Canine Emergency Kit

Canine Emergency Kit

A canine emergency kit helps you care for your dog during vacations or during a natural disaster. Select a bag that is easy to carry. Bring along food and water and the bowls to serve them in. Some dog snacks and treats can be a nice addition to reduce the stress of being away from home for your dog. A few favorite toys can be comforting too. A small, warm, washable blanket will keep your dog warm.And he can also use it as a bed in a pinch. Purchase a first aid kit or gather basic medical supplies for your dog. Most basic first aid products are the same as for humans but ensure that antiseptics and any over-the-counter medications are dog-safe. Bring along any of your dog’s prescriptions. Try to get a copy of your dog’s health records and include your vet’s contact information. Learn more from your Bolingbrook, IL veterinary clinic.


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