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Leptospirosis In Dogs

Leptospirosis is bacterial disease that affects dogs. It is a zoonotic disease which means humans can get it too. The disease can be fatal in both humans and dogs. Dogs can acquire the infection by coming into contact with infected urine or contaminated water. You should never allow dogs to swim or drink from stagnant water or canals because these are potential sources of the bacteria especially in places with a high rat population. Symptoms generally start to manifest within 4-12 days after being exposed to the causative agent. These include fever, diarrhea, muscle pain, lethargy, and lack of appetite. The bacteria primarily affects the liver and kidneys, thus jaundice is usually present. Without prompt medical attention, affected dogs can possibly suffer kidney and liver failure. The treatment regimen usually includes antibiotics, fluid and electrolyte therapy, and other forms of symptomatic treatment. Dogs that are not severely affected will recover but will continue to shed off the causative bacteria in their urine for several months. These are important source of infection to other animals and even humans.

Consult with your veterinarian Coppell, TX about the best way to protect your pet against leptospirosis. Click this website to learn more.

Paracetamol Is Toxic To Cats

Did you know that even a single tablet of paracetamol can kill a cat? Yes, this common human pain medication is toxic to cats, a fact that many cat parents unfortunately don’t know. The toxic dose of paracetamol in cats is very low, which means even very low amounts of paracetamol can be fatal for cats. The drug is poisonous for cats because they don’t have the specific enzyme that can break down and metabolize paracetamol safely in the body. What happens is that when a cat ingests paracetamol, it can lead to the formation of dangerous compounds within the body that can adversely affect the capacity of the red blood cells from effectively carrying and circulating oxygen throughout the body. The presence of these compounds in the blood circulation can also cause severe damage to the liver.

If you have given your kitty paracetamol or you think he may have accidentally taken some of the medication, click here, or call your vet clinic Coppell, TX immediately.

What To Do If Your Pet Is Stung By A Bee

Spending time outdoors is something to look forward to for most cats and dogs. However, with their intense curiosity, they can get into all sorts of things, including being stung by a bee. For most pets, bee stings cause nothing more than a mild irritation. But some pets can suffer severe reactions to bee stings that can be fatal with immediate medical intervention.

The most common locations for bee stings are a pet’s nose and paws, because these are what they use to explore. When your pet has been stung by a bee, monitor him closely for any reactions such as itching, swelling, and redness. Signs of a reaction are usually manifested within 20 minutes but there are those that may take several hours to develop. Pets with severe reactions to bee stings often develop diarrhea, vomiting, agitation, pale gums, disorientation, collapse, severe swelling of the face and neck, difficulty breathing and moving. If your pet is showing these symptoms, take him to the animal clinic Coppell, TX ASAP. Visit this website Riverchase Animal Hospital for more information.


Working with your cat’s veterinarian

Your cat needs to be able to understand that there are a lot of different things she needs from you, but that her veterinarian will also play a big role in her care. How can you work with her vet to help your pet stay healthy?

Your little fur ball needs you to provide her veterinarian will all the information he asks for so he can get an accurate representation of what her life is like in your home. Keep a close eye on your pet and report anything unusual while also making a point to give your cat any care that is recommended by her vet. Be sure to bring her in for regular office visits so her veterinarian can get to know her and her needs well. Your local vets New Orleans, LA can help you care for the pets in your home.

Visit for more information.

Including you pet in holiday celebrations

You have a pet in your life who you consider to be a part of the family. How can you help her feel included in holiday celebrations?

Your pet needs you to think about her when it comes to family activities, as it can be important for her to be included in special events in your household so she can understand that she is loved. This means that it’s important for you to recognize which celebrations are pet-friendly and then to determine what you can do to help your little fur ball engage with those around her in this setting. You will also need to make sure you alter activities she shouldn’t be participating in so they are safer and ensure that she is properly supervised with guests. Your local vet New Orleans, LA can help you better understand your pet. Visit this website for more information.

Why your cat needs to rest so often

Your cat is a big part of your life and you want to make sure you are able to give her a life she can be comfortable with. This means offering her ways to meet her needs, like for quality rest throughout the day.

Your pet needs to rest rather often in order to keep her body in great shape. She needs to replenish her energy and wants to be wide awake when taking part in other activities. Sleep will also allow her body to focus on certain tasks, like digesting her food, which could make the process a bit easier for her to handle. Plus, it can feel nice to rest regularly in order to give her body a break and enjoy some downtime. For additional information on looking after your pet, please contact your local professional vet clinic New Orleans, LA.

How Often to Brush Your Dog

The amount of times you need to brush your dog’s coat depends a lot on your dog’s breed. Here are some tips for different canine breeds. Golden Retrievers have double coats that tend to shed out quite a bit. You should brush your Golden daily to help keep the amount of shedding down to a minimum. Pomeranians are the same as they also have a double coat. Toy poodles and even standard poodles or miniature poodles do not need to be brushed as often. Brushing them two or three times a week can help keep their curls from matting. Daily brushing is OK but not necessary. Your Chihuahua probably doesn’t need a lot of brushing especially if he is short haired and doesn’t have a thick coat. The same is true for Labradors and hounds. They don’t have full coats and rarely need brushing except during shedding season. Ask your vet Bend, OR for more tips. Or click this link:

How to Clean Your Gerbil’s Cage

As a general rule of thumb, you should clean your gerbil’s cage thoroughly once a week. You should pick through it and do a quick clean or a spot clean daily. A quick clean or a spot clean is simply using a cat litter scooper to scoop out the overly wet spots or the overly poop filled spots in your gerbil’s cage. If necessary, sprinkle fresh bedding to refresh the cage and the smell. Once a week you should remove the gerbil and his food bowl, water bottle and any toys and tunnels and completely dump out the bedding. You may need to wipe down the cage with a vet approved cleaner. After it dries, add the new bedding. Wipe out the food dishes, toys, and water bottle before replacing them. Place your gerbil back in his cage when you’re finished. You may want to add a piece of fruit or veggie as a treat when you’re done. Contact your vet Bend, OR for recommendations.

Reflective Gear for Your Dog

If you are going to walk your dog or take your dog for a car ride after dark it’s a good idea to make sure he’s wearing reflective gear. For instance, reflective collars and harnesses are great for dogs. Not only do they serve the purpose of being a collar and harness, but they have reflective stripes on them so that your dog can be seen from a distance by oncoming cars or traffic. Even if your dog is just in the car it’s a good idea to have the reflective gear on him in case he accidentally escapes. When walking you may want to consider using a reflective leash and wear reflective gear yourself. If you don’t have reflective gear at the moment, take a flash light and have it on so you and your dog can be seen. For more tips, call your vet Bend, OR.

How to Find the Right Weight Blanket for Your Dog

Have you gone shopping for a dog coat or dog blanket only to find that they are labeled in an odd way with terms like weight and fill? If you have, did you know what they refer to? When you look for a blanket and see weight or fill it’s telling you how warm and how heavy the blanket will be. The weight and fill refers to the stuffing in the blanket. A blanket with no fill or stuffing is basically a rain sheet. A blanket with medium fill or stuffing may work for inside the house. A blanket with heavy fill or stuffing will be great for outdoor walks especially when the walk is more than five minutes. You can tell the fill or weight by feeling or holding the blanket. It will also be listed in grams. A 0gram fill is the rain sheet. A 150-225 g fill will provide warmth. For additional details, call your animal hospital York, PA.

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