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Dealing With Your Dog’s Stomach Issues

Your dog will suffer from an upset stomach and other digestive issues if he eats something he shouldn’t such as table scraps, garbage or grass. He may experience vomiting or dry heaves, diarrhea or excessive flatulence or he could lose his appetite and strain to eliminate. However, your dog may suffer from more frequent digestive problems than normal that needs medical attention. Your dog may have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Or he could have an infection from bacteria, a virus or some type of parasite. Your dog may need prescription food formulated for digestive issues. Introduce the food a little at a time as a substitute for your dog’s current food. Always provide access to fresh, clean water. This is especially important when your dog is suffering from digestive issues. Make an appointment with your Tampa, FL veterinary clinic if your dog presents digestive symptoms for evaluation and treatment.


Canine sleeping habits

You have a dog in your life who loves to rest whenever the mood strikes him to do so. What should you know about his resting habits to help him get some sleep in each day?

Your pet loves being a part of the action in your home and this means that even if he is unable to really take part in what is going on, he will still be excited to watch from the sidelines. Because of this, your pet will take advantage of the times when your home is quite and calm to rest. Offer him a place he can relax that will keep him close to family members and allow him to still feel like a part of the group, but give him enough space that he won’t be likely to be disturbed. Make sure your pet has a comfortable bed to call her own too. For more information, please contact your local Rockville, MD vet.

Why your dog needs to play

You have a dog in your life who loves to play whenever the opportunity to do so arises, and you want to make sure you are helping her get the most of this time. How can you understand this need better so you can help her enjoy herself more?

Play is an important part of your pet’s life because she isn’t able to tackle new skills without practice. Play gives her a chance to try new things, explore the world a bit, and to gain confidence in herself. It also allows her to have some time to exercise and socialize with those around her. Your pet can have some fun while playing too, so she will need some variety in the activities she enjoys to make this happen. Your local Bee Cave TX vet clinic can help you care for your pet. Click here for additional information.

Professional Canine Dental Cleaning

Professional Canine Dental CleaningCleaning your dog’s teeth and stimulating his gums regularly is an important hygiene task. However, even with the most diligent of care, your dog will need periodic professional cleanings. Your vet can perform these cleanings under anesthesia. Extractions may be needed when there is excess decay. X-rays help determine overall dental health. Your dog may need antibiotics before and after his dental cleaning to manage infections and reduce the risk of introducing dangerous bacteria into your dog’s bloodstream. Follow all aftercare commands just like any other surgical procedure. Your dog may need pain medication and she may be restricted to soft foods for a few days. Medication and anesthesia can cause digestive issues and diarrhea for a few days too. Soon your dog will be back to normal with a nice clean mouth. Learn more from your veterinary clinic Glen Ellyn, IL.

Weight/Fill in Dog Blankets

Buying your dog a blanket or coat can get complicated when there are a lot of choices available. If you’re looking for a good blanket or coat to keep your dog warm or dry then avoid the pet store line of clothing. These are often intended for inside wear or for show. You can find all weather blankets and coats for dogs out outdoor sporting good stores, tack shops or grain stores, and on the internet. When buying a blanket make sure you understand what weigh or fill means. Many of the blankets will be described this way. The weight or fill basically refers to the stuffing or ‘fill’ in the blanket. If you want the blanket to keep your dog warm by a heavy weight or fill. For a light covering go for a lighter weight or fill. If you need help for fit, give your Crown Point, IN vet a call.

Should I Get My Dog Shoes for Summer Walking?

Your dog most likely doesn’t need shoes for summer walking unless you plan to take him on some pretty intense and rocky hikes or mountain climbing. In this case, your dog should wear special shoes or paw pad protectors to keep his paw pads and paws from getting scratched, blistered, cracked, etc. If you’re worried about your dog walking on sidewalks, roadways or other hot pavements in the summer you can check his paw pads frequently to see if there are signs of burns or blisters. Try to walk your dog on grassy surfaces or sandy surfaces unless the sand is super hot. If your dog does have blisters or cracks on his paw pads, you should notify your vet and ask for assistance in treating the blisters. Some of the blisters may be burns in which your veterinary clinic Portland, OR will need to treat right away.

Should You Adopt a Dog?

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Adoption is always a great option when it comes to bringing a dog into the home. Even if you’re looking for a specific dog such as a purebred or hypoallergenic breed (i.e. a Bichon or Poodle), you may still be able to find these dogs at the shelter. Call your local animal shelter or rescue or even visit them online to see what dogs are available for adoption. Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs in the shelter are there because of behavioral issues. Some dogs are there because their owners simply couldn’t afford them or their owners may have become ill or suddenly had to move away. There are many reasons for dogs to end up shelters. Check out the shelters and ask for the back stories on the dogs before making a decision to adopt or not. Talk with your Crown Point, IN veterinary clinic as well.

Choosing a leash for your dog

You have a dog at home who needs to spend some time out and about in order to get some fresh air as well as some exercise. How can you choose a leash for her that will allow her to do this without any hinderances?

Your pet needs you to think about the leashes on the market and bring home the ideal option for her. This means taking the time to think about the places your pet spends her time as well as your pet’s habits when you are out of the house. Choose the length that will give her the amount of freedom she can safely handle and make a point to opt for a leash that is a weight she is comfortable with. This should be durable and hook securely to her collar or harness. Your local Marietta, GA veterinarian can help you care for the pets in your home. To know more, visit this website:

Walking Your Dog in the Summer

vet Fort Collins, COWhen the weather outside grows warmer it’s a good idea to start shortening your walks with your dog. The hot temperatures can be uncomfortable not only for you, but also for your dog. Instead of a long walk in the heat, try shorter walks. You can also plan to take your walks in the early part of the morning and in the later part of the evening or early night. When you do walk at these times, however, keep in mind that you and your dog may not be as visible as during the daylight. You should plan to wear bright clothing and use reflective collars, harnesses, and leashes on your dog. If you can’t walk at these times of the day and must choose the middle of the day, please take caution of the heat. Take a water bottle and bowl for you and your dog and stay hydrated. For more details, call your vet Fort Collins, CO.

Your dog and homemade treats

Your canine companion needs you to be aware of the fact that there are a lot of treat options out there, and some may not be right for her. This makes you wonder – what does it take to make homemade treats for your dog?

Your dog may love the idea of eating something you have made just for her, so take the time to talk to her veterinarian about doing so if you feel motivated to get cooking. This will help you find recipes that are safe for your pet and will help nourish her body so she can stay healthy and strong while still being able to enjoy something tasty in between meals. Making your own treats allows you to customize them to your pet’s preferences and dietary needs, but it also takes time to prepare them, so weigh your options carefully. Your local Brandon, FL vet can offer additional suggestions. Or click here: