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Your dog’s sense of smell

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Your dog is a wonderful creature and you want to get to know her as well as you can. You’ve noticed her sniffing around quite a bit. Does this mean she has a good sense of smell?

Your dog is able to smell things that you aren’t capable of noticing. This is because he has a spectacular sense of smell, which she relies on quite a bit. Some breeds will be more prone to this than others but dogs most dogs will blow you away with this sense. Your pet can even identify the people around him by scent alone, making it much stronger than the traditional human’s sense of smell.  Your pet will likely want to investigate any interesting scents she comes across, so it isn’t surprising to see her taking advantage of her wonderful nose. For additional information, please contact your local Coon Rapids, MN veterinarian.


Is your cat sleeping too much?

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You’ve noticed that your cat has been spending a lot of time resting in your home. Is she sleeping too much?

 If you are concerned with the amount of time your pet spends napping around the house, bring it up with her veterinarian. Make sure to do so right away if she is suddenly sleeping a lot more than she normally does. However, most of the time your pet will be able to regulate her energy level enough to get the right amount of sleep to meet her needs. This just happens to be quite a bit more rest than what you need on most days. The typical cat will sleep between sixteen and twenty hours per day. This will be broken up into naps throughout both the daytime and nighttime hours. For more information, please contact your local Coon Rapids, MN vet.

Helping your rabbit get enough exercise

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Sharing your life with a rabbit means that you will constantly be looking after a furry companion. This makes you wonder – how can you help her get the exercise her body needs?

Your pet needs you to take the time to figure out what she enjoys doing to help her get up and moving. Exercise can be a fun way to enjoy herself, so make a point to seek out games and activities that will help her get motivated to move about. Offer your pet the opportunity to find new activities as well by bringing home toys for her to check out. Your pet needs plenty of space to move around, so make sure she has a large enclosure to spend time in and that she has time outside of this space each day as well. For additional information, please contact your local San Antonio, TX veterinarian.

Beagle basics

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You are looking into the different dog breeds that are out there to find the ideal option for your family. What should you know about beagles?

Beagles are a small dog breed known for their keen instincts. These dogs are often associated with hunting because of their strong sense of smell. This means lots of supervision is necessary when outdoors, as they can often be found following interesting scents they come across. They generally stay around twenty to twenty-four pounds when fully grown and are usually under sixteen inches in height. These are very popular dogs and can often be found in many family homes. They are gentle and even-tempered but may show some stubbornness when it comes time for training. These dogs have a distinct look to them that makes them easy to identify. Their floppy ears make them fast favorites among many people. For more information, please contact your local Castle Hills TX vet.

Feline grooming basics

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Your cat needs to be well-groomed if she is going to be able to go about her day comfortably. Why is this?

Your pet knows that keeping up with her grooming needs will help her stay healthy and help prevent issues. This is because her fur needs to be in great shape to protect her skin from the sun as well as the cold and other irritants. Your pet wants to make sure her fur doesn’t get knotted or matted, so she takes the time to groom herself often. This will need a bit of your help as well, since there will be places your pet can’t get to with ease or will be too much for her to handle on her own. Take the time to brush her often and wipe her down as needed to keep on top of her grooming needs. For additional information, please contact your local Fox Chapel, PA veterinarian.

Homemade dog treats

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Your dog means the world to you and you love being able to offer her some treats since you know how much she enjoys them. How can you make some for her at home?

There are a lot of things you eat regularly that your pet would enjoy, so there’s a chance you won’t even need to purchase anything special when preparing a recipe for her. However, there are also a lot of things that are likely to be in your home that your pet can’t eat, so it’s best to talk to your pet’s veterinarian before seeking out recipes on your own. Make sure you follow any instructions that you are given, carefully prepare the recipe you are working with, and offer your pet treats in a reasonable portion size. For more information, please contact your local Fox Chapel, PA vet.


Summer Haircuts for Dogs

Summer Haircuts for DogsHot temperatures call for short and cool haircuts for pups. If you groom your dog consistently throughout the year then a routine haircut for the warmer months is probably not a problem. Dogs that need grooming regularly tend to have fast-growing coats that need year-round attention. For instance, Pomeranians, Newfoundlands, and even Golden Retrievers have to be groomed and trimmed regularly so their hair doesn’t get out of control. However, if you have a dog that doesn’t need grooming quite as often, the summertime is a good time to give your dog a look over and schedule a trim. Summertime heat can cause dogs with heavy coats or double coats to get warm a lot faster. Keeping the coat trimmed or even groomed and brushed regularly can help keep your dog cool. For more tips, talk with your vet Westlake Hills, TX.

Hip Dysplasia in Large Dogs like the Labradors

Hip Dysplasia in Large Dogs like the LabradorsMedium to large breed dogs like the Labrador is known to develop mobility diseases and illnesses as they grow older. This is primarily because of the way their hips and backend joints are formed and used throughout their lifetime. One such condition is hip dysplasia. This happens when the ball and socket joint in the hip is not correctly formed. The ball and socket do not meet and causes a rubbing motion that will eventually grind or wear away at the joint. The joint can deteriorate and a dog can lose mobility on the back end. Other large breeds prone to this condition include Great Danes, German Shepherds, and Boxers. Some small breeds have been known to develop this condition although it is a rare occurrence. For more information on hip dysplasia and how to treat it in your dog give your vet Newmarket, ON a call.

Helping your cat’s claws stay in great shape

Veterinarian cut cats claws in vet ambulantYour cat’s claws are continually growing and you need to be able to take the time to make sure they are kept in great shape. How can you do this?

Your cat will generally take care of her claws on her own by scratching regularly. However, she may need your assistance in keeping them at a manageable length by trimming them from time to time. Get her familiar with you handling her paws by gently touching them from time to time, and make sure you know where and how to clip them by getting a few pointers from her veterinarian. You should also check over her paws often to address any other issues that may arise, like a swelling or discoloration. This is important to take note of, as some conditions may require your assistance and others may even need some help from a professional. For more information, please contact your local animal hospital Cherry Hill, NJ.

Why your cat needs you to pet-proof your home

Cat-proofing your home

Your cat spends most of her time in your living space and you can’t help loving her company. How can you make sure you are there for her even when you may not be physically present?

Your pet needs you to take the time to make your home a place where she will be able to roam around without worry. This means pet-proofing your home so you can keep her safe even when you are out of the house. Make sure that your pet can only get to areas that are safe for her to spend time in and that the items she can get her paws on will be ideal for her to be with. This is important because she won’t necessarily know what could be hazardous and what isn’t, so she won’t always avoid dangerous things on her own. Your local professional pet clinic Plano TX can offer additional suggestions.