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Dividing up pet care responsibilities

You have a wonderful family who you enjoy spending time with. This includes a little furry friend and you want to make sure all her needs are met in a timely manner. How can you divide up the pet care responsibilities among your family members?

Make a point to have a list of all the care tasks that need to be performed for your pet and when they need to take place all set to refer to when you sit down with your family to talk to them. Understand that some people may want to take on some tasks while others may not be so desirable to volunteer for. Some people may be more flexible than others when it comes to scheduling and everyone has different capabilities, so be mindful when dividing up responsibilities. Your local Crown Point, IN vet can offer additional suggestions.

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Should you teach your dog some tricks?

You’ve been thinking about teaching your dog some tricks. How can you tell if he’s ready to do this?

Your pet needs you to understand that teaching him new skills, even if they are tricks, will still count as training for him. This means that you will likely go about these tasks in the same manner as you would any other training you’ve done with your pet. In fact, if you’ve had good experiences in the past, you will likely be able to enjoy this process once again as you interact with your pet to help him learn something new. If you are still going through basic training with your pet, you may want to prioritize the things you’d like him to learn and hold off on fun things like tricks until later on. For additional information, please ask your local vet clinic Crown Point, IN.

Holiday celebrations and your pet

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You have a great relationship with your pet and you are excited to spend the holidays with her. How can you make a point to include her in the festivities?

Your pet will need you to keep a particularly close eye on her at this time of year because it can be easy to veer from your normal routine. There will likely be new people and items coming into your living space, some of which will be coming into contact with your pet. This can bring new hazards into your home but they can also offer your pet new opportunities to have some fun. Make sure you are there to supervise your pet and to offer her lots of love and attention as well. Think of pet-friendly activities she can take part in and be sure to help guests interact with her in a positive way. Your Leesburg, VA veterinarian can help you care for your pet. Learn more here.


Choosing a crate for your canine companion

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You are going to be the owner of a cute little fur ball soon and you can’t wait to care for your new dog. How can you choose the best crate for her now that you are purchasing the supplies she will need?

Your dog’s crate will be a place that she can comfortably spend her time and enjoy some solitude. This means that she needs to be comfortable in this area in order for this to happen. Think about what your pet would like for privacy as well as what other items should be placed in this area. Consider your pet’s size, what type of entry would be ideal, and where you will be placing the crate in your home to help you narrow down your options a bit further. Your local Leesburg, VA vet clinic can offer additional advice.

How your child can benefit from spending time with a pet

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You have been thinking about bringing a pet into your family because your child has been begging for some time with a furry companion of her own. This makes you wonder – how could she benefit from this experience?

Spending time with a pet can be a great learning experience for a child. With proper guidance and supervision, your little one may be able to add some valuable skills to her capabilities. She will learn about the needs of another living thing, and how these have to be addressed. She will learn to look after someone other than herself and also benefit from the relationship she has with her little fur ball. This can also help her be more aware of her surroundings, as she will see how differently a pet interacts with items in your living space. For more information, please contact your local Ashburn, VA veterinarian.

Helping your dog stay comfortable when you’re out of town

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You know that you won’t always be able to be with your dog, so you are taking the time to ensure she will be comfortable in your absence. How can you make sure she is happy and well-cared for while you are out of town?

Your pet will still need care while you are away from home, so you will need to seek out someone who can look after her while you are away. This will likely mean finding a pet sitter who has experience with pets like yours and is comfortable with your little fur ball. Make sure she is able to keep your pet content, that you can trust her to meet her needs and take care of any situations that may arise. Consider meeting with this individual ahead of time along with your pet to see how they interact. For additional information, please contact your local Ashburn, VA vet.

What Happens if You Trim a Cat’s Nail too Close?

Like dogs, a cat’s nail has a vein that runs through it. If you trim the nail too close to the quick of the nail you may hit the vein which can cause it to bleed. Because you hit a vein it will bleed quickly and a lot. The first thing to do is not to panic. Instead, grab a paper towel or cloth and apply pressure to the wounded area. Apply styptic powder to stop the bleeding. You should buy this ahead of time from the store or pet store. If you don’t have it on hand use corn starch or if all else fails try flour. If you don’t have any of these ingredients call your vet immediately. After applying the powder or corn starch, place pressure around the wound of the nail. The bleeding should stop. If it doesn’t right away, click here, or call your Plano, TX vet.

Gingivitis Can Happen to Dogs

Have you been to the dentist recently and been told that you need to clean your teeth and gums better so prevent dental disease like gingivitis? Gingivitis is common in people and in pets. It occurs when food builds up on the teeth causing tartar plaque and calculus to form. Flossing, brushing, and healthy diets can help fight against gingivitis in people and in dogs. That’s right, your dog could be at risk for gingivitis if you’re not helping him take care of his teeth. Dogs need their teeth brushed routinely to keep food from building up and turning into plaque and tartar. Some vets recommend owners brushing their dog’s teeth daily with vet approved toothpaste and a toothbrush. In addition, a yearly professional dental cleaning at the vet may also be needed. Feeding your dog crunchy treats can also help naturally break down tartar and plaque. Consult with your Plano, TX veterinary clinic to learn more.

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Keep Alcohol Away from Your Cat

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Whether it’s drinking alcohol, cooking alcohol, or even cleaning alcohol, make sure it is stored safely and out of reach of small children and especially pets. If you have pets in your home, in particular cats, keep all cleaning products in a locked location that they can’t access. Cats are especially crafty about breaking into cabinets so make sure cleaning products and cooking products are locked away. For instance, alcohol or ethanol is very toxic for cats. These are commonly used in drinking alcohols. They are basically produced by the fermentation of sugars by yeast. This is highly toxic to cats and can make them drowsy, depressed, and lose all coordination and eventually consciousness. Besides drinking alcohol, products like gasoline, perfumes, paints, and pharmaceuticals could also contain alcohol. Your Temecula, CA veterinary clinic can tell you one of the best ways to keep your cat safe is to ensure the cat’s access areas are completely separate from these products.

What to Look for Before Buying a Sugar Glider

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Are you looking to bring an exotic pocket pet home to your family? There are several available including ones like the sugar glider. Before your purchase a sugar glider, make sure your area has no restrictions on exotic pet ownership. Your local vet should be able to help you with this.  When looking for a sugar glider call local pet stores, shelters, and even look for individuals who may be re-homing their sugar gliders. Always examine the sugar glider in person before purchasing. Things to look for include checking to make sure the sugar glider is alert, his eyes should be bright and clear, his nose should be free of any mucus or gunk, he should have a healthy and fuzzy coat, and his movements should show no indication of injury. Your Temecula, CA vet may also recommend handling the sugar glider to make sure it’s tame as well.