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Tips To Correct Submissive Urination In Dogs

veterinarian Green Bay, WISubmissive urination in dogs is an instinctive behavior to show deference or meekness to a dog that occupies a higher rung in the social ladder of the pack. As pets, the behavior may be seen as a way of acknowledging their owner as the dominant or alpha leader of the pack. However, many pet owners view this behavior as a loss of housetraining. Fortunately, there are simple measures that pet owners can do to stop the habit. One of these is not reinforcing the behavior. You should avoid actions or behaviors that trigger submissive urination such as greeting your pet, or any specific gesture or vocalization. Try your best to ignore your pet when you get home. Over-enthusiastic greetings can only exacerbate the behavior. Once your dog has settled down, squat down to your pet’s level, which is a non-verbal way of encouraging him to come to you. If the dog starts showing signs of submissive urination, be quick to turn away. Avoid eye contact because in the canine world, eye contact is a way of showing dominance; it is also perceived as a threat. Guests and other members of the family should be fully aware of the process to ensure consistency. A dog that shows submissive urination should never be scolded or punished for this can only confuse him.

Sudden changes in your pet’s elimination habits should warrant an appointment with your veterinarian Green Bay, WI.


Cleaning Your Rabbit’s Cage

vet Castle Hills, TXIf your rabbit is in an enclosed cage with a wire frame top then you will need to clean his cage on a daily and weekly basis. Daily, scoop out large wet areas and large areas where poop has piled up. Weekly, remove your rabbit from the cage and dump out the entire cage and bedding. You should wipe down the cage with a vet-approved cleaner and wipe down toys and rinse out food and water bowls as well. Add fresh bedding and place your rabbit back in the cage. For rabbits that are in cages with wire bottoms, keep a tray under the cage to catch the poop and pee. You may want to place some potty paper or newspaper around the tray to ensure nothing splashes or goes off the tray onto the floor. Dump the tray daily and wipe it down weekly. Talk to your vet Castle Hills, TX for more tips.