Fencing For Cattle

A sturdy fence and secure gates are necessary for cattle. Fences can be made of various materials including wood, barbed wire, woven wire, and electric wire. It is necessary that you compare prices of various outlets because prices can vary significantly. Many cattle owners find high tensile/electrical or woven wire or a combination of both as the most practical fencing material to use. Although barbed wire gives adequate restraint, cattle can be injured when they try to break through their fence. Typically, the fence should be about 4-feet in height, and the wire should be stretched taut, and fastened to posts that are installed every 8-10 feet. If you have Angus or other beef cattle breeds (these are the ones that are primarily raised for beef), a high-tensile electric type of fence is recommended or a woven wire fence that is built very high and with wooden corral boards are necessary to contain these high-strung breeds. Most cattle won’t attempt to jump high-tensile fencing. Consult your Westminster, MD veterinarian if you have any concerns and/or questions about taking care of cattle. Schedule an appointment today!


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