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Should you teach your dog some tricks?

You’ve been thinking about teaching your dog some tricks. How can you tell if he’s ready to do this?

Your pet needs you to understand that teaching him new skills, even if they are tricks, will still count as training for him. This means that you will likely go about these tasks in the same manner as you would any other training you’ve done with your pet. In fact, if you’ve had good experiences in the past, you will likely be able to enjoy this process once again as you interact with your pet to help him learn something new. If you are still going through basic training with your pet, you may want to prioritize the things you’d like him to learn and hold off on fun things like tricks until later on. For additional information, please ask your local vet clinic Crown Point, IN.


Choosing a crate for your canine companion

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You are going to be the owner of a cute little fur ball soon and you can’t wait to care for your new dog. How can you choose the best crate for her now that you are purchasing the supplies she will need?

Your dog’s crate will be a place that she can comfortably spend her time and enjoy some solitude. This means that she needs to be comfortable in this area in order for this to happen. Think about what your pet would like for privacy as well as what other items should be placed in this area. Consider your pet’s size, what type of entry would be ideal, and where you will be placing the crate in your home to help you narrow down your options a bit further. Your local Leesburg, VA vet clinic can offer additional advice.

How your child can benefit from spending time with a pet

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You have been thinking about bringing a pet into your family because your child has been begging for some time with a furry companion of her own. This makes you wonder – how could she benefit from this experience?

Spending time with a pet can be a great learning experience for a child. With proper guidance and supervision, your little one may be able to add some valuable skills to her capabilities. She will learn about the needs of another living thing, and how these have to be addressed. She will learn to look after someone other than herself and also benefit from the relationship she has with her little fur ball. This can also help her be more aware of her surroundings, as she will see how differently a pet interacts with items in your living space. For more information, please contact your local Ashburn, VA veterinarian.

Helping your dog stay comfortable when you’re out of town

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You know that you won’t always be able to be with your dog, so you are taking the time to ensure she will be comfortable in your absence. How can you make sure she is happy and well-cared for while you are out of town?

Your pet will still need care while you are away from home, so you will need to seek out someone who can look after her while you are away. This will likely mean finding a pet sitter who has experience with pets like yours and is comfortable with your little fur ball. Make sure she is able to keep your pet content, that you can trust her to meet her needs and take care of any situations that may arise. Consider meeting with this individual ahead of time along with your pet to see how they interact. For additional information, please contact your local Ashburn, VA vet.

Gingivitis Can Happen to Dogs

Have you been to the dentist recently and been told that you need to clean your teeth and gums better so prevent dental disease like gingivitis? Gingivitis is common in people and in pets. It occurs when food builds up on the teeth causing tartar plaque and calculus to form. Flossing, brushing, and healthy diets can help fight against gingivitis in people and in dogs. That’s right, your dog could be at risk for gingivitis if you’re not helping him take care of his teeth. Dogs need their teeth brushed routinely to keep food from building up and turning into plaque and tartar. Some vets recommend owners brushing their dog’s teeth daily with vet approved toothpaste and a toothbrush. In addition, a yearly professional dental cleaning at the vet may also be needed. Feeding your dog crunchy treats can also help naturally break down tartar and plaque. Consult with your Plano, TX veterinary clinic to learn more.

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What to Watch out For with Degenerative Myelopathy

Many large breed canines will start to develop arthritis or mobility related issues in their hind end later in life. This is simply the course of nature for larger breeds. However, some large breeds and even smaller breeds (i.e. Corgis) can develop arthritis that drastically worsens and causes complete paralysis. This is not due to arthritis; but instead, occurs as the result of illnesses such as Degenerative Myelopathy of DM. Breeds affected include Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, German Shepherds, dogs in the Mountain dog family, and even Standard Poodles. Signs include a weakened backend, difficulty rising or jumping, stumbling with moving, buckling of the legs, knuckling of the toes, loss of muscle in the backend, etc. You should always notify your Frisco, TX veterinary clinic if you see if any these signs in your dog. Your dog may not have DM, but you will need your vet to examine the dog in order to determine if treatment is available. Visit this website Coit Hedgcoxe Animal Hospital for additional information.

Remember to Wash Your Dog’s Feet After Winter Walks

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If you walk your dog in the winter on treated sidewalks, walkways or roadways, make sure you remember to wash your dog’s feet when he comes back inside. Not all chemical ice melt products used on walk ways and road ways are pet friendly. Washing your dog’s feet can help remove the harmful chemicals and prevent your dog from cleaning his own feet and risk ingesting the chemicals. Likewise, roadways treated with sand may have a salt mixture in it as well. The salt can burn your dogs feet and also eat away at the paw pads. Washing your dog’s feet after a walk can ensure there is no salt left on the feet. The best way to avoid having your dog walk in anything dangerous is to walk in the snow and away from treated areas. Your Marietta, GA vet may recommend using warm water or pet bath wipes to wash your cat’s feet. Click here.

Bundling Up your Dog for an Outdoor Walk

If you like to take your dog for walks in all kinds of water then make sure your dog is dressed appropriately for the weather outdoors. If it’s hot outside, avoid walking in the middle of the day. Make sure you take water with you for water breaks. If it’s cold outside, keep your dog bundled up according to the level of coldness and your dog’s coat type. For instance, Golden Retrievers probably don’t need a coat for an outdoor walk unless the temperatures are at a steady freezing degree or lower. They may also need a coat if it’s snowing or raining in order to keep them dry. A Yorkie on the other hand should have a sweater in the 50 or 40 degree weather. Anything lower will need a coat. If you’re wearing a heavy coat make sure your Yorkie is too. For more ideas and suggestions, visit this site, or call your Dunn, NC veterinary clinic.

Keeping your Dog Cool in a Power Outage

The fall and winter months are not always cold blistering months. In some locations there can be times of extreme warmth. A power outage may not necessarily mean you and your dog will get cold, but instead, you could get overheated. You can help keep your dog cool in a power outage by making sure he has plenty of water to drink. Keep windows open at night to allow cool air in. Shut windows in the day to keep warmth out. Keep the blinds on the sun side of the house closed to keep the cool in. Open the blinds when the sun changes position. Feed your pup cool treats such as flavored ice cubes, doggy ice cream, or cold pieces of fruit (i.e. apples with no peel or seeds). Take your dog outdoors for frequent walks in the early morning and late evening when it’s cooler out. For more tips, consult with your Dunn, NC veterinarian.

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How to Keep Outside Dog Water from Freezing

If the weather is cold enough to keep your dog’s outside water frozen then it’s probably too cold to keep your dog outside for any period of time. However, you still may want to keep water outside in case your dog gets thirsty during a short trip out or if your dog accidentally gets locked out for a time. You can keep your dog’s water from freezing by providing him with a large enough bucket of water that you can place a water heater in it. You can also use a small animal trough that can be plugged into prevent freezing. For small dishes of water, simply keep them empty when not in use. Pour cool water in them when your dog goes out. Don’t pour hot water as this tends to freeze more quickly. For more ideas and tips, call your vet Dunn, NC.