Daily Archives: May 25, 2019

Properly picking Up Your Mouse

Your mouse is small and fragile. You can injure him if you don’t pick him up properly and he could die if dropped. Don’t pick up your mouse unless he is comfortable with you. Sing or talk to your mouse softly while sitting close to his enclosure. Drape your hand inside for your mouse to explore. Try hand feeding your mouse to develop a sense of trust. When you are ready to pick up your mouse, act quickly and efficiently. Scoop your mouse up with one hand. Use the other hand to cover him and keep him secure. Bring your mouse close to your chest so he doesn’t wriggle free. Be prepared to place him on a mouse-safe surface to play. Never pick up your mouse by a limb or by his tail. These methods can cause injury. Always supervise your mouse when he is outside the cage. Contact your Tampa, FL vet to learn more.


Dealing With Your Dog’s Stomach Issues

Your dog will suffer from an upset stomach and other digestive issues if he eats something he shouldn’t such as table scraps, garbage or grass. He may experience vomiting or dry heaves, diarrhea or excessive flatulence or he could lose his appetite and strain to eliminate. However, your dog may suffer from more frequent digestive problems than normal that needs medical attention. Your dog may have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Or he could have an infection from bacteria, a virus or some type of parasite. Your dog may need prescription food formulated for digestive issues. Introduce the food a little at a time as a substitute for your dog’s current food. Always provide access to fresh, clean water. This is especially important when your dog is suffering from digestive issues. Make an appointment with your Tampa, FL veterinary clinic if your dog presents digestive symptoms for evaluation and treatment.