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Choosing bedding material for a gerbil

Choosing bedding material for a gerbil

Your gerbil may come out of her enclosure to play with you often, but this doesn’t mean she won’t be spending a lot of time within her cage. Since the bottom of her enclosure is coated in her bedding material, this means that she will spend a lot of time around this as well.

To choose the best bedding material for your gerbil, you will need to think about what will keep her comfortable. Choose a natural material that is compatible with her habits. It should be absent of artificial colors and scents, as your pet will likely ingest some of her bedding material over time and these can be less than desirable for your pet to eat. Also, make sure the bedding you choose is easy for you to find, and works within your pet care budget. Your local Aurora, CO veterinarian Aspen Commons Animal Hospital can help you care for the pets in your home.

Getting to know a pocket pet

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You recently welcomed a pocket pet into your home, and you are now beginning to bond with her. How can you get to know your pocket pet?

Your pet is a wonderful little creature, and spending time with her is the best way to get to know her habits and preferences. Consider activities that would be fun for you to both engage in. Play can be great for this, as it allows you to take part in something with one another in a low-pressure situation. It also gives you different scenarios in which to view your pet’s responses, allowing you to see how your pet will react and giving you a chance to learn more about her. You will also come to know your pet over time, simply by caring for her needs. For more information, please contact your local Omaha NE vet.

Choosing a pocket pet

Choosing a pocket pet

You have given a lot of thought to bringing a pet into your home, and you’ve decided that it’s finally time to take the plunge. A pocket pet seems to be the best bet for your living space and lifestyle, but there are still a lot of options within this category. How can you determine which to bring home?

You already have a certain lifestyle and home, so you will need to assess these realistically. Think about what you can give a pet both in living space as well as in time and attention. Your budget and knowledge level should be assessed as well. In order to find the right pet for you, you will need to seek out a little fur ball who will be able to enjoy the life you can offer her. Your local recommended pet clinic Marietta GA can help you better understand your pet.

Getting to know a pocket pet

SQUIRREL GLIDERYour new pocket pet may live in your home, but he has yet to really become a part of the family. This is because he is still very new, and a bit uncertain of his new living space. How can you get to know him better?

Upon bringing a new pet home, you need to understand that they are in a new place with new people they don’t know yet. This means they aren’t sure if their needs will be met, or even if they are safe in this area. To help your pet understand these aspects of his new life, take the time to offer short interactions, and gradually work up to longer ones. He needs the time to get familiar with you and develop some trust before he can be comfortable interacting regularly and showing you his personality. Your local Savannah, GA veterinarian can offer additional guidance.

Adopting an Older Gerbil

Adopting an Older Gerbil

When most people are on the hunt for a new pet, they want a little baby. Young animals are certainly cute, but older animals deserve your attention too. This is definitely true when it comes to gerbils.

Most small pocket pets only live to be a few years old. Gerbils, on the other hand, can live to be up to four years old! However, because people think they don’t live that long, they’re likely to pass over a gerbil at the animal shelter.

If you adopt an older gerbil, you may not know exactly how old he is, but there’s a good chance that you’ll get at least a few more years out of him. Not to mention, by adopting an animal, you could be saving his life!

For help finding adoptable gerbils in your area, ask your vets Livonia, MI to tell you where to look. You can also visit website to know more.

Housing Pet Hedgehogs

Housing Pet Hedgehogs

There are several important factors that should be considered when selecting a cage for your pet hedgehog. These include ease of cleaning, adequate space, safety, and air circulation.

There are many types of hedgehog cages that can be found in pet stores, but they are not created equal. Thus, don’t settle for the first one you can find. Knowing what your pet needs can help you pick out the best enclosure which can also fit into your budget.


Hedgehogs need spacious living quarters. They love exploring every nook and cranny of their enclosure. The minimum space requirement for one hedgehog is two square feet. This floor space is only recommended when there is an exercise wheel to give your hedgehog opportunities for regular physical activity as well as mental stimulation.


The enclosure should have a solid floor with a secured fitted top to prevent hedgehogs from escaping. Wire or mesh flooring should be avoided because their tiny feet can get caught and become injured.


Proper ventilation is necessary to prevent odor buildup; it can also help keep humidity down.

Ease of cleaning

Hedgehog enclosures need to be cleaned frequently. So make sure that the enclosure can easily be cleaned to make the task less tiring and unpleasant.

Consult your Cherry Hill, NJ veterinarian to know more about your pet’s housing requirements. Visit this website, for additional information.

What enclosure is right for your pocket pet ?

What enclosure is right for your pocket pet

Your pocket pet depends on you to offer her a comfortable home to spend time in, as well as a spot she can call her own within this space. This is where her enclosure comes into play. How can you determine what your pet needs in an enclosure?

Your pet needs an area where she can meet all her needs in addition to spending time having some fun. Make sure she has plenty of room to move around, even after all her supplies are added. This should close safely to keep her contained, and offer her proper air flow in addition to keeping her bedding material in place. Consider any personal preferences your pet may have, in addition to how you will keep the enclosure clean. Your local Livonia MI veterinarian, Healthy Pet Company – Village Animal Clinic can help you care for your pet.

Bonding with your hedgehog

Bonding with your hedgehog

Your family will soon be adding a hedgehog to the mix, and you want to make sure you have a good relationship with your new pet. How can you bond with your new addition?

If you take the time to research your new pet, you will be better able to understand him and care for him. This will also enhance your relationship, as you will know what areas you can apply to this part of his care. For example, since hedgehogs can’t see well and generally rely on their sense of smell, switching soaps and perfumes can cause your pet to think they are interacting with another person. Try to keep your scent consistent and talk to your pet often while meeting his care needs so he will know he can rely on you to be there when he needs you. For additional information, please contact your local vet clinic Thorold ON.

Where should your pocket pet’s enclosure go ?

Where should your pocket pet_s enclosure go

Your pocket pet needs you to create a comfortable place for her to relax and spend her time. However, you still have one big decision to make once you’ve done this – where should you put her enclosure?

Your pet needs to be safe, and this means keeping her away from other animals and young children who aren’t under any supervision. To help keep your pet happy, she will need to be away from things that will bother her, like loud noises and drafts from outside. Consider placing her enclosure atop a sturdy piece of furniture that won’t get bumped into and will be sturdy enough to hold her enclosure without question. It should be out of the way of the major traffic in your household, but still easily accessible so you can spend time with your pet as much as possible. For more information, please contact your local Marietta, GA veterinarian. You can also visit website to learn more.

Keeping your mouse healthy

Pet rat

Your family includes a small little creature who you love spending time with. Your mouse is a wonderful pet, and you like being able to care for her in all the ways that she needs you to. How can you keep her healthy?

Your pet needs you to provide her with a wonderful place to spend her time. This means creating an enclosure where she can do everything she needs to do to take care of herself and also have some fun when the mood strikes her. Keep everything nice and clean. Make sure you offer your pet plenty of water and a diet rich in the nutrients she needs. Consider the time you spend with her, and make a point to bond with one another whenever you can. Your local Coon Rapids, MN vet clinic can offer additional advice.