Your Dog’s Awareness of the Time of Day

Your Dog_s Awareness of the Time of DayIt’s quite mysterious how your dog seems to know when certain events will occur. Your dog uses the light of day or the dark of night to a certain extent to keep track of time. He is also keenly aware of sounds and visual cues. Your dog can use his experience with past events to predict future events. Thus your dog knows when you are arriving home for the day by the sound of your car approaching the house. He can also pick up cues when you’re planning to go for a walk. It may be that you go on walks at the same time each day so your dog may anticipate an upcoming walk. He may hear the word “walk” in conversation. You may put on certain shoes or clothes and notice your dog getting more excited. And of course, your dog may get really excited when the leash comes out. Learn more from your veterinarian san Leandro, CA.


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