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Does your cat need help grooming herself?

You have a feline friend at home who is as adorable as adorable can be. This means that you will need to take the time to help her stay this way, as grooming is a part of this.

To do so, you will need to make sure you are able to confidently identify where your pet needs some assistance. If she is like most cats, she likely spends a lot of time grooming herself. This means that you will need to pick up where she leaves off. Brush her often, and pay particular attention to areas she has trouble reaching or those that tend to get tangled easily. Take note of her coat when you are brushing her and tend to any areas you see that need some extra attention. Your local vet care Lafayette, LA can help you better understand your pet.


First Aid Treatment For Burns in Pets

First Aid Treatment For Burns in Pets

Regardless of the cause of burns, there are varying degrees of damage of the skin surface and/or deeper layers of the skin that can occur immediately. In severe cases, the effects can be noticed immediately or within a day depending on the severity and cause. Burns in pets can be caused by flame, electricity, chemicals that are corrosive, radiation, or even cold. Scalding can be caused by water, oil, hot wax, and other forms of moist heat. Here are first aid measures for addressing burns in pets:

Apply moist cold compress on the spot and hold the affected part under cool running water ASAP for a minimum of 5 minutes. This keeps the burned area cool.

In severe burn cases, wrap you pet in a blanket to keep him warm while you bring him to the vet ASAP.

If the burn is not severe, you can call your reputed veterinarian Aurora CO so the staff can instruct you on what to do.

Can Stale Or Spoiled Food Be Given To Cats ?

Can Stale Or Spoiled Food Be Given To Cats

Most cats turn won’t have second thoughts about turning up their noses when there’s stale or spoiled food on their food bowls. Their very keen sense of smell magnifies the strong odor or spoilage and cats won’t hesitate turning their backs even if they’re hungry. Eating spoiled food may also give them an upset stomach.

If your cat is on canned pet food or wet food, always remember that it can easily get spoiled compared to kibble. Thus, once opened, canned food should be transferred to a clean container and placed inside the refrigerator. It should never be left out of the refrigerator for more than 20 minutes to prevent spoiling. Wet food can easily get spoiled during summer or when the heater is turned on during winter.

It is recommended that you consult your Aurora, CO veterinarian before making any major changes to your pet’s diet. Visit website for more information and advice.

How To Deal With Matted Coats In Cats

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Long-haired cats needs regular grooming help from their owners to prevent matting and tangling of hairs. One important problem associated with matted hairs is the presence of a wound under the mat. So it is a good idea to check out the area under the clump for any signs of tissue inflammation, hotspot, dried or moist blood, or even injury. If it is only matted hair, untangle the hairs by thoroughly massaging a generous amount of condition or moisturizer into the clump. But use only hair products that are formulated for pets to avoid any adverse reactions. Slowly untangle the hairs in the clump until you can run a comb through them. But if the clump has become very tight, you may need to trim the mat out. But do it very carefully to avoid nipping the skin underneath.

Know more about your pet’s grooming needs on your next visit to your Covington, GA vet clinic.

Cats and Pregnancy

Pregnancies in cats can differ from cat to cat due to breed and age. If you are planning to breed your cat or you have adopted a pregnant cat here are some things that may be of interest. A cat’s general gestation or pregnancy period is about nine weeks. Your pregnant cat should be under routine vet care throughout her pregnancy in order to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy and eventual delivery. Cats that are pregnant do not always show physical changes or even change in behavior. You may need your vet to examine your cat to verify if she is pregnant or not. However, if your cat is not far along enough for the vet to feel babies then he may not be able to determine a pregnancy. Once your cat has delivered her kittens, talk to your Somerville, MA vet about having your cat spayed.

Cats and Icy Roadways

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If you live in area that is prone to icy walkways and roadways in the winter time, make sure you take note of what areas are treated with ice melt products and plan to keep your cat away. Ice melt products are not all animal safe. Your cat could seriously burn her feet if she walks on an ice melt that is made primarily of salt or other materials that can cause harm to the paws and paw pads. If your cat spends her time outdoors during the day, make sure you cannot get to an area that has been salted or treated for ice. If you walk your cat on a routine basis, try having her wear snow shoes which can protect her feet from ice melt products. If your cat walks on treated walkways or roadways, your White Rock, TX veterinary clinic may suggest you wash your cat’s feet immediately when she comes in.

Why your cat scratches

Your feline friend tends to scratch on things around your home. You’ve never really understood this behavior. Why does she take part in it?

Your pet needs to be able to meet her needs in your home and scratching is one way that she does this. Your pet takes the time to scratch in order to file down her ever-growing claws. This mean that your pet isn’t scratching simply because she likes to do so, but rather because it helps her keep her claws from getting too long and unmanageable. Keeping them on the shorter side will prevent them from breaking during use as well. Offer your pet a place to scratch, like a scratching post, to keep her from doing so on your furniture and carpeting. Your local Mt. Pleasant, SC vet clinic can help you care for your pet. Click here for additional information.

How to choose toys for your feline friend

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You have a cat at home who needs your help in staying entertained within your living space. You know something to play with could help with this. How can you choose toys for your feline friend?

Your pet is an individual, so it’s important to think about what she would like to play with before you head to the store. Think about how she likes to play and select options that you think will strike her interest. It’s helpful to get items that can be used in multiple ways in order to increase the chances of them being used. Make sure the toys are intended for feline use so they will be safe and you want to also ensure that your pet is able to access them when she is in the mood to play. Your local Isle of Palms, SC vet can help you better understand your pet.

Caring for a curious cat

You have a new cat in your life to look after and you’ve noticed that she is the most curious pet you’ve ever had. How can you meet the needs of a pet like this?

Your pet needs to be able to enjoy her time in your care in a safe manner. This will involve spending time in different areas of your home and being supervised within each. She should have plenty of safe toys to utilize and she should have some mentally stimulating activities on the list to do each day. Interacting with her on a regular basis will help you to better get to know her and therefore give you an opportunity to better meet her needs. This will mean making sure she is having some fun in addition to meeting her needs each day. For more information, please call your local veterinary clinic North Phoenix, AZ.

Keeping your cat content in your home

You have a cat in your life who seems intent on creating a place of her very own within your home. How can you make sure she is content within your living space?

Your cat needs to be able to have all her needs met within your home in order for her to be happy in this space. This means that she will need ways to have the essentials covered, like her needs for food, water, and plenty of rest. It also means that she needs to be able to take part in activities within this space, move about freely, get some exercise, and socialize. Playtime can be very important as this is likely what will offer your pet the mental stimulation she is craving. If you are unsure of what she needs, talk to her veterinarian about your options. Your local London, ON veterinarian can offer additional suggestions.

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