Daily Archives: June 2, 2019

Should I Dry My Dog Off from the Rain?

Drying off your dog after a rain storm isn’t a bad idea. If your dog has to go out to potty and it’s pouring rain there’s not much you can do to keep your dog dry unless you have a rain coat for him or you take an umbrella out and go with him. Even with the umbrella, your dog may not stay under it to keep dry. Most dogs don’t mind the rain and may even welcome the shower especially in the warmer summer months. You can towel dry your dog with an old towel. Gently rub at your dog’s coat starting at the paws and working up. Be gentle. Your dog doesn’t need a scrub. The main goal is to remove the access water so your dog can dry quicker on his own. If your A/C is on, consider turning it off for a few minutes so your dog can dry without getting to cold. For more tips, give your animal hospital Riverbend, ON a call.

Sweet Summer Treats for Dogs

Looking for sweet summer treats for your canine? Here are a few options your dog is sure to love. First on the list is cool or chilled fruit. Try offering your dog pieces of chilled apple. It’s sweet and cool which can be a great refresher on a hot day. Serving chilled fruit such as watermelon or bananas is also great. Just avoid the grapes as they are toxic to dogs. Another option is to freeze water with pieces of fruit inside. Make little ice cubes with the fruit in the middle. These are also fresh and cool for a nice sweet summer treat. You can also serve your dog ice cream that is made for dogs. Try to avoid giving your dog real ice cream as many dogs have trouble digesting dairy. Frozen yogurt or refrigerated yogurt can also make a sweet summer treat. For more ideas, give your London, ON vet a call. Click on the link for additional information: https://oakwestanimalclinic.com/