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Scratching post basics

You have a cat in your life who needs to be able to scratch whenever she wants to. This means taking the time to find the ideal item for her to scratch on to help her keep her claws in great shape.

To do this, you will need to make sure you are keeping track of where your pet is currently scratching. She may opt for plush surfaces, or gravitate toward harder ones. She may prefer horizontal surfaces to the traditional vertical ones. She may also have certain areas of your home that she tends to scratch in. Keep these preferences in mind when seeking out a scratching post for her, as this will help you choose an option your pet will actually use. Your local Crown Point, IN veterinarian can help you care for the pets in your home. To learn more, visit this link:


Helping your dog make friends

You have a dog in your life who needs to get out and interact with others on a regular basis. Since she’s so social and you know she loves getting to know new friends, how can you help to bring some new ones into her life?

Helping your dog make friends will require you to act in two different areas of her life. The first one is to offer her the appropriate training so she will be able to better understand how to interact with others safely. The second part will involve bringing your pet to new and different places where she can meet some new friends. You will need to supervise her while she is there and offer plenty of guidance in order to help her keep interactions on the positive side. Your local Crown Point, IN vet clinic can offer additional advice.

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Why Your Guinea Pig Eats His Poop

Your guinea pig needs a varied diet to keep healthy and happy. He needs guinea pig pellets, fresh vegetables and fruits plus lots of timothy hay. Even with all this nutritional food, you may notice that your guinea pig reaches down to his anus and eat his own poop. This habit seems gross but it is actually a very normal thing for him to do. Your guinea pig isn’t eating the normal pellet-shaped ones from all over the cage. The poop he eats is softer and smaller. Your guinea pig digests it again since his digestive system needs to absorb the vitamins and minerals from his food that were missed the first time through. This is nothing to worry about and shouldn’t be discouraged. Your guinea pig knows what to do with this poop even if you don’t quite understand it. For more information, contact your veterinarian Fort Collins, CO or Visit this link to know more:

Raw Meat Diets and Your Cat

Cats in the wild hunt and eat an all-meat diet. Thus, it is tempting to feed your cat a similar diet. However, you would need to feed her raw meat from the grocery. This meat may be contaminated with salmonella, e coli and other bacteria that would be killed when cooked properly. These contaminants make humans sick so we cook our food and wash our hands and food preparation areas after handling raw meat. You will need to supplement your cat’s diet if you feed her primarily raw meat to ensure proper nutrition. Consider feeding your cat a high-quality nutritionally complete diet formulated for cats for best results. If you must give your cat raw meat, get fresh meat from a butcher shop rather than the supermarket. Use this meat quickly or freeze it promptly to destroy bacteria. Learn more from your local veterinarian Fort Collins, CO.

Keeping your dog well-groomed

You have a dog in your life who is depending on you in order to help her stay comfortable in your care. This is more likely to happen if she is well-groomed, so you want to take the time to make sure she stays this way.

In order to make this happen, you will need to make an effort to determine what he needs from you to upkeep his regular grooming routine. Your pet will need to be brushed on a regular basis and bathed often as well. The frequency of these will depend on your individual pet’s needs, so be mindful of how long her fur is and how often she gets dirty. She may also need to visit a professional groomer from time to time in order to make sure additional tasks are being performed, like clipping your dog’s nails or trimming her fur. For additional information, please talk to your local veterinarian Crown Point, IN.

Protecting Your Dog from Choking Hazards

Your dog explores his environment with his mouth. Thus you must carefully dog-proof your home to protect your dog from choking hazards. Food storage bags and bones smell like food so they are particularly tempting. Your dog may chew on Legos, blocks or other small toys. Spongy items such as rubber bands or erasers feel good to chew. Your dog could easily swallow string, twine, yarn or tape. These items could choke your dog or lodge in his digestive tract and cause a blockage. It may require surgery to remove these swallowed items. Dog-proof your home starts with examining each room from your dog’s point of view. Look for items he may chew on or swallow and safely store them out of your dog’s reach. If your dog has swallowed a foreign object, he could be choking, pawing at his mouth or drooling excessively.  Contact your veterinary clinic Fort Collins CO immediately for evaluation and treatment.

How the weather outside impacts your indoor cat

You have a cat in your life who needs to be able to lead a happy and fulfilling life and you will need to understand how outside factors can alter her life in order for this to happen. This makes you wonder -how does the weather outside impact her life inside your home?

Your pet may spend her time indoors, but the outside world can impact her daily routine. Air vents in your home may make certain areas extra appealing or cause them to become a bit uncomfortable. The scenery out her favorite window will change and the routines of her favorite human is likely to be altered a bit as well. Your little fur ball will feel drafts from doors as they open and will enjoy snuggling up in a warm spot when it is a bit cool outside just like you do. Your local Marietta, GA vet can offer additional suggestions.

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Why your dog loves to sniff things

You have a dog in your life who needs to be able to better understand the world around him and he seems to sniff things when he gets a bit curious. Why does he do this?

Sniffing things can be a great way for your pet to gather information about the world around him. This offers him a chance to see what an item can offer in the scent department and determine what’s going on from there. This is because your little fur ball’s sense of smell can be very strong, which allows him to get a lot more than you would from simply smelling an item. In fact, some breeds are known for their keen noses and are able to seek out items using only their sense of smell. Your local vet care Marietta, GA can help you better understand your pet.

Antibiotic Resistant Bacterial Infections In Dogs

Bacterial infections that are antibiotic-resistant no longer respond to commonly used antibiotics that are commonly used. The bacteria that is causing the infection cannot be killed or their growth stopped by common antibiotics. These types of infections can be challenging and costly to treat, and may require drug alternatives that may be toxic or high-risk. Unfortunately, there infections can possibly be passed on to humans and other pets.

While bacteria can develop natural resistance to certain antibiotics, frequent and/or inappropriate antibiotic use has been shown to accelerate the process. In order to survive certain conditions, bacteria develop certain mechanisms that help them become resistant to antibiotics that they are exposed to. Bacteria that develop resistance have the ability to pass on this resistance to their offspring.

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How to help your rabbit get the exercise she needs

You have a rabbit in your life who depends on you to look after her. This means taking the time to determine the ideal way to meet her needs day in and day out. How can you help her get the exercise she needs?

Your rabbit needs to be able to understand what’s happening around her as well as how to meet her needs. This means that you will need to offer her space to move about, activities to take part in, and lots of guidance to make the most of both. This means helping her get moving within her enclosure as well as outside of it, so be sure to be mindful of both. Your pet needs to get moving each day in order to stay fit and healthy, so try to find activities that will appeal to her. Your local vet San Antonio, TX can help you better understand your pet.