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Meeting The Grooming Needs Of Your Devon Rex

The Devon Rex can easily be distinguished by their sparse and curly hair coat, a trait that is a result of a recessive gene. But these cats have special grooming needs because their hairs are very fragile and even gentle brushing can result in hair breakage. Also, their skin glands secrete oils that leave their hair coats greasy. Skin oils are important for the health and integrity of the skin and hair coat. In most cats, skin oils are readily distributed throughout their hair coat thus they don’t have a greasy appearance. Because of their thin hair coat, oil can accumulate on the surface of the skin of the Devon Rex. Their nail beds may also appear greasy. Without regular grooming help, the grease from the body of a Devon Rex can rub off on the furniture, bed, carpet, or anything that they come in contact with.

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Enjoying playtime with your cat

Enjoying playtime with your cat

Your cat is a little ball of energy when she wants to play, and you want to be there for her and offer all the interaction she needs. However, you know that sometimes you are at a loss for things to do with her. How can you really enjoy this time?

Many pet owners feel that they should have a task in mind when playing with their pet, but this isn’t necessary. If you have a game or activity to take part in, by all means do so, but don’t feel forced into this. Cats are naturally playful and simply giving your pet your time and attention will yield some fun things for you to do to keep busy. Make a point to give her your undivided attention and see where playtime takes you. Your local Lafayette, LA veterinarian Village Veterinary Center can help you care for the pets in your home.

Your Cat’s Chin Acne

Your Cat_s Chin Acne

Your cat may develop blackheads, whiteheads or even some small red pimples on her chin. In most cases this chin acne in cats is caused by poor grooming habits or excessive oil production in that area. Your cat may over-groom that area. This can be a cause or effect of the chin acne. If your cat doesn’t clean her face well, help her out by wiping her face with lukewarm water on a soft cloth. You may need to use a mild soap if she is particularly dirty. This may encourage her to groom more diligently. However, once the acne is established, you need to deal with any bacterial infections, tumors, mites or other difficulties of the skins. Tumors, mange and fungus require professional medical treatment. Diagnosis is done through physical examination, cultures or skin scraping. Make an appointment with your experienced vets Carmel IN for evaluation and treatment as needed.

Managing Your Cat’s Inappropriate Scratching

Managing Your Cat_s Inappropriate Scratching

Your cat scratches to remove the outer layers of old, worn nails to reveal new, sharp ones. She also scratches to mark her territory using scent from glands in her feet. Thus you may never completely eliminate your cat’s scratching but you can work to prevent damage to your personal belongings such as your sofa, drapes or carpeting. Purchase scratching posts and positions them near your targeted belongings. If your cat starts to scratch your things, redirect her to the scratching posts without a fuss. Never yell at your cat or punish her while she is learning. Reward her if she goes to the posts on her own. Cover your targeted items with aluminum foil strips or double-sided tape while not in use. These materials feel weird to your cat and will deter her from scratching them. Learn more from your professional Carmel IN veterinarians.

What to Look for in a Cat Bed

Does your cat need a new place to curl up and sleep? Or, does your cat need a place of his own so you can have your favorite sofa or recliner back? No matter the reason, if you’re shopping for a new cat bed here are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure you by a bed that is the right size for your cat. If it’s too large she may be afraid to sleep in it. Cats like close knit spaces so a smaller bed is usually the best choice. Look for a bed that can be washed easily or is stain resistant. This can help keep the bed clean and make it last longer. Examine the bed carefully for any types of tears in fabric or the cushion. This could reveal if the bed is made to last. Don’t take the tags off until you know your cat loves it that way you can return it if it doesn’t work. For more tips, talk with your veterinarian McClain County, OK.

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Cats Riding with the Windows Down

Does your cat like to ride in the car with the windows down? Sure dogs like to go for a ride with their heads hanging out the window and their ear flapping in the breeze, but some cats actually enjoy this adventure too. If your cat like to stick his head out the window on car rides, make sure he is in the backseat so he doesn’t distract you while driving. You should also have your cat safely secured in the seat either with a harness or a leash. When letting your cat hang his head out the window, go slow so as not to have too much wind rushing at your cat’s ears or eyes. Sometimes debris from the environment can fly into your car window or right at your cat. With this in mind, you may want your cat to wear goggles while enjoying his car ride. Ask your vet McClain County, OK for his opinion.

Playing with your Cat

Playing with your CatDoes your cat like to play? Some cats love to play and they have an over abundance of energy that needs to burned off. If this sounds like your cat, then you may want to set aside time daily to play with your cat indoors or outdoors. Contrary to popular belief, some cats actually like to play fetch. You can toss a plush moss around for them to retrieve or even roll a ball around the floor for them to chase. As long as you’re in the room with the cat, you can play with her by using a ball of yarn and draping the string around her to catch. Little mice on a string are also very entertaining for cats and encourage them to swat, chase and catch Outdoors, your cat may simply want to run around and climb trees on her own, which also works. For more tips, talk with your vet Southern Lake County, FL.

Why your cat has stopped using her scratching post

smartcatpost-600x600Your cat needs to scratch in order to maintain her claws, so it’s important that she has a place to do this. You purchased her a scratching post, but she still prefers to use other areas of your home to scratch on. Why is this?

Your cat may have something dedicated to scratching in your eyes, but she wants to find the best spot in the house to get the job done. This may mean that other spots meet her needs better than the post. Try another option to meet her needs, like a mat that gives her a different angle to scratch from or a post with a different material coating it. Consider where she scratches around your home, and try to mimic this so it will be appealing to her. For additional information, please contact your local pet clinic Conyers, GA .

Choosing an area for your cat to scratch

Your cat needs to scratch on something to keep her claws in top shape. This means that you will need to offer her a spot in your home where she can do this without worry.

To do this, seek out an area that your pet frequents in your home. It doesn’t need to be in the middle of all the action, but should be easy to access. Think about what you can place here that your furry friend can scratch on. Scratching posts, scratching mats, and climbing trees are all great options that will likely be appealing to your pet. If you catch her scratching elsewhere, simply move her back to this area so she knows this is where that behavior is addressed. Your local Columbia, MD vet clinic can help you care for your pet. Click this website Claws N Paws Animal Hospital for more details.

Has your cat stopped using her litter box?

Image result for Has your cat stopped using her litter box?

Your cat is a wonderful part of your household, and you want her to be comfortable within your living space. However, you’ve noticed that she has recently stopped using her litter box, which means there is something going on that she isn’t quite at ease with. What could this be?

Your pet needs you to consider what went wrong with her litter box usage. This typically means determining what is different about the experience for her. Has there been any changes to this space? Think about these, and determine which may be changing her view of the entire endeavor. It could be as simple as purchasing the litter she is used to, or moving something nearby back to its original location. If this doesn’t work, seek out the advice of a professional, as the issue may be more complicated. For more information, please contact your local Jacksonville Beach, FL vet.