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Hair Loss (Alopecia) In Rabbits

The top 4 causes of alopecia or hair loss in rabbits include fur mites, ringworm, hair loss brought about by behavior-fueled problems, and sebaceous adenitis.

Cheyletiella is the type of fur mite that affects rabbits. Affected rabbits have dry scaly skin and can suffer from itchy dermatitis. There may be bald spots over the rabbit’s trunk, neck, abdomen, and hind end.

Ringworm is caused by a fungus and is primarily characterized by spots that are devoid of hair. The condition is more common in young rabbits because their immune system is not yet fully developed.

A behaviorally induced behavior called barbering can also cause hair loss in rabbits. This can occur when a dominant rabbit pulls out the hair of a submissive or subordinate rabbit. It can also be a result of a low-fiber diet or overcrowding.

Sebaceous adenitis causes patchy areas of hair loss that usually starts around the face. The skin lesions are scaly and flaky but are not generally itchy.

Skin problems of any kind, even when it’s mild or just starting, should be checked out by a Dallas, GA veterinarian.