Choosing bedding material for a gerbil

Choosing bedding material for a gerbil

Your gerbil may come out of her enclosure to play with you often, but this doesn’t mean she won’t be spending a lot of time within her cage. Since the bottom of her enclosure is coated in her bedding material, this means that she will spend a lot of time around this as well.

To choose the best bedding material for your gerbil, you will need to think about what will keep her comfortable. Choose a natural material that is compatible with her habits. It should be absent of artificial colors and scents, as your pet will likely ingest some of her bedding material over time and these can be less than desirable for your pet to eat. Also, make sure the bedding you choose is easy for you to find, and works within your pet care budget. Your local Aurora, CO veterinarian Aspen Commons Animal Hospital can help you care for the pets in your home.


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