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Eye Contact with Your Cat

Eye Contact with Your Cat

You may notice that people make eye contact to show interest. However, your cat may avoid eye contact, which can be seen as threatening. Thus you need to get your cat to associate eye contact with something good instead. This will help her get over her fear and look directly at you more often. Eye contact also helps establish trust between you and your cat. Sit close to your cat. Sneak a few glances toward her and try to catch your cat looking back. Reward her with praise and pat her gently even if she only met your eyes for a second or two. Consider using food to get your cat to look up at you. Move the food close to your face. This makes it more likely that she will meet your eyes. Practice these techniques often.Over time making eye contact with you will become habit. For more information, contact your Roanoke, VA veterinarian. Visit this site for additional advice.


Getting Past Your Cat’s Fear of Vet Visits

Getting Past Your Cat_s Fear of Vet Visits

Your cat’s fear of her carrier, the car ride, and even your behavior at the vet can make her fearful of going to the vet. Start by getting your cat used to her carrier. Leave the carrier out with the door open so your cat can explore it. Put a favorite blanket, a few toys, and some treats in the carrier. Try closing the door for a few seconds at a time and increase the time as she becomes comfortable. Next take your cat out to the car while she is in the carrier. Watch your cat’s behavior and if she seems calm, drive a short distance. On the vet day, encourage your cat into the carrier. Drive to the vet without making a fuss. Talk to your cat calmly but don’t comfort her. Continue this behavior in the vet’s office. Otherwise, you could inadvertently reinforce her fear. Learn more from your Roanoke, VA veterinary clinic, Old Dominion Veterinary Clinic.

Treating a Cat Like the Korat for Gingivitis

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Did you know that studies have indicated that most pets over the age of three will develop some type of gum disease or tooth related issue? This includes cats like the Korat. One of the most common forms of gum disease is gingivitis. This occurs when food and plaque buildup on the teeth. This can be prevented with routine teeth brushing at home and diets that include hard and crunchy morsels of food that can help naturally breakdown buildup. If your cat develops extremely bad breath or starts to have trouble eating due to pain, contact your vet. Once gingivitis is diagnosed a treatment plan will be prescribed. Most treatment plans include routine dental cleanings and possible removal of decaying teeth or overcrowded teeth where food is getting trapped. Talk with your London, ON veterinary clinic to determine what treatment will work best for your cat.

Gingivitis in Korat Cats

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Did you know that cats like the Korat cat can develop gingivitis and other disease of the gums and teeth? Gingivitis is one of the first signs of periodontal disease and the most common of dental diseases in animals and people. Gingivitis often occurs when a cat’s teeth are not routinely cleaned either by the owner or a veterinarian dental professional. The disease can cause inflammation on the gums as well as irritation to the gums and the rest of the mouth. One of the first signs of gingivitis is bad breath due to the buildup of food on the gums. Other signs may include severe redness, bleeding of the gums, and the inability to chew food well. Your cat may even refuse to eat because it is too painful to chew. If you notice these behaviors or signs in your cat, please contact your London, ON vet to schedule an exam.

Using Alternate Communication with Your Dog

Using Alternate Communication with Your Dog

As you train your dog, you must use consistent language to get results. However, you also need to be consistent with your tone of voice and body language for successful communications. Use a happy, cheerful, and welcoming voice to praise your dog or call him to you in non-emergency situations. Ensure your facial expressions also match your tone of voice. Get down to your dog’s level to encourage him to come to you and when initiating playtime. Speak very firmly to your dog when working on obedience commands. Ensure that your voice never sounds angry. Never shout at your dog or make threatening gestures.Don’t sound like you are asking your dog to obey commands. Stand up straight to stress your authority. Use hand signals to support your voice commands. Praise your dog enthusiastically when he obeys you. Contact your Roanoke, VA vet to learn more. Visit their site for additional information.

