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How can you tell if your horse is sick?

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You share your life with a wonderful horse who depends on you to care for her. How can you tell if she isn’t feeling well?

Your pet is a big part of your life and you know that there are a ton of ways you can help her stay fit and healthy. Caring for her when she is sick is certainly one of these. To tell if your pet isn’t feeling well, you will need to be in tune with her typical behavior. Does your pet need help doing things she can usually handle on her own or does she shy away from activities she normally loves because she wants to get some rest? These could be an indication that your horse isn’t feeling like herself. You will need to seek out the help of a professional if you think she isn’t feeling well. For more information, please contact your local Teller County, CO vet.


Why it’s important to bond with your pet

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You are looking forward to sharing your home with a pet in the very near future. Why is it so important to bond with your new addition?

Bonding with your pet is how he will become a part of your family. This is how you will be able to get to know him and how he will learn to trust in you. Your care will help you bond with him a bit but he will need more than just this to create a close relationship with you. You will need to show your new companion that you love him by spending time with him simply to enjoy his company. This will help you get the most out of pet ownership and allow your pet to really feel comfortable in your home. Since this will be his home as well, it’s important that he feels welcome there. For additional information, please contact your local Wake Forest, NC veterinarian.

Canine orthopedic beds

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Your dog needs a comfortable place to relax and enjoy himself. This means that he needs a bed to call his own. Would he benefit from an orthopedic option?

Your pet needs to be able to rest without any discomfort if he is going to really get some much-needed sleep. An orthopedic bed can help with this in many cases. Take note of how your pet sleeps now. If he is tossing and turning or seems to readjust his position regularly, this may be a good option for him. Orthopedic beds are designed with a foam interior that is made to support the joints and eliminate pressure points. This means that your pet will likely be able to rest more comfortably without tossing and turning should he be offered the right size and shape bed for his preferences. For more information, please contact your local Wake Forest, NC vet.

Children and Cats

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Your children may love to have a cat as a companion. However, you need to teach your child how to interact with your cat appropriately. Your child must treat your cat with respect. Don’t allow any tail pulling, poking, or roughhousing. Restrict screaming or chasing so your cat doesn’t become frightened. Demonstrate how your child can play nicely with your cat and treat her gently and in a loving way. Teach your child what cat body language means and how to respect your cat’s signals. This entails leaving her alone when needed and paying attention when she wants loving. Get your child to participate in cat caring, which helps encourage bonding. Even a very young child can pour cat crunchies into a bowl. However, never give your child the exclusive care of your cat. Check on the cat daily to make sure her physical and emotional needs are met. Contact your Des Moines, IA vet to learn more.

Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Dog

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Spaying or neutering reduces the number of unwanted puppies but there are also other good reasons to have your dog altered. Your sterilized dog won’t feel as much need to mark his territory with strong-smelling urine. And he won’t need to roam away in search of a mate. Once sterilized, your dog will become calmer and dedicated to your family. Some people believe that sterilization causes weight gain. In actually a calmer dog may be less active so that may the cause of weight gain. A little extra exercise can control the weight gain and make your dog happier. Without spaying or neutering, your dog is at a higher risk for certain cancers such as uterine and breast cancer in females and prostate cancer in males. Spaying and neutering surgeries under performed under anesthesia. However, the long-term benefits far outweigh the surgical risk in most cases. Learn more from your Des Moines, IA veterinary clinic.

Keeping your Bird Cool

Keeping your Bird CoolDuring the warmer months of the year it’s important to keep your bird hydrated and cool. Birds can overheat easily. One thing you can do is make sure the cage is in a cool place indoors or outdoors on a porch. Keep your bird’s cage away from windows as these often attract excessive sunlight and heat. If your bird looks warm, turn a fan on nearby (but not too close). Consider spraying a mist of water on your bird. Make sure your bird has access to plenty of fresh, cool water. Your bird may enjoy a mini bird bath inside his cage to splash around in. Be sure to clean the cage and dry it after your bird is done playing. In addition, you can give your bird cool pieces of vet approved fruit to munch on. For more tips and suggestions, call your Pet clinic Sugar Land, TX.

Traveling with Your Gerbil

Traveling with Your Gerbil

If you like to travel with your pets consider traveling with your gerbil for a small amount of time before taking him for long trips. Purchase a travel size cage for your gerbil that will keep him comfortable and safe. Make sure he has enough room to turn around and walk back and forth but not so much room that he will slip and slide on the car ride. Bring an extra water bottle for him should his original get a leak. Pack extra food and snacks in case the short trip turns into a long one. Make sure you have a towel on your car seat to catch bedding that may fly out. Also bring extra bedding, paper towels and cleaner to clean your gerbil’s cage to it smells fresh the whole trip. For more tips and travel suggestions, talk with your vet Glen Ellyn, IL.

What supplies will you need to care for a mouse?

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There are a lot of things that a pet needs from you. Sometimes, your little fur ball will need you to provide her with appropriate pet supply items so she can meet her needs or so you can assist her in staying both happy and healthy. What should you make sure to have in your home for your pet mouse?

Your mouse will need an appropriate enclosure that will keep her contained while still giving her enough space to move about. This should have a bedding material spread across the bottom. Natural options will be ideal, so take the time to review several bedding options before making a decision to purchase one. Your pet will need places to eat and drink, an area to hide, and a space to get some rest. It’s also important to provide her with ways to get some exercise as well as have some fun. For additional information, please contact your local London, ON veterinarian.

What it means to open your home to an exotic pet

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Your family loves animals and you’ve been thinking long and hard about bringing a pet into your household. You feel that an exotic pet would be the best option if you were ever to go through with this idea. What does it mean to open up your home to a pet like this?

Bringing an exotic pet into your home can be a great way to enhance your life as well as the lives of your family members. It also means taking on an enormous amount of responsibility, which you will often need to tackle on a solo basis. This is because your pet isn’t going to be an animal that most people know a ton about, so you may not know anyone else that is going through the same tasks on a day to day basis. This can make it a bit difficult for some to find supplies and support. For more information, please contact your London, ON vet.

Helping your cat maintain her coat

Helping your cat maintain her coatYour cat’s coat is something that offers her a great amount of comfort. It helps her stay warm in the winter and blocks the harsh sun from her skin in the summer. It also helps her sensitive skin stay protected for other potential hazards as well. How can you help her maintain it?

Your pet needs you to be able to understand that she needs your help in keeping her coat clean and healthy. This means that you will need to pay close attention to her grooming needs and pick up where she leaves off. This may mean brushing her often and wiping her fur down to help her stay clean. Maintaining her coat also means taking the time to help her grow healthy fur by feeding her a diet that will foster this. For more information, please contact your local animal hospital McHenry, IL.