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When Should I Take My Rabbit to the Vet?

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You should always call your vet to schedule an appointment if you notice your rabbit is behaving differently. Whether the rabbit is overly excited or completely lethargic and non-responsive, you should call and schedule a checkup with your vet. Your vet will need to examine your rabbit to determine the source of the ailment and behavioral changes. If your rabbit is not eating his food, you may want to call your vet and simply discuss over the phone possible diet changes. Only if your vet recommends bringing your rabbit in would you need to make an appointment. In other instances, your rabbit may need to go in for annual visits to receive any required vaccinations. If you’re unable to trim your rabbit’s teeth or nails at home, you may want to schedule a visit to the vet. Besides these instances, you only need to take your rabbit in to the Conyers, GA veterinary clinic if there is an emergency.


How Often to Take Your Dog to the Vet

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You should take your dog to the vet at least once a year for routine vaccinations and an annual wellness exam. If your dog is sick during the year, you should call and schedule an appointment for your dog to be looked at by the vet. In emergencies, take your dog to the vet or nearest emergency vet. If your dog is behaving abnormally, but doesn’t appear to be in distress, give your vet a call and describe the symptoms and behaviors over the phone. Sometimes your vet can help solve the dilemma over the phone. For instance, your vet may be able to instruct you on cleaning a small cut on your dog’s paw. He may be able to suggest ways to get your dog to take a vitamin or pill should you need assistance. Whenever you need help for your dog, don’t hesitate to call your Conyers, GA vet.

Should I Neuter My Dog?

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Whether you choose to neuter your dog is entirely up to you. Before making a decision one way or another, you should talk with your vet first to learn about the procedure and the pros and cons involved. Neutering a dog is a fairly common procedure and is recommended for dogs that have inherited genetic defects in order to prevent them from being passed along to another generation. It is also recommended for dogs that are not used for breeding and are kept outside and not fenced in to prevent the dog from mating with numerous females. Neutering is also said to help decrease aggression in some dogs although this may or may not be true. Dogs that are neutered often receive discounts on town or city registration requirements as well. Like all surgeries, there is some risk with neutering. Be sure to talk with your Covington, GA veterinary clinic to learn all the details.

How Often to Take Your Sugar Glider to the Vet

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Sugar gliders can make great exotic pocket pets. They are fun to play with, entertaining, and overall cute! Like other pocket pets, your sugar glider should see a vet after purchase or adoption. Your vet can look over the sugar glider and inspect him making sure the little creature is healthy, alert, and uninjured in any way. If your vet finds an injury or illness after purchase, you may be able to return the sugar glider for a refund or receive some type of compensation depending on the agreement with the purchaser. A first time vet visit can help establish a medical history for the sugar glider as well. After the initial vet visit, you probably won’t need to take your sugar glider to the vet unless he is sick or injured. You can always call your Covington, GA vet if you have questions or need assistance.

Caring for an injured dog

Your dog had an accident and you’ve been tending to an injury to help him heal a bit. However, since it happened, most of the work has been done by veterinary professionals. How can you care for your pet once you bring him home?

The most important thing to remember is that your pet needs you right now and it’s essential that you are there for him. To make sure you are able to offer your little fur ball the care he needs, discuss it in depth with his care providers before leaving. Make sure you understand everything and can perform the tasks required of you. Call for clarification if any questions come to mind later on. You should also shower your pet with lots of love to help him feel connected to you during a time that is rather uncomfortable for him. Your local Brandon, FL veterinarian can offer additional guidance. Read more here.

Choosing toys for your canine companion

Your dog needs you to take the time to play with her each and every day. How can you choose toys for her that will help her enjoy this time together?

Playtime is not only fun, but also an engaging way to interact with your pet, help her get some exercise, and allow your little fur ball to try some new skills. This means taking the time to offer your pet toys that will be fun to play with is essential, but they should also offer her a bit more than this. She needs to be able to have a variety to choose from and be able to play on her own as well. Think about how she will use the different options that are out there and what your living space will allow. She may need some toys for outdoor use as well. For additional information, please ask your local veterinarian Brandon, FL.

Why Your Pet Needs Regular Dental Checks

Tooth and gum problems are among the top health issues of pets. A dog or cat with dental issues can have higher risks of developing complications when bacteria from the mouth enter the bloodstream and reach vital organs of the body.

Regular dental visits to your veterinarian and a good home dental regimen are proactive measures that support your pet’s dental health. A thorough dental check is often possible when the animal is placed under anesthesia. So if you have any reservations or concerns about having your pet under anesthesia, don’t hesitate to talk to your veterinarian who will gladly address your concerns and allay your fears. Periodontal disease is very painful and affected pets won’t be able to eat as much as they want. It may also lead to loss of teeth and inflammation of the gums.

Know more about your pet’s dental needs by consulting your Aurora, CO vet. Click here for additional details.

Plump Rabbits Can Have Higher Health Risks

Excess weight can exert a lot of strain on a rabbit that is overweight or obese. Rabbits tend to put on weight easily because they have a sweet tooth and rabbit owners tend to give more food, treats, and sweets than what their pets need. The extra calories are then stored as fats.

On top of the list of health issues that affect rabbits are dental problems closely followed by obesity. With their sedentary lives, rabbits pet rabbits can easily pile on the pounds.

The best way to keep your pet rabbit’s weight within healthy limits is to keep a tight rein on his food intake and provide plenty of opportunities to burn excess energy.

Overweight or obese rabbits have higher risks of developing problems or issues affecting the heart, kidneys, gastro-intestinal tract, and even the hair coat.

Bring your pet to your Aurora, CO animal hospital for regular health and dental checks. To find out more, visit this link:

Helping your cat with hairballs

Helping your cat with hairballs

Your cat may experience hairballs from time to time and it’s important to be aware of when this happens. This will help you identify when things are getting a bit too frequent and you need to step in and help her with them.

Hairballs form when fur accumulates in your pet’s system. She ingests a fair amount of shed fur when grooming herself, so this can naturally cause an issue. You will likely take note of your pet’s hairball experiences because she will expel them. To help minimize the hairballs that form in your pet’s body, take the time to brush her often and make a point to keep her healthy. This will help reduce unnecessary shedding, which will in turn reduce the amount of fur that is ingested. Your local Marietta, GA vet can help you care for your pet. Visit this site for more information.

Should you be brushing your cat’s teeth ?

Should you be brushing your cat_s teeth

Your cat is an excellent companion and you know that she counts on you to care for her. How can you make sure her oral health care needs are being met?

You may have heard about people brushing their dog’s teeth and be surprised to hear that your cat’s teeth need the same attention. Your pet’s mouth is impacted by a lot of the same things that a dog’s mouth would be, so it makes sense to maintain her health in this manner as well. There are feline toothpastes and toothbrushes on the market to utilize with your pet, and her veterinarian can offer you guidance in getting her used to having her teeth brushed. It may take a little while for her to get used to this type of interaction, but it will allow you to regularly inspect her mouth and help keep her healthy. Your local skilled pet clinic Marietta GA can offer additional suggestions.