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Why your cat could benefit from a cat bed

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Your cat needs a lot of rest to keep up with all the playtime she is interested in taking part in. She also needs plenty of sleep to digest her high protein diet. Would a cat bed be beneficial to her?

A cat bed would offer your pet a place she can always count on to be available to her. This is important, as she needs a spot to call her own in an area where she can relax. It will also allow you to choose a spot that fits her needs perfectly so she can make the most of her time resting. For example, you can find the ideal size and shape for your little fur ball, then take the time to decide what level of support she needs the most to keep her from tossing and turning during her resting time. Your Ashburn, VA veterinarian can help you care for the pets in your home.


Choosing cat toys for your pet

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Your cat is a playful little creature, and you want to make sure she has plenty of toys to occupy her when she feels like having some fun. How can you find toys she will want to play with again and again?

Your pet needs toys that appeal to her natural instincts, and also a few that will bring her out of her comfort zone a bit. This mix will help satisfy any mood she is in, and help her really make the most of her time. Try to find toys she can pounce on and chase on her own, as well as some the rest of the family can utilize along with her. Toys that can be used in multiple ways are always a plus, as there is a higher likelihood that your pet will use them multiple times in multiple ways. Your local Ashburn, VA veterinarian can offer additional suggestions.

Helping an overweight cat get back in shape

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Your cat has gained some weight, and it’s put her a bit outside of the ideal range her body would be healthy within. How can you help her get back in shape?

Your pet needs you to take a look at her life now, and see where changes can be made to help enhance her health. This will likely mean making alterations in both her eating and exercise habits. Her diet should consist of appropriate portions of healthy food and treats that will nourish her body. Her exercise routine should be fun and motivate her to get up and move. This is where play really comes in handy, as it can be very engaging for your pet. Try to offer her ways to play with you as well as on her own so she can do so whenever she pleases. For additional information, please contact your local Ashburn, VA vet.

Why feline oral hygiene is important

Your cat means a lot to you, and addressing her needs is one way you are showing her how much you love her. You want to make sure you are addressing all of the things she needs form you. This makes you wonder – should you be brushing your cat’s teeth?

Caring for your feline friend’s mouth is an important task. However, it can often be overlooked. It’s important to remember that your cat is susceptible to plaque and tartar build up just like you are, and regular brushings can help keep these at bay. Caring for your pet’s teeth also gives you an opportunity to check out what’s going on in her mouth. This will help you notice any issues as they arise so you can take care of them right away. Your Sharon, ON vet clinic can offer additional advice. More details here:

Sharing your home with a kitten

You will soon have a kitten at home, and you want to make sure you are able to make the most of your time with her. What should you know about sharing your home with a kitten?

Your kitten will be spending the majority of her time in your home, just like you do. It’s important that your living space be a comfortable place for her as well. You can make this happen by removing potential hazards from her reach, and filling this space with things to occupying her time. These items should be both to fulfill her needs as well as give her an opportunity to have some fun. Make a point to keep her happily engaged in activities when you can, and allow her plenty of space to relax when she needs it. For additional information, please talk with your local animal hospital Sharon, ON.

What to do if Your Ocicat is Lost

What to do if Your Ocicat is Lost

Losing your Ocicat or other breed of feline friend can be traumatic. If your cat runs away or slips out of the house when you’re not looking, finding her can take time. It’s a good idea to have a plan in place before your cat goes missing that way you will know what to do and you won’t lose any precious search time. A plan may involve first course of action which should start with an immediate search around your house. If you saw or suspect a certain way of escape, start your search there. Look within a one mile radius of your home. Don’t forget to check inside your home in case your Ocicat returns. Next, notify your veterinarians, police and animal control officers within a 20 mile radius. Take a leash, water, and treats with you when you set out on your search. Talk with your licensed vets Rochester NY for more suggestions.

Can Bombay Cats See in the Dark ?

Can Bombay Cats See in the Dark

Can cats see in the dark? Cats like the Bombay can see a lot better than people can when it comes to night vision, but it’s not their best attribute. People believe they cats see very well in the dark because that’s when cats like the Bombay do most of their lurking, prowling, pouncing and hunting. This, however, is just a coincidence. A cat’s eyes work differently than a human’s. The pupils of their eyes are able to open much wider in dim light. This allows more light in and gives them the ability to hunt after dark. It does not; however, give them night vision. If you’re out late and come across a cat lurking around, don’t assume he can see you. He may just see your shape and not recognize a friendly face. Talk with your veterinarian Rochester, NY to learn more about your cat’s eye sight. Visit their profile to know more.

Why do British Shorthair Cats Spray ?

Why do British Shorthair Cats Spray

Did you know that cats can spray a urine spray in a similar way to male dogs? If you own a cat like the British Shorthair, watch out for this kind of behavior from a male or female cat. Why do they spray? It’s a way to communicate with other cats and mark territory as their own. Urine spray is pretty common in non-neutered males especially if they live in a multi-cat home. Cats like to be alone and will spray where they’ve been to discourage other cats in the home from following. They may also spray to let other cats know where they are so they can be found. If your British Shorthair is constantly spraying or has urine dripping on a regular basis, call your vet as this could be a sign of another type of illness. For more information on cat spraying, talk with your professional pet clinic Rochester NY.

The Best Way to Brush a Cat

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It’s easy for cat hair to end up all over your home, and it doesn’t matter what kind of cat you have. Short haired cats can cause just as much trouble as long-haired cats! You have to brush your furry friend, but there is a best way to brush a feline.

Avoid brushing your cat when he very clearly has energy to burn. You should play with your cat first to tucker him out. You should also avoid brushing him if it’s clear he doesn’t want your attention. He may just prefer to nap for a bit, thank you very much!

Instead, brush your cat when he comes to you for a little bit of attention. Place him on your lap and gently brush under his chin and down his back. Pepper in the areas he doesn’t like so much, like his bottom and belly.

Your vet Cameron Park, CA can help you groom your cat too!

Humidity and your Burmese

Humidity and your Burmese

Even though we’re entering the cooler months we still have occasional days where the humidity is going to be pretty high. It’s during times like these that you want to make sure your Burmese is comfortable indoors where it’s nice and cool. If your Burmese likes to stay outdoors, make it a habit to check the weather and ensure there won’t be any drastic temperature drops or spikes. Humidity can come on pretty quick making the air feel hot, sticky and sometimes unbearable. Be prepared by setting up a nice shady place with fresh water outdoors that way if your cat is out during the day and temperatures change he will have somewhere to go. Don’t let the thermometer outside fool you either. Even though it’s 70 degrees if there’s humidity it could feel like 90 degrees. Heatstroke and dehydration are the biggest concerns with warm temps. Talk with your veterinarian Rochester NY to learn more.