When Limping In Dogs Should Be Brought To The Attention Of The Veterinarian

Dog-leg-checking.jpgDogs are generally energetic and very active.  If they are not on a leash, they could go around and play with other dogs in the neighborhood. Some could even get in fights with other dogs.  They can jump and twist a leg, play fight and fracture the other, and who knows what other activities they engage in that come home limping.

You try running your hands all over his body to check for signs of injury but everything seems to be find  except that limping gait.  Sometimes, the pain worsens and your dog does not have much appetite.

The first thing to do is to check the potential causes of your dog’s limp.  Look for the exact site where pain is elicited.  Is it swelling, reddish or inflamed?  Thoroughly assess specific signs before deciding on seeing a vet.

When there are no serious bone injuries such as fractures or deep cuts, then letting your dog rest for a few days might just do the trick. But if there is bleeding and serious bone injury, bring your pooch to the vet before it is too late. Learn more contact your local Animal hospital.



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