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Emergency Kit for Your Dog

Emergency Kit for Your Dog

An emergency kit can make caring for your dog easier if you need to leave your home because of a weather emergency or when taking your dog on vacation. Select a lightweight bag that is easy to carry. Food and water,andthe bowls to serve them in are essential emergency gear. Your dog may be stressed away from home so pack some snacks and treats. A few toys can be comforting to your dog too. A small, warm blanket will keep your dog warm and he can use it as a makeshift bed. Purchase or put together a dog-specific first aid kit. Many of the products are the same as for humans.However, check that antiseptics and over-the-counter medications are safe for your dog before putting them in the emergency kit. Pack your dog’s prescriptions and your vet’s contact information. For more information, contact your veterinarian Roanoke VA.


Amazing Features of Your Dog’s Ears

Amazing Features of Your Dog_s Ears

Evolution has provided some amazing, purpose-driven capabilities in your dog’s ears.These features evolved primarily to help your dog’s wild ancestors become powerful and successful hunters. Your dog’s ears are thousands of times more powerful than your own so he can hear very subtle sounds at great distances. Each of his ears works independently from the other. Thus your dog can determine how far he is from a sound and precisely its direction. Your dog’s hearing is remarkable and spans a large range of tones. He can hear the pitch of sounds you couldn’t hear even if the source of the sound is very close to you. Your dog may seem to just know when a family member is arriving home but this is not a coincidence. He can hear and identify a familiar car from many blocks away. Learn more from your Roanoke, VA veterinary clinic.

Do Horses Need Rain Sheets?

Do Horses Need Rain SheetsWhether or not you place a sheet on your horse during the rain is up to you. It’s more of an owner preference than an animal preference. Horses in the wild do not have the luxury of wearing a sheet to protect them from the rain. Instead, horses rely on natural instincts to either seek shelter or to stand in a way that their backend shields them from the wind and rain. If it’s especially warm in your area then you should not blanket your horse as he could get overheated. If it’s winter in your area and it’s an icy rain then a rain sheet or even a light blanket that is waterproof would be recommended. If your horse has a run in shelter or barn in his turnout then a sheet may not be needed. Ask your vet Marietta, GA for suggestions on whether or not to sheet your horse in the rain.


Keeping the Cat out of the Baby’s Crib

Keeping the Cat out ofCats are curious creatures. When a crib shows up in your house and a baby starts sleeping in it, you can expect your pet to come in for a closer look. As cute as it would be to see your baby cuddled up with your cat, it can be dangerous, which means you have to keep your furry friend away from the newest member of your family.

The easiest way to keep your cat away from the baby’s crib is to keep the door to the nursery closed when your child is sleeping inside. However, if you can’t stand all the meowing, you’ll have to come up with a different options.

Give your cat plenty of time to inspect the crib and he’ll likely get bored of it. Not placing tables that your cat can jump on next to the crib is a good idea too.

Your vet North Dallas, TX can provide you with more info. For more details click here http://summertreevet.com/

Cats Outside in the Rain

If it rains during the day while you’re cat is out she will most likely find cover on her own. Just in case, though, you should make sure your cat has access to shelter in case she gets caught in a storm outside. The shelter needs to be large enough for her to get out of the rain completely and if possible to get out of any wind. The same is true for hot days. Your cat will need shelter from the sun. Whether it’s raining or extremely hot, your cat will need access to fresh water. If you don’t want your cat out in the rain, check the weather ahead of time and plan to keep your cat indoors. If she doesn’t do well indoors by herself, consider keeping her in a crate for a short time or board her for the day. For more tips, visit this site, or consult with your Woodbridge, VA veterinarian.

Dogs and Lightning

Is your dog afraid of lightning? Don’t worry, it’s very common for animals like dogs to be scared of lightning. Often the anxiety over lightning comes because of the loud thunder that occurs after. Sometimes dogs are just scared of the flashing lights. If there’s a bad lightning storm in your area, make sure your pup is somewhere in the house where he feels safe and secure. Close the curtains or blinds to help reduce the visibility of lightning. If your dog is overly anxious try sitting with him and brushing his coat or petting him to distract him and keep him calm. Some owners use shirts like the Thunder Shirt to help their dogs cope with anxiety from storms. You may also try wrapping your pup in his favorite blanket and holding him or talking to him. Talk with your vet Woodbridge, VA for more ideas and suggestions.

Transitioning from Milk to Kitten Food

Kittens and puppies generally start or finish the weaning stage at about six weeks of age. You should choose to transition your kitten from his mother’s milk to a kitten food at around for weeks of age. This is the time when the kitten’s body will require additional vitamins and minerals that he can’t get from milk alone. Introduce a dry kitten food by placing it on a flat surface or plate or in a bowl. Moisten the food with warm water or use milk replacer if the kitten isn’t nursing. Show the kitten the food. You may need to feed him a bit out of your hand. Over time the kitten will go to the dry food more than the milk. He will be ready to switch completely by the time weaning starts, which can making weaning much easier. For more suggestions, visit this website Pets R Family Animal Hospital, or consult with your vet Dale City, VA.

Your ferrets eating habits

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Your ferret may spend a lot of her time sleeping, but her meals also provide her with some energy to go about her favorite activities. What should you know about her eating habits?

 Your ferret needs plenty of nutrient dense food to ensure she is getting what she needs to stay strong and healthy. Because she sleeps often but is very active when awake, your pet is likely to eat several smaller meals throughout the day instead of choosing to have a couple larger ones. This is why it’s important to always have food available to your pet, but make sure to monitor the types and quantities of each so she doesn’t get too much of a good thing. Your pet will likely enjoy a high-quality pellet designed for ferrets in addition to some other items high in protein, like chicken. For more information, please contact your local Marion, IA veterinarian.

How large should your iguana’s enclosure be?

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You are going to be the proud owner of an iguana soon and you can’t wait to bring your new addition home. Before you do so, she needs to have an enclosure all set up so she has somewhere to spend her time. How large should this area be?

Your pet needs to be able to roam around freely without being hindered by her enclosure. This means taking into account how large she is now and how large she will be when fully grown. Iguanas can grow to be quite big, so it’s important to have ample space for your pet to move about in. Generally speaking, the larger the area you can offer, the better off your pet will be. Some people will even offer their pet a room of their own to accommodate their needs. For additional information, please contact your local Cedar Rapids, IA vet.