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Being Generous With Treats Can Increase Your Cat’s Predisposition To Obesity

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Did you know that over-indulging your pet with food or treats can increase their risk of becoming overweight or obese?  Being generous is NOT a way to show your pet’s how much you care and love them. Many cat parents think that over-indulging their pets when it comes to treat and pet food is an excellent way to show their care and affection. But this can mean an increase in the calorie intake, much more than what pets need. The excess will be stored as fats, leading to excess weight. A lack of physical activity can also contribute further to the problem.

Carrying excess weight can increase an animal’s risk to developing serious health issues that can have a significant impact on their health and well-being.

Keep your pet healthy and active by bringing him regularly to your Westminster, MD veterinary clinic.


Managing Your Cat in the Wee Hours

Managing Your Cat in the Wee HoursYour cat is crepuscular, which means she is more alert at dawn and at dusk. If your cat is very active during the dawn hours, she could disturb your sleep. Don’t try to keep your cat awake all day with the hope that she will sleep better at night. Keeping her from sleeping will stress your cat. She might become cranky and lash out at you. Ensure your cat gets plenty of exercise during her dusk awake period so she becomes fatigued. This normal fatigue may help her sleep better through the night. Leave fun toys outside your bedroom so your cat can play instead of waking you. Consider using an automatic feeder. Then your cat won’t beg for food while you are sleeping. Ignore your cat if she jumps on you and yowls. Otherwise, you could reinforce this undesirable behavior. Learn more from your veterinary clinic Norwalk, CA.

Life Stage Diets and Your Cat

Most cat food manufacturers offer a line of foods formulated to support your cat’s nutritional needs throughout her life. Kitten food has extra protein to support your kitten’s developing brain and growing muscles and bones. However, as your cat approaches her first birthday, you’ll find that kitten food offers too many calories and contribute to obesity. Thus you’ll need to switch to an adult formula food. You can feed your cat this food for many years but when she starts showing signs of aging, consider switching to a food formulated for mature or senior cats. There are special formulated foods manufactured to manage specific health issues such as weight control, urinary tract support, dental hygiene, and hairball control. Some of these foods are only available by prescription. Switch foods gradually over about a period of about a week to avoid digestive issues. Learn more from your Hialeah, FL veterinary clinic. Or click this website Miramar West Animal Hospital, Inc. for additional information.

Exercise and Your Cat

Schedule at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise daily to keep your cat healthy and provide enough mental stimulation. Cat exercise is usually in the form of play. Thus your cat has an opportunity to socialize and bond with you during these exercise sessions. Always use toys when playing with your cat. This can help prevent injury should she bite or scratch when she is overly excited. Pick toys that stimulate your cat’s hunting instinct such as a ball, laser pointer or a fishing rod toy with a feather lure. These toys will entice your cat to chase, pounce and jump. Your cat may enjoy retrieving toys that you toss over and over for her. She may enjoy bags or boxes to make fine lairs and ambush passing prey such as a squeaky toy. High perches require your cat to jump up which can provide a little more exercise. Learn more from your vet clinic Miramar West, FL. Visit this site for additional knowledge.

Your Cat’s Ability to Land on Her Feet

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Your cat has a righting reflex that enables her to reposition herself in midair during a fall so she can land on her feet. She has a very flexible spine so she can reposition quickly. And the fluid in her inner ear helps her stay aware of which way is up. However, even if your cat lands on her feet she could be seriously injured in a fall. She could crash to the ground during a lower fall since she doesn’t have the time to reposition herself. High falls can be particularly dangerous. Your cat’s belly could hit the ground when she lands and cause internal injuries. Her feet and legs will act as shock absorbers and she could experience orthopedic injuries. And she could die if she bangs her head on the ground. Thus you need to prevent your cat from falling at all. Learn more from your Matthews, NC veterinary clinic.

Your Cat and Exercise

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Plan 20 to 30 minutes of exercise daily to keep your cat healthy and ensure she gets enough mental stimulation. Cat exercise is usually in the form of play so your cat can socialize and bond with you too. Always use toys when playing with your cat. Otherwise if your cat becomes overly excited, she might bite or scratch you. Use toys that are designed to stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts. Use a ball, laser pointer or a fishing rod toy with a feather lure to entice your cat to chase, pounce and jump. Your cat might enjoy retrieving toys that you toss over and over. She might make a lair out of a bag or box so she can ambush passing prey even if it is a just squeaky toy. Offer your cat high perches so she needs to jump up since this offers a little more exercise. Contact your Pleasanton, CA vet to learn more.

Pregnancy in Korat Cats

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Did you know that the length of pregnancy can vary from cat to cat and even from breed to breed? In general, a Korat cat’s pregnancy term will last around nine weeks. If you think your Korat may be pregnant contact your vet and schedule an exam. Your vet will need to run a few tests to determine if your Korat is pregnant or not. Your vet may be able to determine how far along your cat is, but it can sometimes be difficult to tell. If you didn’t plan for your Korat to get pregnant, make sure you schedule for her to get spayed at the appropriate time after giving birth. If you don’t wish to go this route, take note that cats tend to go into heat when the days are longer and the weather is warmer. Consider keeping your cat indoors during these times. For more tips, talk with your Lakeville, MN veterinary clinic.

Bonding with a kitten

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There are a lot of ways to bond with a new pet, but few will be able to replace the simple fact that you need to spend time together. Is this how you should start to bond with your new kitten?

Your kitten is new to your life and will need to build trust in your relationship before she really becomes comfortable with you. This means that she will likely want to be by your side as often as she can be while getting the hang of life in your home. You can build a close relationship with her by enjoying some shared experiences and making sure she knows you are looking after her. Meet her needs and also make an effort to have some fun with her if you are looking to get to know her well. For additional information, please contact your local Brampton, ON veterinarian.

Choosing a litter for your cat’s litter box

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Your dog needs to head out into the world each and every day. A walk allows him to check out what’s going on in his neighborhood, enjoy some fresh air, and get some exercise. What should you know about taking your pet out and about with you?

While most dogs need to go out for walks, many pets will need different things from this time outside. Some pets will be able to handle a lot more exercise than others and some dogs will be able to handle much more intense walks than some of their friends. This means that you will need to fully understand the needs and capabilities of your individual canine companion if you are to make the most of the time you share while walking outside. For additional information, please contact your local Diamond Bar, CA vet.

What to do if your LaPerm is Constipated

Did you know that constipation is a natural occurrence in both humans and animals? It can occur because of a change in diet, a change in exercise routine, and even a change in medications or overall health. If you notice that your LaPerm has odd looking stools or is straining to poop then she may be constipated. Other signs include dry stools, blood covered stools, mucous in the stool, vomiting, loss of appetite, depression and even swelling around the hind end. If you see any of these signs in your cat, contact your vet and schedule a checkup. Your vet will need to determine if your cat is actually constipated and then prescribe treatment. For cats like the LaPerm, constipation can be caused by stress, lack of exercise, or even traumatic experiences. Make sure you tell your Farmers Branch, TX vet of any chance sin your cat’s daily routine or behavior as this could help diagnose and treat the constipation.