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Adopting a Special Needs Cat

When you see that little cute kitten face with those big eyes you’re hooked. You have to adopt that poor little guy and give him a great home with a warm bed and food. But, you should slow down first and ask yourself if you have time and financial ability to raise a cat. Specifically, if the cat has special needs you need to know if you’ll be able to care for those needs and provide for the cat. When considering adopting a special needs cat make sure you know the cat’s full medical history including illnesses, treatments, and continued care. Find out if the cat’s disabilities are physical such as a missing leg or mental such as anxiety or depression. From there you will have a better idea if you are equipped to care for the cat. You can also walk with your animal hospital Washington DC to learn more about the cat.


Chronic Coughing In Cats

Chronic coughing in cats is not something to be taken very lightly. There are various potential causes of coughing in cats and there is a need to identify the underlying cause before it can be treated with the right medications. In addition to infections, long-term cough may be caused by allergies, parasites, respiratory disease, or even heart problems. Coughing is reflex action of the body. It is triggered by the presence of an irritant in the respiratory passages. The irritant may be the buildup of mucus in the bronchi that the cat tries to eliminate by coughing.

Sporadic coughing may be present as an early symptom of an illness; however, it can develop into a more persistent cough when proper veterinary intervention is not given. In severe cases, coughing may be accompanied by vomiting, coughing up blood, or even sudden collapse of the animal.

If your cat has a cough that never seems to go away, you should have your pet checked by your vet Mt. Pleasant, SC. Visit this website Cats Only Animal Hospital to learn more.

What Happens if You Trim a Cat’s Nail too Close?

Like dogs, a cat’s nail has a vein that runs through it. If you trim the nail too close to the quick of the nail you may hit the vein which can cause it to bleed. Because you hit a vein it will bleed quickly and a lot. The first thing to do is not to panic. Instead, grab a paper towel or cloth and apply pressure to the wounded area. Apply styptic powder to stop the bleeding. You should buy this ahead of time from the store or pet store. If you don’t have it on hand use corn starch or if all else fails try flour. If you don’t have any of these ingredients call your vet immediately. After applying the powder or corn starch, place pressure around the wound of the nail. The bleeding should stop. If it doesn’t right away, click here, or call your Plano, TX vet.

Keep Alcohol Away from Your Cat

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Whether it’s drinking alcohol, cooking alcohol, or even cleaning alcohol, make sure it is stored safely and out of reach of small children and especially pets. If you have pets in your home, in particular cats, keep all cleaning products in a locked location that they can’t access. Cats are especially crafty about breaking into cabinets so make sure cleaning products and cooking products are locked away. For instance, alcohol or ethanol is very toxic for cats. These are commonly used in drinking alcohols. They are basically produced by the fermentation of sugars by yeast. This is highly toxic to cats and can make them drowsy, depressed, and lose all coordination and eventually consciousness. Besides drinking alcohol, products like gasoline, perfumes, paints, and pharmaceuticals could also contain alcohol. Your Temecula, CA veterinary clinic can tell you one of the best ways to keep your cat safe is to ensure the cat’s access areas are completely separate from these products.

What is a Catio?

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Pronounce ‘Catio’ like patio except with ‘cat’ at the beginning and you will realize that a catio is basically an outside patio or porch like setting for your cat. Catios are the latest inventions for inside cats that desire to be outdoors even though it’s not safe for them or the most ideal environment. For instance, if you live in a heavily wooded area and predators have become a nuisance you do not want to let your cat outside. Your cat, however, may meow and throw a tantrum until you do let her out. Instead of taking a chance on having her carried away by wildlife, give your cat the open air she craves by allowing her to spend time in her catio. These come in all different sizes and variations including enclosed porch like settings, enclosed cages with climbing stations, and even multiple rooms. Talk with your Marietta, GA veterinarian to learn more.

Why Cats Suffer From Whisker Fatigue?

