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Creating time for your feline companion

Creating time for your feline companion

You have a cat in your life who means a lot to you, so you’ve been taking the time to figure out what your little fur ball needs in order to keep her happy and healthy. You know that your companionship means a lot to her. How can you spend more time with your pet?

Your cat needs you to consider her a priority in your life and to treat her as such. This means that you will put time with her ahead of some other tasks in your life to help her know she is well-loved. This may mean making sure you are by her side and paying attention to her even when there are other things on your plate. Be there with your pet as often as you can be and make a point to try and include her in things whenever possible. Your local Rochester, NY veterinarian can offer additional guidance. Visit https://rochestercatvet.com/ to know more.


Should you offer your cat milk ?

Should you offer your cat milk

Your cat seems very interested in whatever you are eating or drinking, especially when there are milk products involved. Can you offer her some of these?

Your pet needs to be able to trust that you are giving her food items that will help her meet her nutritional needs. Milk products aren’t likely to be a great option, as her body only made the enzyme to properly digest milk as a young kitten when she was receiving food from her mother. As she got older, she likely stopped making this digestive enzyme altogether. Because of this, she can experience some digestive upset if consuming items with milk in it. Luckily, there are a lot of other tasty treats that are designed for feline consumption, so you can offer these to your pet if she is looking for something to munch on. For more information, please contact your local reputed vet Rochester NY.

Choosing pet supplies for your cat

Choosing pet supplies for your cat

You have a feline friend in your life who needs to have access to certain pet supply items in order to stay happy and healthy. How can you choose these pet supplies for your cat?

Your pet needs you to be very aware of what her needs are, as there will likely be a few different ways to meet them. You will need to choose between different supplies by determining what will be ideal for your pet as well as what you have access to while also staying within your pet care budget. Try to find high-quality options that will last your pet a good, long while. Seek out different stores to see what selection they have and take the time to talk to your pet’s veterinarian if you feel that you could use some guidance. For more information, please contact your local veterinary clinic Rochester NY.