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Why Cats Have Different Personalities

vet clinic Scottsdale, AZThe personality of cats are influenced by several factors that include genetics, early life experiences, environmental factors, and even their health status.


Heredity plays an important role in shaping the personality of cats. The influence is particularly distinct among purebreds.

Environmental factors

The influence of specific factors in the immediate environment of cats is very much pronounced among moggies or cross-bred cats.

Early life experiences

Experiences that kittens go through early in life can have a major influence in shaping their personalities. Early socialization is very important for cats and should start as early as possible. Experiences that are encountered during socialization should be positive for these can have an important impact on their personality and behavior. Kittens from “kitten mills” tend to have significantly different personalities than those that are raised underfoot and experience adequate interaction and exposure.

Sudden changes in your pet’s behavior should warrant an appointment with your vet clinic Scottsdale, AZ.

Should You Get Another Pet If Your Cat Is Lonely?

Believe it or not, but cats can get lonely! Many felines feel lonely when they hang out alone all day, every day, or when you go on vacation. If your kitty is feeling a little lonely, should you get another animal to keep him company?

It is important to consider how long your cat has been an only pet. If your feline friend has been the only animal in the house for years, an animal companion probably isn’t going to work. He’s used to being the master of his domain! However, if your kitty is relatively young, you may be able to try getting another cat or even a dog.

If getting another animal isn’t an option, look for ways to spend more time with your kitty. That might include hiring a sitter if you’re away from home for a long time. Call your veterinary clinic Green Bay, WI to request a list of sitters in the area.

Practicing Car Rides with Your Dog

There are many reasons why you might have to pack your dog in the car. You might be heading to the dog park, you might be going on vacation, or you may be heading to the animal clinic. No matter what the reason, it’s a good idea to practice riding in the car with your pet.

Many dogs get anxious in the car. Some get car sick, not because they are motion sick, but because their anxiety causes them to get sick. Others are simply so excited that they can’t stand still!

Exposure to the car will help your dog, no matter what challenges he faces. That means sitting in the car before you start it, and taking small trips around the neighborhood every day until he’s comfortable.

For more tips on making your drive more comfortable with your dog, visit your vet Green Bay, WI.

Keeping Your Cat Around Electrical Cords

Your cat may love chewing on electrical cords since they are soft, chewy and feel good to her mouth. However, electrical cords can shock your cat or put her at risk of strangulation. Cover all electrical cords with tape or mount them to the trim so your cat can’t chew on them. You could also put the cords in PVC piping or cord covers to preventing chewing electrocution. If this doesn’t work and your cat continues to chew on the cords, spray them with a cat-safe deterrent purchased from a pet supply store, These deterrents taste bad and may keep your cat away from dangerous electrical cords. Allow your cat to chew on safe spongy things and ensure that she has lots of play and exercise time. These sessions provide your cat mental stimulation needs to keep her out of mischief. Contact your Carolina Forest, SC vet to learn more.

Your Dog’s Temperament

As a puppy, your dog finds his place in the litter hierarchy, which influences his temperament. You can better relate to your dog and train him more effectively if you understand his place in the pack. Your dog may be submissive so he will appear nervous or anxious. He needs direction and looks to you for care. Your submissive dog may urinate in submission or become aggressive if threatened. If you have an alpha dog he may act pushy. Yet this type of dog responds to strong leadership. You will need to train him consistently and with confidence. Be clear in directing your dog and use a firm voice. You could also have a dog that acts like a middle child. He will display both alpha and submissive personalities at times. However, a middle dog is easier to train and more laid back than other temperaments. Learn more from your Carolina Forest, SC veterinary clinic.

Making a feline friend

You have a cat in your life who loves you very much and you want to make sure you are there to help her meet her needs day in and day out. How can you get to know her so you can become close friends?

Your feline friend needs to be able to understand the fact that she is a big part of your life and will need to be able to spend her time by your side. Be there with her to show her that she is a priority in your life and make an effort to both meet her needs and to seek out new ways to interact with her to have some fun. This playtime will help her see you as a companion so she will not only learn to trust you but also to value your company. Your local Dunn, NC vet clinic can help you care for your pet. Click here for additional information.

Caring for your dog’s paws

You have a dog in your life who loves you very much and you want to make sure she is able to get all the care she deserves. This makes you wonder – how can you help her keep her paws in great shape?

Your little fur ball needs to be able to count on you to look after her paws in order to help her get the attention she needs to keep them healthy. This means taking the time to offer her plenty of inspections, particularly when she comes in from outside. Tend to any issues you find, like removing debris from between her paw pads, and make a point to seek out the attention of a professional when you feel it’s needed, like for injuries or swelling. Your local Dunn, NC vet can help you better understand your pet.

Scat Mats for Dogs

Did you know that there are scat mats that can be used to help train your dog to stay off the furniture? If your dog is scratching at the furniture or jumping on the furniture when you don’t want him to, try using  scat mat to teach him otherwise. A scat mat has tiny electronic pulses running through it. It can be turned to a low, medium or high setting. Place the scat mat on your couch and set the electronic pulse to low. This will send a light shock to your dog when he gets on the couch. If your dog doesn’t pay attention or learn from this then slowly increase the electronic shock. Once your dog realizes he can’t be on the furniture you can turn the mats off. Leave them on the couch though as a visual reminder for your dog not to jump on it. For more tips, talk to your Thorold, ON veterinary clinic.

Do Aegean Cats Shed?

Aegean cats, like most domesticated cats, shed out mainly in the warm summer months. They do shed occasionally throughout the year especially if they stay indoors. If you’re expecting no cat hair in your house this will not be the case with a pet cat like the Aegean. He will leave behind fur, but not a lot so don’t count it against him. Most of the hair will shed out in the summer. You can groom your Aegean cat lightly throughout the year and then regularly in the summer to help get rid of the dead hair in the coat. The Aegean cat is considered a light shedder. He is a generally healthy breed with very few known health risks. The cat is loyal, affectionate, and will grow a special bond with his human family over time. If you’d like more information, talk with your Thorold, ON vet.

What your cat needs in a litter box

You have a cat in your life who needs you to find the ideal litter box option to keep her needs met in your home. What does she really need in a litter box?

Your cat needs to be able to utilize her litter box without any issues, so make a point to seek out an option that can be placed in a distraction-free area of your home. It should be the right size for your pet to comfortably get into and turn around in as well. Make sure you can use the litter box you choose with a litter your pet finds appealing and that you will be able to keep her litter box clean without much of an issue. Be sure to snag any features you think would be helpful as well, like a hooded option if you feel it’s needed. For additional information, please contact your local Lakeville, MN veterinarian.