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Did you know that the whiskers of cats are ultra-sensitive? The sensory function of a cat’s whiskers is made possible by the presence of ultra-sensitive proprioceptors. These receptors are responsible for sending messages to the brain so the animal can quickly react to a specific stimulus.

Proprioceptors enable cats to detect even the tiniest movements in their surroundings through changes in air currents. Cats are also able to maneuver themselves in dark unfamiliar spaces using their whiskers to guide them.

Being ultra-sensitive, a cat’s whiskers can become easily fatigued when they get into contact with things or objects, like the side of their food and water bowls. To reduce the possibility of whisky fatigue, get a food bowl that is low and shallow, and a wide water dish. Keeping your cat’s whiskers intact and in excellent working condition can certainly save your kitty a lot of preventable discomfort.

Keep your pet healthy and active by bringing him regularly to your Cedar Park, TX animal hospital.

Options for Vertical Space in Multi-Cat Households

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Cats like to stay in vertical spaces, a distinct behavior that they have inherited from their wild ancestors. It gives them a vantage point where they can observe everything that is going on around them. If you have several cats in the household, there is a need to provide more vertical spaces such as cat trees, catwalks, and cat shelves. There are pre-fab versions that can be attached to walls and which can be elevated towards the ceiling. There are so many options to choose from, with designs ranging from the most simple to very elaborate. There are also do-it-yourself designs for cat perches that allow you to make wider and sturdier perching spots that can withstand your cat’s weight. Another excellent vertical space is a window perch where most cats love to spend a good part of the day observing everything that is going on outside. Furniture, such as a bookshelf or table,  can also be used as perching spaces for cats. Your Oconomowoc, WI veterinarian is an important source of information when it comes to understanding your pet’s behavior.


Vomiting Can Be A Red Flag In Cats

Did you know that vomiting in cats should always be taken seriously? Yes, frequent vomiting should be checked out by your veterinarian. More so if there is unexplained weight loss. Recent ultrasound studies of cases in cats in which vomiting is one of the prominent symptoms have revealed important concerns which includes the following:

  • Vomiting may be caused by a long-term inflammatory condition affecting the small intestine which is technically called chronic enteritis. This is common in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
  • A lymphoma in the small intestine or other types of cancer affecting the gastrointestinal tract and other major organ systems.
  • Cases of chronic enteritis were more prevalent in younger cats.
  • Intestinal cancer tends to affect older cats than younger ones.

Although hair balls can cause vomiting episodes in cats, frequent vomiting should be warrant an appointment with your Rochester, NY veterinarian sooner rather than later. Visit this website to learn more.

Peter Pan or the American Curl?

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The American Curl is known to live out his kitten antics throughout his life giving him a Peter Pan complex. This playful, energetic and easy going cat pretty much behaves like a free spirited kitten all his life. If a spirited kitten that loves to be on the go and be the center of attention is what you’re looking for then check out the American Curl. This feline companion is loyal, loving, and great with children of all ages. They are smart felines that are easy to train and teach tricks including playing fetch and hide and seek. The breed is often referred to as the canine of the feline world. In addition to his unique personality, the American Curl also has a set of uniquely shaped ears that are curled in a backwards arch adding to the cat’s cuteness. If you want more information on this breed, give your Coon Rapids, MN vet a call.

Everyone Wants an American Bobtail

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Watch out if you are looking to adopt or purchase an American Bobtail cat because these cats are in high demand. The bobtail is one of the most loving, easy to train, laid back, companion cats. The breed first appeared in the 1960s in the U.S. A coupe on vacation discovered the cat at an Indian reservation in Arizona. They adopted Yodi and took him home to meet their cat. The cats produced kittens that had naturally bobbed tails. The bobbed tail was a natural mutation that gave the cat its name of American Bobtail. It also gave the cat a uniqueness like few breeds making him quite popular. The bobtail’s can grow a bobbed tail anywhere from one to four inches in length. The coat colors, patterns, and even coat length can come in a wide variety making the cat even more unique. For more details about this breed, call your Portage, MI veterinary clinic.