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Why your dog would enjoy a doghouse

Why your dog would enjoy a doghouse

Your dog loves spending time outside, and offering him a dog house would allow him to extend this time a bit. This is because a dog house gives him a place to get out of the elements for a while and stay comfortable.

During the warmer months, your pet can enjoy the shade that a dog house offers in addition to blocking the rain and wind when needed. Cooler weather will cause your pet to get chilly, and a dog house will give him a chance to have a spot outside that is up off the ground and out of any snow that may accumulate. Plus, it’s nice for your pet to have a place that he can call his own. This gives him a spot he can count on being available to him in an ever-changing outdoor environment. For more information, please contact your local trusted animal hospital Lafayette LA.

Preventing Your Dog From Jumping Up on People

Preventing Your Dog From Jumping Up on People

Most dogs that jump up on people were encouraged to do so while they were puppies. However, it’s not so much fun now that your dog is fully grown. You will need to deter your dog from jumping up on people and give him something more appropriate to do. Whenever your dog starts to jump up on you, turn around quickly so he falls to the floor. Don’t make a fuss. When all four feet on the floor, give him a food treat and lots of praise. Practice this often and encourage family members and friends to follow this same procedure. Your dog will soon learn that jumping up is inappropriate. Anticipate situations when your dog may jump up and insist he sit by you. If he is sitting, he can’t jump up on people. Never yell at your dog or punish him while he is learning. Learn more from your animal hospital Cameron Park, CA.

Does your Papillon Need Stairs?

Small dogs like the Papillon don’t realize their small. They usually see themselves as large dogs that can do anything they want including jumping off the bed. This is not the greatest thing though. Most small dogs injure themselves when jumping from high platforms such as a bed or couch. Legs are often broken simply because the dog thought he could make the distance. If this sounds like your little guy then you may want to look into dog stairs. You can buy portable dog stairs specifically designed to meet your pet’s height needs. The stairs can be placed near a bed, couch, sofa, or large chair so the dog has easy access on and off the furniture. Make sure you buy a stairs that are sturdy enough for your dog’s weight. If you need help finding dog stairs, give your vet clinic Northwest Columbus, OH a call.

Taking the Pomeranian on a Road Trip

Do you travel often? Do you own a Pomeranian or other breed of canine? If possible, you should consider taking your pup with you on a road trip. Obviously some trips aren’t suitable for pups and they need to be boarded, but if it’s possible, your Pomeranian can be a lot of company on your trip. If you’re going to head out with your Pommie, make sure you’re prepared. When packing for yourself make sure to pack a bag for your pup too. Include extra water, food, bowls to eat and drink from, leash, an extra leash, harness if you use them, potty trash bags for picking up after your pup, and any medicines your dog needs. Don’t forget to pack your pup’s bed or favorite blanket to remind him of home. Bringing along copies of vaccination records may also be useful too. For more ideas on what to pack, call your veterinarian care Upper Arlington, OH.

Minor Cuts in Pugs

Dogs can be a lot like children. They love to play outdoors, get dirty, and try all kinds new tricks that may or may not be safe for them. They’re natural explorers. When a child gets a cut the parent doesn’t usually call the doctor or an emergency number right away. Instead, the parent gets out the first aid kit and treats the cut. The same is true for dogs. If your pug comes in from playing and appears to have a cut, don’t panic. Instead, examine the cut and if it’s not serious treat it from home. You can use cleaning solutions like Vetericyn or regular iodine or chlorhexine to clean the cut. If it looks like it may become infected, apply a small amount of Neosporin or antibiotic cream approved by your vet. If the cut doesn’t heal on its own or appears to big to handle by yourself, call your vet Upper Arlington, OH.

Helping your dog recover from an injury

Helping your dog recover from an injuryYour dog is a big part of your life, and you want to make sure he gets the best care he possibly can. This is particularly true when he is recovering from an injury. How can you help him get through this difficult time?

Your pet needs your help in making sure he gets back up and going. This means that you will need to offer daily care to your pet, but it will likely be more intense than you are used to. Your pet may need different things from you now, and your support will mean the world to him. Follow his vet’s instructions as closely as you can to make sure you are offering your pet what he needs. If you are unsure of something, make a point to call the office and ask for clarification. For more information, please contact your local veterinarians Guilford, County.

What to Do If You Find a Tick on Your Dog

What to Do If You Find a Tick on Your DogWith the warm weather upon us so are ticks. Ticks can transmit a number of dangerous and deadly diseases to your dog. Check your dog often for ticks or tick bites especially after he is in a tick-infested area such as the woods or an area with tall grasses. If you find a tick walking around on your dog, remove it promptly. If the tick has latched on to your dog, you need to remove it completely. Use tweezers or a tick removal tool to grasp the tick’s body. Pull the tick straight up so that all the legs are removed. The longer the tick is on your dog, the more likely it will become engorged with blood. This is gross but you still need to remove the tick. Clean the wound thoroughly. Consider getting blood testing done to ensure that your dog isn’t infected by a tick-borne disease. For more information, contact your animal hospital Frisco, TX.

Play Dates for Your Dog

Play Dates for Your Dog

Planning play dates for your dog can be fun and give him opportunities to socialize with other dogs. You also get to visit with like-minded dog owners. Ensure that your dog obeys basic commands so you can get him under control quickly if you need to. Invite a friend with a dog with a similar temperament to your dog over to play. Introduce the dogs outside the house so your dog is less likely to act aggressive while defending his home. You can even meet at a local dog park. Don’t hover but watch for bullying behavior that may require intervention. You may be able to join playgroups at pet stores or online organizations. These groups are usually organized by breed or dog size. They take place indoors in pet-safe areas or even in dog parks. Most importantly, keep it fun. Contact your vet Plano, TX to learn more.

Giving Your Dog a Pill

Giving Your Dog a Pill

Some pet medications are only available in pill form so you need to determine the best method to administer a pill. Sometimes it’s as easy as smashing the pill and mixing it with ground meat or wet canned dog food and your dog will gobble it up. However, dogs may taste the medication and reject it. There are yummy treats manufactured with a pocket in it to insert a pill. Many dogs will gobble up the treat with the medication inside without fuss. You can also use a pill gun. This tool has rubber fingers to hold the pill and a plunger end to release the pill. Open your dog’s mouth and quickly insert the end of the pill gun behind the tongue and release the pill into his throat. Close your dog’s mouth, keep his chin up and rub his throat to ensure he has swallowed the pill. Learn more from your veterinary clinic Plano, TX.

Homemade Dog Food

Homemade Dog Food

Your dog is a big part of your daily life, and her care is something you take very seriously. Since feeding her can significantly impact her life, you want to be able to offer her the best food you possibly can. Does this mean you need to make it yourself?

While homemade dog food can be a great way to give your pet what she needs, it isn’t the only option. There are great commercial dog foods available as well. This means that your little fur ball will likely be able to thrive off either option, depending on what works best for your family. Talk to your pet’s veterinarian to determine what nutrients your pet needs most, then match her up to the appropriate food. Your local East Indianapolis, IN vet can help you care for your pet. Visit this site for more information.