket Pet?

Pocket-pet-color-webcropped-672x372.jpgYour family has been talking about getting a pet for a while now, and you feel that a pocket pet might be the right option for you. How can you tell if your home is right for a furry companion like this?

Take a look around your living space, and think about what it would be like to have a pocket pet in this space. Certain areas of your home will likely be more suited to a pocket pet than others, so focus on these spaces. Think about what changes would need to be made to help your pet stay happy and healthy. Hazardous items would need to be removed and pet supply items would need to be added, so make sure you take both of these into account. Your local Conyers, GA vet can help you care for your pet. Visit this site for more information.