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Cockatiels and Their Bad Habits

Cockatiels and Their Bad Habits.jpgDid you know that birds like the cockatiel need lots of attention? If this particular bird doesn’t have a companion bird then be prepared to spend a lot of time talking with him, playing with him and even singing to him. If you have to be out of the home for long periods of time then make sure you have a radio going to help fill in the void and make him think he has a friend nearby. Why? Birds like the cockatiel that don’t have companions or friends nearby can develop some pretty bad habits as a way of rebelling. For instance, the cockatiel may start picking at his feathers and even pulling them out. He may also develop a high-pitched scream or yell in an effort to get attention. If he doesn’t get the attention, he wants these screeches may escalate. Talk to your vet London, ON to learn more.

Road Trips with your Pet Bird

Road Trips with your Pet BirdIf you’re planning an upcoming trip with your bird in tow then here are a few helpful tips. First, set up your itinerary ahead of time so you know where you will be staying and for how long. Call hotels or resorts ahead of time to find out if your bird is allowed to stay with you. If not, make other arrangements by booking a different hotel that is bird friendly, finding a border for your bird in the same area, or plan to board your bird at home. When traveling with your bird, make sure to take a travel cage for your bird to ride in. Bring the larger cage if you are going to be staying in one place for a long amount of time. Bring extra food and water bowls along with bottled water, food, treats, and toys. For more ideas, give your vet Oshawa, ON a call.