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Why your dog would enjoy a doghouse

Why your dog would enjoy a doghouse

Your dog loves spending time outside, and offering him a dog house would allow him to extend this time a bit. This is because a dog house gives him a place to get out of the elements for a while and stay comfortable.

During the warmer months, your pet can enjoy the shade that a dog house offers in addition to blocking the rain and wind when needed. Cooler weather will cause your pet to get chilly, and a dog house will give him a chance to have a spot outside that is up off the ground and out of any snow that may accumulate. Plus, it’s nice for your pet to have a place that he can call his own. This gives him a spot he can count on being available to him in an ever-changing outdoor environment. For more information, please contact your local trusted animal hospital Lafayette LA.

Your Cat’s Ability to Land on Her Feet


Your cat has a righting reflex that allows her to turn around quickly in the air so she can land on her feet during a fall. Her flexible spine helps her turn quickly and the fluid in her inner air helps her keep track of which way is up. However, just because your cat can land on her feet doesn’t mean she won’t be. If the fall is too short, she might not have the time to turn around and can crash to the ground. If it is too high, your cat can bottom out and bang her belly on the ground,resulting in internal injuries. Your cat’s feet and legs work as shock absorbers but in a high fall she could incur orthopedic injuries. And it could be disastrous if she bangs her head on the ground. Thus it is important to avoid falls. Learn more from your Isle of Palms, SC veterinary clinic.

Who’s the Boss? – You or Your Cat

You or Your CatCats can make wonderful companions but they can be very bossy. When you come home at the end of the day you may be glad to see your cat but she may be all about demanding you feed her. This yowling might go on until you meet her demands. She may butt you or demand that you pet her. She may scratch your personal belongings and destroy them. Thus you need to ensure that you don’t reinforce bad behavior by jumping up and responding to your cat’s every demand. Feed your cat regularly but don’t respond for demands in the middle of the night. Redirect your cat to appropriate behavior whenever she starts to destroy things. Use deterrents to discourage her before the destruction starts. Once your cat learns the house rules, you can be companions and live together. Contact your animal hospital Frisco, TX to learn more.

Your Guinea Pig’s Water Bottle

Your Guinea Pig_s Water Bottle

Your guinea needs access to fresh, clean water at all times. A water bottle works better than a bowl since a bowl can be knocked over easily and contaminated with droppings and bedding. Choose a water bottle that is large enough to meet your guinea pig’s needs. This bottle should have a stainless steel sipper tube with a ball bearing at the end to keep it from leaking. Hang the bottle on the side of the cage away from where your pig normally urinates. Hang it low enough for your guinea pig to reach but high enough that it doesn’t get contaminated by dirty bedding. Check the sipper tube often for bedding or pieces of food that could contaminate the water and cause the bottle to leak. Change the water in the bottle daily and scrub the bottle with a bottlebrush weekly during your weekly cage cleaning. Learn more from your reputable pet clinic Sugar Land TX.

Rabbits Need Veterinarians Too

Did you know that your pet rabbit needs to see a veterinarian on a regular basis? If you’ve just purchased or adopted a rabbit, call your local vet and set up an initial wellness exam. Depending on where you live, your rabbit may need certain vaccinations or paperwork showing his good health. If you plan to show your rabbit, you will also need frequent vet exams listing your rabbits current health, breeding, sex, etc. Other reasons for vet care may include dehydration, respiratory illnesses, coat conditions, and dental checkups. You can help keep your rabbit healthy as well by providing him with clean water, vet approved food, healthy snacks, and regularly cage cleanings. It’s also important to exercise your rabbit so make sure he gets a chance to roam outside under supervision. Talk with your best vet North Phoenix, AZ to learn more ways to care for your pet rabbit.

Keeping your Gecko in Shape

No matter what type or size your pet is, it needs to some sort of exercise to maintain an overall healthy physical and mental state. Pets like geckos need to move around, play, stretch their muscles, and learn tricks to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. If you’re a gecko owner then talk with your vet or local pet store associate to learn ways to exercise your gecko. For instance, let your gecko out of his habitat to roam around a small area of your home or outdoors (always supervised). Teach your gecko to crawl along your arm or do other sorts of tricks. Just remember not to force your gecko to do something he doesn’t want to. Take your cue from your little guy and allow him to move around accordingly. If you need more suggestions on how to exercise your gecko, call your veterinarian care North Phoenix, AZ.

Keep your Turtle Hydrated

Many types of pet turtles are aquatic reptiles that enjoy spending their time swimming and basking in the sun. If you own a turtle like the red-eared slider you will need to make sure he has lots of clean, fresh water to stay hydrated and healthy. It’s important to provide your turtle with a large enough tank to allow for at least 75 gallons of water. Smaller turtles may be OK in a 20 gallon tank, but will need a larger tank once they grow. A 90 gallon tank is the best that way you can provide your turtle with enough water for swimming as well as rocks for bathing and perhaps even a land area for burrowing. Turtles drink water as they swim so make sure the water is changed out weekly and spot cleaned on a daily basis (i.e. skim the water daily to remove waste). For more information, contact your veterinarian Scottsdale, AZ.

Can I Board my Hamster?

Even if you are traveling for several days you most likely do not need to board your hamster at a boarding facility. In fact, your hamster will do much better if left at home and someone simply come by to check on him and feed and water him. If you leave your hamster alone during the day while you’re at work or school then he’s probably already used to being by himself. He really just needs someone to talk with him, interact with him and of course feed him in the evening or in the morning (sometimes both). Ask your vet Scottsdale, AZ to find out if he knows of local pet sitters that can drop by and check on your hamster or even be willing to keep your hamster in their own home. Check community message boards on social media and at the pet store as well.

Obesity and Your Cat

Obesity and Your Cat

Obesity can lead to mobility issues and put your cat at risk for diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers. Thus the best thing for your cat is to keep her at a normal weight. Your cat is probably fat as a combination of too much food and not enough exercise. Determine the proper amount of calories your cat should be ingesting and work to stay within that amount. Consider feeding your cat a weight control formula food so she feels full while losing weight. Increase the exercise in your cat’s routine. She should get a half hour of exercise daily. You can amp up the pace of exercise as your cat gets in shape. Use toys that stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts. A ball, laser pointer or fishing rod toy can entice your cat to chase, pounce and jump. Be patient since weight loss can be slow. For more information, contact your Sugar Land, TX veterinarian, visit website to know more.

Naming Your Dog

Naming Your Dog

Giving your dog a name is an important task. This name is what you will call your dog during obedience training and when having a chat with him. It is the first step in making your dog a member of your family so choose this name with care. Pick a name that is easy to say, comprised of just one or two syllables. Make sure it isn’t a name that family members would be embarrassed to say aloud. Ensure that your dog’s name is not similar to any other family members, close friends or obedience commands since this could confuse your dog. You can pick a physical characteristic or attitude, the name of a favorite sports figure, a character from a TV show, movie or book, or even the name of a favorite childhood pet. Whatever name you pick, use this name consistently. Contact your Sugar Land, TX vet for more information. Visit website to know more.