Why Are Kittens Born With Their Eyes Closed?

1.Why Are Kittens Born With Their Eyes ClosedThe eyes of newborn kittens are closed because their eyes are still underdeveloped. Their eyes still need several days to develop until they slowly open become fully functional within several weeks. In very rare cases, some kittens briefly open their eyes as early as the second day after birth. Most kittens can only open their eyelids at about a week after birth. Nature has a way of ensuring that the sensitive tissues of the eyes are fully developed before the eyes open. A protective seal is formed by the eyelids until the outer eye is completely developed. But kittens can still recognize their mother using their other sense organs. They are able to seek her out and latch on to her nipples and suckle milk. Once the eyelids start to open, it will take 2-3 days for the eyes to fully open and become functional. Regardless of whether their eyelids have opened or not during the first 2 weeks of life, most kittens are blind during this time. For more information visit your local Pet clinic.

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