Roughhousing With Your Dog

Image result for Roughhousing With Your Dog

Wrestling and running and playing with your dog can be great fun. Yet may also want your dog to behave himself. If you aren’t careful you can give your dog mixed messages. Obedience training teaches your dog the appropriate thing to do in each particular situation and helps you get your dog under control. Common obedience commands include sit, stay, down, come, kennel and heel. Behavior training teaches your dog what not to do such as jumping up on people or chewing inappropriate objects. Start play sessions with some obedience commands. Never encourage your dog to do anything you have been working to discourage such as jumping up while you are roughhousing. Don’t punish your dog for things you’ve encouraged him to do. When you are done playing, get back under control again by running your dog through a few obedience commands. Learn more from your Sugar Land, TX veterinary clinic.


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