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Hot Pavement Equals Hot Paws for Maine Coon Cats

It’s important to remember that if the pavement is too hot for you to walk on without shoes then it is probably too hot for your Maine Coon or other cat to walk on as well. It’s important to take note of the outside temperature when letting your cat out for the day. If your cat likes to walk around and prowl a lot then you should keep her in on hot days to prevent her from walking on hot surfaces and burning or blistering her paws pads (or the bottom of her paws). If you are used to walking our cat for periods of time on a leash, then you may want to consider putting cat shoes on her to protect her feet. Only do this if you can supervise your cat. For additional ways to keep your cat’s feet cool and safe from hot surfaces, talk with your best veterinarians Northwest Columbus, OH.

Do British Shorthair Cats have Allergies?

If your cat is coughing, sneezing, wheezing, has itchy skin or runny eyes then he may have allergies. Cats like the British Shorthair can commonly develop allergies during certain times of the year just like people do. Other symptoms may include itchy back or base of tail, itchy ears and frequent ear infections, paw chewing, swollen paws, snoring caused by an inflamed throat, diarrhea, and vomiting. Always call your vet if you notice any of these symptoms in your cat. Once your vet examines your cat and determines the presence of allergies treatment can be prescribed and your cat can get some relief. You can also help relieve your cat’s allergies by keeping her indoors during high allergy seasons. Help your cat to avoid cleaning materials, smoke and perfumes as these may also aggravate allergies. Talk with your vet Northwest Columbus, OH for more information about allergies in cats.

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Cat bed basics

Cat bed basics

Your cat is an adorable little creature, and you want to make sure you are able to give her some space in your home that is just for her. You think a bed would be perfect for this. How can you choose one your pet will use?

Your pet needs you to offer her a place she finds appealing. Take a look at the areas she spends time in now, and evaluate what she finds likable about them. They may be off the main area of the house, soft and comfortable, or covered so she can curl up inside. Try to mimic common features in a bed. Make sure it is an appropriate size for your pet, and that it will be relatively simple for you to keep it clean. For additional information, please contact your local Lafayette LA veterinarian.

Signs That Your Cat Feels Comfortable With You

Signs That Your Cat Feels Comfortable With You

Cats are known for being somewhat standoffish and independent. However, your cat has ways to show you that she is comfortable with you. Your cat may hide or avoid your advances but you might find that your cat approaches you when you are quiet and distracted such as when you are watching TV. She might purr at you to show she is content. Kneading your lap may hurt but it is really about the love. As a kitten your cat kneaded her mother to stimulate milk so when she kneads you she is transferring this nurturing role to you. She is also marking you as her own using scent from glands in her feet. When you come home your cat may meow at you to welcome you while demanding food and wrap around your legs. Take whatever signs of love she’ll give you. Contact your vet clinic Frisco, TX to learn more.

Signs Your Cat Wants to Be Left Alone

Signs Your Cat Wants to Be Left Alone

There are times when your cat wants your attention to be petted and cuddled. She may want to hang time out your family and observe the hubbub of your household from a safe vantage point. However, there are other times when she wants to be left alone. You may notice some hissing as your cat crouches down. Her ears may be pinned back showing her irritation. Even a friendly cat will run away from you if she doesn’t want to be picked up. And if you do get a hold of her, your cat may kick or scratch to get away. Leave her alone until she calms down. Your cat may hide under the bed or in a closet for some alone time. This could also indicate that your cat doesn’t feel well so pay attention in case you need to seek medical attention. For more information, contact your veterinarian Plano, TX.

Obesity and Your Cat

Obesity and Your Cat

Obesity can lead to mobility issues and put your cat at risk for diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers. Thus the best thing for your cat is to keep her at a normal weight. Your cat is probably fat as a combination of too much food and not enough exercise. Determine the proper amount of calories your cat should be ingesting and work to stay within that amount. Consider feeding your cat a weight control formula food so she feels full while losing weight. Increase the exercise in your cat’s routine. She should get a half hour of exercise daily. You can amp up the pace of exercise as your cat gets in shape. Use toys that stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts. A ball, laser pointer or fishing rod toy can entice your cat to chase, pounce and jump. Be patient since weight loss can be slow. For more information, contact your Sugar Land, TX veterinarian, visit website to know more.

Showing your cat that she is a priority in your life

Showing your cat that she is a priority in your life

Your cat is a big part of your life, and she really loves being able to spend time with you. How can you show her that she is important to you as well?

Your cat needs to be able to trust you, and caring for her consistently can be the best way for you to do this. She needs to know her needs will be met in order to be comfortable in your home. Consider her favorite activities, and try to take part in them with her whenever you can. Offering her your time will mean the world to her, and you’ll want to make sure you are able to really give her your full focus when you are with her so she can see that you want to interact and bond with her. Your local Marietta, GA veterinarian, Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital can help you care for your pet.

Should your cat be eating wet or dry food ?

Should your cat be eating wet or dry food

Your cat loves being able to make some decisions for herself, but there are definitely some things that you will need to decide for her. Whether she needs wet or dry food is a good example of this, as her overall health is dependent on her eating a nutrient dense diet.

Luckily, there are healthy, natural options in both the wet and the dry categories, so you can’t really go wrong. Your pet will likely gravitate toward one or the other, but most cats thrive on a dry food diet unless they can’t do so for some reason. Age, illness, injury, or digestive issues may cause them to require a wet food diet to avoid the crunchier food that requires a bit more effort. If you are unsure of what to give your pet, seek out the opinion of a professional for assistance. Your local most endorsed Marietta, GA veterinarian can offer additional advice.

Cats That Eat a Lot but Don’t Gain Weight

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Cats can be picky about what they eat, but that doesn’t mean all cats are that way. Some cats eat a lot! If your cat eats a lot of food, you would expect him to gain weight. What does it mean if he doesn’t?

If your cat is ravenous, but he isn’t gaining any weight, chances are, he has a medical problem. A common problem is diabetes. If it turns out your cat has this illness, he’ll likely drink a lot of water too. You may end up having to give your feline friend insulin shots.

Hyperthyroidism can also be a problem, and it’s more likely to be a problem in older cats. The good news is, with the help of a vet, this problem can actually be cured.

Pancreatic insufficiency is also a possibility. To make sure your cat doesn’t have one of these problems, you should schedule an appointment with your vet Somerville, MA.

Do You Need to Leave Water for an Outdoor Cat?

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If you leave your dog outside, you should leave him some water. Should you leave water out for your outdoor cat too?

It doesn’t hurt to leave a little water outside for your cat. Place the bowl in a shallow dish that’s a bit larger than the bowl itself and fill it with water. That way, if any ants come along, the shallow dish catches them before they end up in the water. You can also buy specialty bowls at the pet store that prevent bugs.

If you’re at home, you may not have to leave water outside for your cat. When he’s thirsty, he’ll just come back home and let you know that he wants to be let back inside! To make it even easier, you can install a pet door.

To learn more about feeding and watering your outdoor cat, visit with your vet Park County, CO.