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Popular Lizard Names

Popular Lizard Names

If you’re thinking about purchasing a lizard make sure you plan ahead as to what your lizard will need once he arrives at home. You should buy a tank or cage ahead of time and fill it with bedding, a water area, food, treats, toys, and even décor such as rocks, caves, and greenery for hiding and playing. You should also start thinking about a name for your new pet. Some owners wait until after they bring their lizard home to name him. Getting to your know pet and his personality can give you clues for a perfect name. Popular male lizard names include Mushu, Godzilla, Spot, and Blackbeard. Popular female lizard names include Princess, Jade, Peaches, and Cupcake. You can also pick a name based on what your lizard looks like. For instance, Scales, Spot, Stripe, and Olive make great names. For more tips, talk with your vet Moorpark, CA. Visit this website for additional information.


Why your cat could benefit from a cat bed

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Your cat needs a lot of rest to keep up with all the playtime she is interested in taking part in. She also needs plenty of sleep to digest her high protein diet. Would a cat bed be beneficial to her?

A cat bed would offer your pet a place she can always count on to be available to her. This is important, as she needs a spot to call her own in an area where she can relax. It will also allow you to choose a spot that fits her needs perfectly so she can make the most of her time resting. For example, you can find the ideal size and shape for your little fur ball, then take the time to decide what level of support she needs the most to keep her from tossing and turning during her resting time. Your Ashburn, VA veterinarian can help you care for the pets in your home.

Choosing cat toys for your pet

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Your cat is a playful little creature, and you want to make sure she has plenty of toys to occupy her when she feels like having some fun. How can you find toys she will want to play with again and again?

Your pet needs toys that appeal to her natural instincts, and also a few that will bring her out of her comfort zone a bit. This mix will help satisfy any mood she is in, and help her really make the most of her time. Try to find toys she can pounce on and chase on her own, as well as some the rest of the family can utilize along with her. Toys that can be used in multiple ways are always a plus, as there is a higher likelihood that your pet will use them multiple times in multiple ways. Your local Ashburn, VA veterinarian can offer additional suggestions.

Helping your feline friend stay clean

Your cat is a big part of your life, and you know that she tries hard to keep herself clean and feeling great. How can you help her with this?

Your cat needs you to take over where she leaves off when it comes to keeping her clean and well-groomed. This means taking note of what she can handle on her own, and determining what she could use a little bit of extra help with. Your pet will likely need you to wipe her down if she gets excessively dirty, remove debris that has gotten stuck in her fur, and brush her often. You will likely need to pay particular attention to areas she has a hard time reaching on her own, as well as things she can’t really handle by herself, like wiping her paws off when they get dirty. Your local Ashburn, VA vet can help you better understand your pet.

What Should I Give My Chinchilla for Christmas ?

What Should I Give My Chinchilla for Christmas

It’s fun to shop for friends and family for Christmas. It’s also a lot of fun to shop for pets. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your chinchilla, then stop by your vet’s office or your local pet superstore or specialty shop. Many times veterinarian offices will carry special treats or toys for pets during the holidays. Pet stores will bundle a variety of pet toys with food and treats and mark them on sale for Christmas. This can be a great time to stock up on a gift and regular everyday items for your chinchilla. Special treats for the holidays may include fruit flavored yogurt snacks by brands such as Kaytee. Little coats and hats are also available at pet specialty shops. Don’t forget toys. Your chinchilla probably loves to run and play outside of his cage. Buy him a new toy to play with. For more tips, talk with your vet Moorpark, CA. For additional information, you can visit website

Should I Buy a Ferret for Christmas ?

Should I Buy a Ferret for Christmas

Ferrets make great little pets. They are not recommended for small children, however, due to the ferret’s small size and the chances of the ferret getting hurt if the younger child plays too rough. With this in mind, if you’re looking to buy a ferret as a Christmas present for a friend or family member, make sure you plan ahead and ensure that the recipient of the ferret will be able to provide time and money for the ferret’s care. When gifting a ferret, include a cage, bedding, food, treats, water and food bowls to help the owner get started with basic ferret care. If you’re buying the ferret for a young child make sure there will be adults available to help in the care and upkeep. When looking for a ferret, make sure you pick one that is alert, has clean eyes, trimmed nails, and a healthy coat. For more tips, talk with your vet Moorpark, CA. Visit website for more information.

Do Hedgehogs Snore ?

Do Hedgehogs Snore

Have you ever heard your hedgehog make a noise that sounded a lot like a snore? Chances are he was actually snoring. Animals, like people, may snore while they sleep. This can be because of the position in which the hedgehog is sleeping or it could because something is obstructing the nasal passages. In most cases a small snore is harmless. You can try to reposition your hedgehog while he sleeps to see if the snoring stops. Sometimes this can help. The nasal passages are blocked simply by the way the hedgehog is curled up or sprawled out. If your hedgehog snores a lot and it’s excessive then you should call your vet and schedule a checkup.  You vet clinic Moorpark CA can take a look at your hedgehog and make sure there are no other health concerns going on. He may also have suggestions for stopping your hedgehog’s snoring.

Helping an overweight cat get back in shape

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Your cat has gained some weight, and it’s put her a bit outside of the ideal range her body would be healthy within. How can you help her get back in shape?

Your pet needs you to take a look at her life now, and see where changes can be made to help enhance her health. This will likely mean making alterations in both her eating and exercise habits. Her diet should consist of appropriate portions of healthy food and treats that will nourish her body. Her exercise routine should be fun and motivate her to get up and move. This is where play really comes in handy, as it can be very engaging for your pet. Try to offer her ways to play with you as well as on her own so she can do so whenever she pleases. For additional information, please contact your local Ashburn, VA vet.

Do Golden Long-Tailed Hamsters Get Ticks?

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Although it’s not common, Golden Long-Tailed hamsters that live in a home with other pets can actually get tick bites. If you own a hamster as well as another pet that has access to the outdoors such as a cat or a dog, then the chances of your Golden Long-Tailed hamster getting a tick are high. Ticks can latch on to other animals that simply walk through tall grass or rub against shrubbery and bushes. The animals can then transfer the tick into the home. Once the tick feeds and falls off he will look for another host. At this time it is possible for the tick to latch on to your hamster. If this happens, remove the tick immediately by pulling straight up on the tick. Be sure to grab his head. You need to remove all of the tick to prevent infection. Call your vet Fort Collins, CO to learn more.

Disaster preparation and your furry friend

Your pet is an important part of your family, and you want to make sure you are able to be there for her any time she needs you. This means meeting her needs during a disaster scenario as well as during normal times.

A disaster scenario can present you with new challenges when it comes to caring for your pet. Think about the care you have to offer her in order for her to remain happy and healthy, and then determine how you can meet these needs in ways other than what you are currently doing. This will help you understand how you can help your pet if an issue were to arise. For example, having additional food on hand can feed your pet if you are unable to get to the store for a while. Your Sharon, ON veterinarian can help you care for the pets in your home. Visit this website Armitage Animal Clinic for more details.