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Choosing a food for your pet


Choosing a food for your pet

You have a wonderful pet in your life and you know that she needs you to be by her side helping her stay fit and healthy. You know that the food she eats can significantly impact her health. How can you choose a diet for her?

Your pet needs you to understand that she has dietary needs that must be met. This means that she will have specific nutrient targets and you will have to try and help her get what she needs at mealtime. Working with your pet’s veterinarian can be an ideal way to help her, as it will allow you to get a comprehensive view of your pet’s needs and it will also give you a chance to discuss how to meet them. Your local pet clinic McHenry, IL can help you care for your pet. Click on the given link for additional information.

Upper Respiratory Infections In Cats

1. Upper Respiratory Infections In CatsCases of upper respiratory tract infections (URI) are very common among cats. The condition is similar to colds in human but the causative agents are not the same. Infections affecting the upper respiratory tract are especially common in kittens. In fact, a large percentage of kittens adopted from shelters suffer from the problem shortly after being adopted. Most cases of URI generally resolve within 2 weeks with an excellent prognosis. Although they are referred to as respiratory infections, the mildest forms are manifested as eye problems. Sneezing and/or nasal discharge are usually present in more severe forms of the infection. There is a very long list of viruses and bacteria that can cause URIs in cats. The most common of these causative agents are Chlamydia and herpesvirus. Young kittens are especially at risk because their immune systems are still developing. Other important predisposing factors include stress, past history of respiratory infections, being in close proximity with other cats in an enclosed or small area, and cats with feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Ask your veterinarian Ellicott City, MD for vaccines that can protect your pet cat against the infection.

My Dog is Afraid of Thunderstorms

My Dog is Afraid of ThunderstormsIt’s pretty common for pets to be afraid of thunderstorms especially dogs. They tend to be very alert to what’s going on around them and often try to guard you or the home from strange outsiders and noises. Thunder, however, often sends canines running because of the loud noise that seems to happen out of nowhere. It’s normal for your dog to be afraid of thunder. However, if he’s trembling excessively and shows severe distress and anxiety, you should consider contacting your vet and scheduling a checkup. Most dogs will simply whimper and ask to be held or to stay close when it’s thundering. When this happens, try and soothe your dog by petting him, distracting him with a game or a meal if it’s time. Go to a center room in the house where the noise isn’t quite as loud. Your vet Roanoke, VA may recommend playing soothing music as well.