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Diabetes in Hamsters

Diabetes in HamstersDid you know that hamsters can have diabetes just like dogs, cats, and even people? Talking to your vet about basic healthcare for your hamster is important in order to understand ways to prevent diabetes from happening. For instance, feeding your hamster a diet rich in sugar even if it’s sugar from fruit can increase his chances of developing diabetes. In hamsters, diabetes often occurs because the body cannot break down the sugar due to a lack of insulin or because the insulin is no longer efficient. This can lead to high levels of blood sugar in the bloodstream and in the urine, which is why diabetes is often diagnosed through blood tests or urinalysis. Diabetes has been known to occur in dwarf hamsters such as the Syrian, Russian and Campbell’s breeds more so than other breeds. For more information on diabetes, talk to your vet Anderson, IN.


Walking Your Dog in the Summer

vet Fort Collins, COWhen the weather outside grows warmer it’s a good idea to start shortening your walks with your dog. The hot temperatures can be uncomfortable not only for you, but also for your dog. Instead of a long walk in the heat, try shorter walks. You can also plan to take your walks in the early part of the morning and in the later part of the evening or early night. When you do walk at these times, however, keep in mind that you and your dog may not be as visible as during the daylight. You should plan to wear bright clothing and use reflective collars, harnesses, and leashes on your dog. If you can’t walk at these times of the day and must choose the middle of the day, please take caution of the heat. Take a water bottle and bowl for you and your dog and stay hydrated. For more details, call your vet Fort Collins, CO.

Things You May Not Have Known About Parrots

Things You May Not Have Known About ParrotsLooking to own a pet bird one day? Perhaps even a parrot? If so, here are some interesting facts about parrots that you may want to know before making a purchase. First, there are several kinds of parrots in the wild and in captivity. The main ones in captivity that are kept as pets include the parakeet, cockatiel as well as Amazons and Macaws. Parrots are usually multi-colored creatures that love to be the center of the show. Parrots crave attention and will do just about anything to get it including singing an annoying song or talking for attention or even screeching and yelling for attention. Parrots need constant interaction either from owners or another parrot. Parrots can mimic sounds and words but they don’t have vocal chords. Your vet Pasadena, MD can also tell you that parrots, on average, live 50 years or more.

Your dog and homemade treats

Your canine companion needs you to be aware of the fact that there are a lot of treat options out there, and some may not be right for her. This makes you wonder – what does it take to make homemade treats for your dog?

Your dog may love the idea of eating something you have made just for her, so take the time to talk to her veterinarian about doing so if you feel motivated to get cooking. This will help you find recipes that are safe for your pet and will help nourish her body so she can stay healthy and strong while still being able to enjoy something tasty in between meals. Making your own treats allows you to customize them to your pet’s preferences and dietary needs, but it also takes time to prepare them, so weigh your options carefully. Your local Brandon, FL vet can offer additional suggestions. Or click here: https://valricovet.com/

Preventing Your Dog From Jumping Up on People

Preventing Your Dog From Jumping Up on PeopleYour dog can be annoying when he jumps up on people. It may have been fun when he was a puppy but not at all now that he is fully grown. Thus, you need to deter this annoying habit while giving him something more appropriate to do. Whenever your dog starts to jump up on you, turn around quickly so he falls to the floor. Don’t make a fuss and never punish him while he is learning. When all four feet are back on the floor, praise your dog and give him a food treat. Ensure that all other family members and trusted guests follow this simple procedure too. Anticipate when your dog is likely to jump up and insist that he sits quietly next to you instead. If he is sitting, he can’t be jumping up on people. Soon your dog will learn that jumping up is not allowed. Learn more from your veterinary clinic Las Vegas, NV.

Your cat’s paws

Your cat has paws that help to carry her throughout the world day after day. This means that your pet will need you to keep up with them and help her keep her paws in top shape. How can you do this?

Your cat needs you to check over her paws regularly in order to help keep them in great shape. This will allow you to get a good look at them so you can better understand how her activities impact her paw pads. It will show you what areas should be avoided as well as which seem to work well with your pet’s capabilities. Your little fur ball also needs you to make sure you are able to offer her help when needed or to seek out someone who can help her when an issue arises that is out of your hands. Your local vet care Brandon, FL can help you better understand your pet.