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Properly picking Up Your Mouse

Your mouse is small and fragile. You can injure him if you don’t pick him up properly and he could die if dropped. Don’t pick up your mouse unless he is comfortable with you. Sing or talk to your mouse softly while sitting close to his enclosure. Drape your hand inside for your mouse to explore. Try hand feeding your mouse to develop a sense of trust. When you are ready to pick up your mouse, act quickly and efficiently. Scoop your mouse up with one hand. Use the other hand to cover him and keep him secure. Bring your mouse close to your chest so he doesn’t wriggle free. Be prepared to place him on a mouse-safe surface to play. Never pick up your mouse by a limb or by his tail. These methods can cause injury. Always supervise your mouse when he is outside the cage. Contact your Tampa, FL vet to learn more.


Dealing With Your Dog’s Stomach Issues

Your dog will suffer from an upset stomach and other digestive issues if he eats something he shouldn’t such as table scraps, garbage or grass. He may experience vomiting or dry heaves, diarrhea or excessive flatulence or he could lose his appetite and strain to eliminate. However, your dog may suffer from more frequent digestive problems than normal that needs medical attention. Your dog may have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Or he could have an infection from bacteria, a virus or some type of parasite. Your dog may need prescription food formulated for digestive issues. Introduce the food a little at a time as a substitute for your dog’s current food. Always provide access to fresh, clean water. This is especially important when your dog is suffering from digestive issues. Make an appointment with your Tampa, FL veterinary clinic if your dog presents digestive symptoms for evaluation and treatment.

Understanding your cat’s needs

You have a cat in your life who needs to be able to enjoy her time in your care, and this means that your little fur ball will need you to understand the care she requires to stay healthy. How can you better understand your cat’s needs?

Your pet needs you to take the time to determine the ideal ways to meet her needs, and this means taking the time to figure out what would be helpful and what is simply nice to offer her. Talk to her veterinarian, as this is where you will get information that is tailored to your pet’s specific needs, like for her age, breed, and specific health status. You can then pay attention to your pet closely to see what care she seems to thrive with and what could use some adjustments. For additional information, please contact your local Rockville, MD veterinarian.

Canine sleeping habits

You have a dog in your life who loves to rest whenever the mood strikes him to do so. What should you know about his resting habits to help him get some sleep in each day?

Your pet loves being a part of the action in your home and this means that even if he is unable to really take part in what is going on, he will still be excited to watch from the sidelines. Because of this, your pet will take advantage of the times when your home is quite and calm to rest. Offer him a place he can relax that will keep him close to family members and allow him to still feel like a part of the group, but give him enough space that he won’t be likely to be disturbed. Make sure your pet has a comfortable bed to call her own too. For more information, please contact your local Rockville, MD vet.

Why your dog needs to play

You have a dog in your life who loves to play whenever the opportunity to do so arises, and you want to make sure you are helping her get the most of this time. How can you understand this need better so you can help her enjoy herself more?

Play is an important part of your pet’s life because she isn’t able to tackle new skills without practice. Play gives her a chance to try new things, explore the world a bit, and to gain confidence in herself. It also allows her to have some time to exercise and socialize with those around her. Your pet can have some fun while playing too, so she will need some variety in the activities she enjoys to make this happen. Your local Bee Cave TX vet clinic can help you care for your pet. Click here for additional information.

Why cat trees are so popular

You have a feline friend in your life and you’ve been taking the time to determine the ideal supplies to have in your home to care for her. This makes you wonder – why do cat trees tend to be so popular?

A cat tree is a piece of furniture you have in your home for your pet to enjoy. This is a larger item, but it serves many purposes. It can be a great way for your pet to feel comfortable in your living space as she will see that her needs can be met with this pet supply item. A cat tree can help your pet get some exercise, enjoy some playtime, practice climbing, and have a place to call her own in your living space. Your pet can even get some rest on her cat tree when she is feeling a bit tired. Your local Bee Cave TX vet can help you better understand your pet.

Professional Canine Dental Cleaning

Professional Canine Dental CleaningCleaning your dog’s teeth and stimulating his gums regularly is an important hygiene task. However, even with the most diligent of care, your dog will need periodic professional cleanings. Your vet can perform these cleanings under anesthesia. Extractions may be needed when there is excess decay. X-rays help determine overall dental health. Your dog may need antibiotics before and after his dental cleaning to manage infections and reduce the risk of introducing dangerous bacteria into your dog’s bloodstream. Follow all aftercare commands just like any other surgical procedure. Your dog may need pain medication and she may be restricted to soft foods for a few days. Medication and anesthesia can cause digestive issues and diarrhea for a few days too. Soon your dog will be back to normal with a nice clean mouth. Learn more from your veterinary clinic Glen Ellyn, IL.

Creating a space for your cat to play

vet Cy-FairYou have a feline friend in your life and you want to make sure there is a safe place for her to enjoy some playtime within your living space. How can you create an area like this for her?

Your pet needs you to be aware of the fact that she needs plenty of room to move about to get the most out of her time spent playing. This means clearing an area where your pet can move around as she pleases. It also means taking the time to determine what hazards exist in this space and making an effort to remove them. Your little furball needs to be able to have some fun toys at her disposal as well as some playmates from time to time. Your local vet Cy-Fair can help you better understand your pet.

Weight/Fill in Dog Blankets

Buying your dog a blanket or coat can get complicated when there are a lot of choices available. If you’re looking for a good blanket or coat to keep your dog warm or dry then avoid the pet store line of clothing. These are often intended for inside wear or for show. You can find all weather blankets and coats for dogs out outdoor sporting good stores, tack shops or grain stores, and on the internet. When buying a blanket make sure you understand what weigh or fill means. Many of the blankets will be described this way. The weight or fill basically refers to the stuffing or ‘fill’ in the blanket. If you want the blanket to keep your dog warm by a heavy weight or fill. For a light covering go for a lighter weight or fill. If you need help for fit, give your Crown Point, IN vet a call.

Should I Get My Dog Shoes for Summer Walking?

Your dog most likely doesn’t need shoes for summer walking unless you plan to take him on some pretty intense and rocky hikes or mountain climbing. In this case, your dog should wear special shoes or paw pad protectors to keep his paw pads and paws from getting scratched, blistered, cracked, etc. If you’re worried about your dog walking on sidewalks, roadways or other hot pavements in the summer you can check his paw pads frequently to see if there are signs of burns or blisters. Try to walk your dog on grassy surfaces or sandy surfaces unless the sand is super hot. If your dog does have blisters or cracks on his paw pads, you should notify your vet and ask for assistance in treating the blisters. Some of the blisters may be burns in which your veterinary clinic Portland, OR will need to treat right away.