Should I Turn My Horses Out in the Snow?

Whether you choose to turn your horse out in snow conditions really depends on the severity of the snow storm, the type of shelter available to your horses outdoors, and the health and wellness of your horses. Horses are wild creatures that have been created to withstand outdoor elements. However, if you have kept your horse inside all winter, body clipped him, and gave him no access to the outside world then he’s not ready to go out in the snow. Horses that have been body clipped, but are adequately blanketed can go out if they are accustomed to turn out in such conditions. If you turn your horse out and he starts running and panicking then bring him back in. Horses accustomed to turnout in all weather will be fine with a waterproof blanket or without depending on their health. For more tips, call your Pickerington, OH vet.


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