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Outside Dogs and Thunderstorms

Outside Dogs and Thunderstorms

A lot of dogs are afraid of the sound of thunder and who can blame them when it appears to come out of nowhere and at any given moment! If your dog is afraid of thunder and thunderstorms in general make sure he’s not outdoors when a storm comes rolling in. If your dog is an outside dog, plan to leave him indoors that day. You may even want to leave him with a friend or board him if there is a long period of rainy days and thunderstorms. Hiring a pet sitter to stop at your home and check on your dog may be a good idea as well. For dogs that stay outside, make sure there is a place for him to go and get out of the rain and away from the lightning and thunder. A dog house, garage, porch, or shed may work. Talk with your skilled vet clinic Burlington ON for more tips.

Ways to Avoid Leaving Your Dog in the Hot Car

Ways to Avoid Leaving Your Dog in the Hot Car

If you find yourself traveling with your dog, make arrangements to avoid having to leave him in a hot car. For instance, if you are on a road trip and you need to run into a store, leave your car going with the A/C running and make your quick trip inside. If possible, lock the doors and take a spare key with you. The best thing to do is travel with someone else who can sit in the car with your dog or take your dog out and walk him around while you’re inside the store or establishment. If you want to go out to eat with friends and your dog is with you, make arrangements to leave your dog at the friend’s home or take your dog home first. Your professional animal hospital Burlington ON can tell you there are plenty of ways to avoid leaving your dog in the hot car.

When Dogs Bully Other Dogs in the Home

When Dogs Bully Other Dogs in the Home

If you own more than one dog then you may have had instances in the home when something upsets one or more of the dogs and they get into a fight. Or you may notice that one dog appears to be picking on another dog at meal times or when you have visitors. The first example is dogs being dogs and trying to get along as a pack. The second is an example of bullying which also involves pack like mentality except in this case a dog is still trying to establish the pecking order. If this happens you will need to separate the dogs. If possible, discipline the one doing the bullying by putting him in a different room, lightly tapping him on the nose and telling him ‘no’ or ‘bad,’ or putting him in a crate for time out. If the behavior continues after routine disciple and separation, call your vet Burlington ON.

Exercising Your Guinea Pig

It’s important that you learn early on how to exercise your guinea pig. All guinea pigs need some sort of exercise routine to keep them healthy and happy. One way to exercise your cavy is to provide him with a large enough cage that he can run around in, climb through tunnels, go up and down ramps, and perhaps have an exercise wheel inside. Exercising your cavy can help keep his mind clear and keep stress and anxiety at bay. Exercise is also good for your guinea pig’s health. Giving him some free range time outside of his cage is a great way for him to experience fresh air and different surroundings. Just keep an eye on your guinea pig and make sure there is nothing in the area that he can get into. For more tips on exercises for your cavy, call your Aurora, CO veterinarian.

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Guinea Pigs on Leash

Do you think it’s possible to each guinea pigs how to walk on a leash? Of course it’s possible. In fact, you can train your guinea pig to wear a harness comfortable and to walk on a leash. Before training begins make sure you talk to your vet first. Start the process be putting the harness on the guinea pig and allowing him to move around and adjust to it. Leave the harness on the guinea pig at all times to he become adjusted to it and begins to believe he could be in the harness for a long time or for a little time. Don’t force your cavy to walk on the leash. Just let him explore the harness and feel the pulling of the leash on that harness. Walk him around and allow him to get used to it. Once he’s adjusted you can take him on regularly walks daily. Learn more from your pet clinic Aurora, CO.