Care Tips For Paws and Claws Of Cats

Paws and claws of cats are prone to injury or illness, thus regular and thorough checking of these extremities should be a part of your pet’s grooming regimen.

Their paws and claws have very important functions, and keeping them in good condition will allow them to engage in natural and instinctive behaviors even in domestication.

Cats normally clean their paws during grooming; but if your pet seems to spend more time with his paws, you need to examine them closely because something may be stuck in there or there is a wound.

Dirt, grass seeds, and grit can become wedged in-between the cat’s paws or the claws may have been torn off. Without proper attention, this can pave the way for irritation, sores, and small abscesses. Regular checking and removal of debris can also help prevent problems in the paws and claws.

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