Summer Tips For Cats – Ways to Keep Your Cat Cool During Summer

Ways to Keep Your Cat Cool During SummerCats are very vulnerable to heat stroke especially during summer when temperatures are soaring. Here are simple ways to keep your cat cool and comfortable during hot summer days:

  • Draw the curtains across the windows and turn on the air conditioning.
  • If you don’t have air conditioning, electric fans can be placed near windows to improve the circulation of air.
  • Place water in small plastic bottles and freeze them overnight. Place the bottles around the spot where your cat sleeps during the day.
  • Your cat should be allowed to go to the basement, bathroom or other rooms which are much cooler than the rest of the house. The cool tiles in the bathroom or sleeping inside the bathtub can certainly be comfortable when it’s very hot outside.
  • Fresh, clean, and cool water should be available always. If possible, place water bowls in strategic areas so your cat won’t have to go far to drink.

Heat stress can be potentially fatal to cats. Bring your kitty to an animal hospital Valrico, FL if you spot distinct signs of the problem. For more detail click here

Dog with Jobs

Cadaver dog trainingDogs have been domesticated for a very long time. Many have been bred to work alongside humans to do specific tasks. Today, many of these breeds have ‘retired’ from active duty and become solely household pets. But many still continue to perform important tasks, making them an indispensable part of the community.

Dogs are engaged in police and military work

Many breeds of dogs have strong guarding and protective instincts. Today, many dogs are still doing police and military work. A common example is the Belgian Malinois which is often used to help apprehend felons and detect explosives and narcotics.

One common which is useful in apprehending criminal elements and detecting narcotics and explosives. Dogs that work with the police and military possess an excellent drive to work, hardy, and extremely agile.

Guide dogs

Labrador retrievers are just one canine breed that make excellent guide dogs for people with handicaps, helping them live almost normal lives.

Your vet Brandon, FL is an important source of information about issues that affect your pet. For more detail click here

Litter Box Problems in Cats

Litter Box Problems in CatsWhy do house-trained cats suddenly choose to do their thing somewhere else instead of their litter box? When your pet cat suddenly stops using the litter box, you should try to find out what is causing him to behave that way so you can address the problem appropriately. If your cat keeps on returning to a specific spot to pee or eliminate, you should take steps so the distinct scent will be removed. When cleaning a scent spot, always keep in mind that cats possess a very keen sense of smell and what may be clean and odor-free to you may not be the same for your furball. You can also make the spot inhospitable for you pet by placing double-sided tape or an upside down plastic carpet runner. Cats hate the feel of these surfaces on their sensitive paws.

Bring your cat to your veterinarian Brandon, FL for regular checkups.

Training Your Dog to Sit on Command

Training Your Dog to Sit on CommandTraining your dog to sit on command gives you a way to get your dog under control quickly. If he is sitting by you, he can’t be getting into trouble. Train your dog when he is alert but not overly excited. Get down to your dog’s level and hold a food treat in front of his nose to get his attention. Raise the treat up and over your dog’s head so that he needs to lower his rear end to continue following it. Say your dog’s name followed by the SIT command. As soon as your dog’s rear end touches the floor, give him the treat and lots of praise. Practice this often and gradually increase the time between the touchdown and giving your dog the treat. Reduce and then eventually eliminate the treats so your dog will sit for your command and praise alone. Learn more from your veterinary clinic Pasadena, MD.


Maintaining your cat’s toy collection

Maintaining your cat_s toy collectionYour cat is a wonderful friend and she is immensely fun to play with. You want her to be able to enjoy some time with the family as well as on her own when she feels like playing for a while. How can you maintain her toy collection so this is a possibility?

Your pet needs several different toys to help her stay content in your home. This means that you will need to look after them for her so they are always in great shape. Take the time to check them over regularly, and address issues as needed. This may sometimes mean cleaning a toy off a bit, but sometimes it may mean replacing it altogether to ensure your pet is able to play without worry. Broken, or close to breaking, toys can be hazardous to your pet as they likely won’t work as they were intended to. For more information, please contact your local vet Pleasanton, CA.