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Signs your dog is experiencing arthritis pain

You have a dog at home who you love very much and you want to make sure you are able to give her the care she needs each and every day. This means being able to identify different issues, like arthritis pain. How can you tell if your pet is experiencing this?

Arthritis impacts the joints, so it’s likely that you will notice your pet moving about differently should she be experiencing pain from this. This may mean that she is visibly uncomfortable doing certain things, or it may mean that she avoids specific movements altogether. She may go about activities in a different manner or simply rest a lot more often to try and alleviate some of the pain she is feeling. Your pet may also have trouble getting comfortable, and tend to toss and turn when trying to rest. Your local Lafayette, LA vet can offer additional suggestions. Find out more here:


Be Careful When Feeding Dogs Fruit with Pits/Seeds

Did you know that feeding your dog fruit that contains a pit or seed can be harmful? For instance, apples, oranges, nectarines, peaches, etc. all have seeds or pits in the middle. Cut up and served seedless these fruits are harmless to dogs and often make great snacking alternatives. However, the seeds and pits themselves can be dangerous if ingested. Most of the seeds and pits contain toxins or poisons like cyanide which can cause harm to your dog. If you want to feed your dog fruit, make sure you cut it up first and remove the seeds and/or pits. Do not let your dog eat the fruit whole without supervision. You will need to take the fruit away from him before he gets to the seed/pit. Grapes are also harmful and contain toxins in the seeds and pits. For more details, call your Ashburn, VA veterinary clinic.

Do I Have to Feed My Dog at the Same Times Every Day?

It’s a good idea to keep your dog on a pretty routine schedule especially when it comes to feeding him breakfast and dinner. Your dog may become anxious if he isn’t fed around his normal time and even fear he’s going to not get fed at all. This is true especially for rescued dogs that come from environments where food was scarce or not given at all. You can help ease your dog’s anxiety by keeping him on a regular schedule. However, it’s recommended by some vets to make sure that schedule varies. For instance, don’t feed your dog at exactly 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day. Change the time up a bit so he doesn’t expect it at the exact moment each day. This way, if you are late in feeding him or even early, he will not be anxious because he knows it’s around that time daily. For more tips, call your Leesburg, VA vet.

Choosing the ideal dog breed for your household

Choosing the ideal dog breed for your householdYou have been talking to your family about bringing a dog into the household and you are wondering if it’s finally time to make it happen. This means that you are seeking out the ideal options for your family to get additional information. How can you narrow down the dog breeds you are considering?

Dogs vary greatly from breed to breed. You will have to consider their size, personality, living space requirements, and lifestyle when looking into bringing a pet home. Think about how much time you have to care for a pet and how much time each of these breeds will need from their owners on a daily basis. Consider the cost of their care as well, since this will be an ongoing expense. This will help you find a pet that will fit into your household from the start. For more information, please contact your local veterinarian Carolina Forest, SC.

What’s The Best Leash For Your Pet Dog

What’s The Best Leash For Your Pet Dog

Dog leashes come in different sizes, texture, and even of different materials. Some come with colorful and stylish collars, some bulky and tough, and some are made of leather, nylon, or even metal. Also known as the lead, a leash is an essential dog accessory that must be included in the new puppy to-buy list. In addition to restraining, a leash is also used in several training routines. Leash training is one of the basic training routines that dogs should undergo. For daily use and training, a standard leash can be used for the purpose. There is also a leash that is retractable. It comes with a cord that can be locked when it reaches a desired length. This type of leash will come in handy when allowing your dog to wander around a bit on your outdoor excursions or when visiting the dog park. The martingale leads are often seen worn by toy breed dogs.

Sudden changes in your pet’s health and/or behavior should be checked out by your experienced pet clinic Aurora CO.

Are There Snow Shoes for Dogs?

Yes, there are definitely shoes made for dogs to wear in the snow and on icy surfaces. If you and your dog like to spend a lot of time outdoors, don’t let the snow slow you down. Protect your dog’s feet from the cold and wet snow with doggy snow shoes. These shoes can also help prevent snow balls from forming on your dog’s feet, which can be painful and make walking difficult or unbearable. You can find snow shoes at most pet stores in the winter time. You can also look online and at other stores such as tack shops and sporting good stores. To find the perfect fit, measure your dogs feet according to the directions on the shoe packaging. Try the shoes on your dog before purchasing if possible. For help with sizing, you can also ask your Somerville, MA veterinary clinic team for assistance.

Types of Burns in Dogs

You never want your dog to get a burn, however, it’s good to know the types of burns ahead of time so that if your dog does get a burn you will know how to identify and treat it. For instance, if you notice your dog has extremely irritated or red skin or skin that is peeling, call your vet right away. Your dog may have been burned. Burns come in different types including sunburns, chemical burns, electric burns, or burns from hot liquids or hot objects. The more you know about how your dog was burned the better you can help him. First degree burns will cause pain but the skin will remain intact. Second and third degree burns will cause severe pain with skin either peeling or gone completely. Never apply ointment or creams to burns without talking to your White Rock, TX vet first.

Does My Pregnant Dog Need Prenatal Vitamins?

In short, the answer is no. If your dog is pregnant, contact your vet and schedule an exam. Your vet can check your dog and give you an idea of how far along she is. Your vet can also help you with a pregnancy plan or timeline. For instance, he can give you ideas on what to expect from your dog health wise, eating habits, exercise habits, etc. Your vet can also give you advice on what type of food to feed your dog to help her maintain her health throughout the pregnancy. Once the puppies are delivered, your dog may need to change her diet to adjust to nursing. Dog foods with additional vitamins and nutrients may be recommended to help keep your dog’s immune system strong and to give her energy. For more ways to keep your pregnant dog healthy before and after pregnancy, give your Lakeville, MN veterinary clinic a call.

Dog bath basics

Dog bath basics.jpgYou have a dog at home who needs you to look out for her and to help her stay healthy. One way you can do this is to bathe her regularly so she can stay clean and comfortable.

Bathing your dog will involve a bit of practice, as it may take a little while for your pet to get comfortable with the process. Make sure you are able to offer her a suitable water temperature, a dog-friendly shampoo, and some patience to get the job done right. Stay calm and try to help your pet have some fun in the water so this becomes an enjoyable process for her. Be sure to gather your supplies ahead of time and to be ready to get right down to business when bath time rolls around. Your local vet Los Gatos, CA can help you care for your pet. Visit this site for more information.

How long should your dog’s walks be?

You have a dog at home who is depending on you to care for her in a variety of ways. This means that you need to be there for your pet day in and day out to help her meet her needs, like when it comes to helping her get some exercise.

To make sure your pet is getting all the exercise she needs, you should make a point to bring her out on at least one walk every day. You should make sure your pet is able to complete the walk, but she should be a bit tired at the end of it. This means that you will need to take her exercise needs, the weather in your area, the length of the walk, and the intensity of your route into account as well. Your local vet care Glendale, AZ can offer additional advice.